6 Common Wish Omens To Help Build Your New Moon in Capricorn Wish List!

Posted on December 19, 2014

It is New Moon time again and since we are in the season of wishes, we are going to put a different spin on our New Moon wish checklist today! Have you ever heard of the term “wish omen”? Some of these you probably already know. Like, “Find a penny pick it up and all the day you will have good luck.” A lot of people know general wishes as well, such as wishing on your birthday cake, or making a wish at a wishing well. But as we have said time and time again, the two most guaranteed times that you have every month to make whatever wishes you want, happen right around that lovely New Moon and Full Moon. Those are free wish periods! Of course the Moon is a wish omen in itself, but there are many more, probably some right in your own home staring you in the face every day, that you can wish on as soon as they are sent to you. That’s right! If you know where to look, then you know exactly when to wish.

This month’s New Moon in Capricorn will greet us two days from now, on December 21. We always say that the 48 hours prior, and after the New Moon are the most potent wish days. So that starts today, and goes right to December 23. During these days you will have the lovely New Moon as your most potent wish omen of all. But, did you know there are many other wish omens you can use? Here are a few of the most common wish omens that you can use any time of the month when the New Moon or Full Moon is not dropping by.

Open Book

That’s right, did you know that an open book is actually a wish omen? This is a sign from your angels telling you the answer on your question or wish is yet to come. This is not something that you can do. You can’t go to a bookshelf and open a book and make a wish. The open book needs to…come to you. Have you ever walked by a book shelf and had a book randomly fall out onto the floor in front of you? Or a similar circumstance? That’s your angels telling you to make a wish about your question. When an book opens up in front of you, the answer is yet to come. Hurry, make a wish! There’s no wrong way to do it.


Feathers are also very common wish omens, that many people already know about. A feather is the Universe’s symbol that your angels are there to protect you. The message of a feather that you find in your path on the oddest occasions is that, we are here, you can ask us anything. When you see a feather, be sure to thank your angels for their gentle reminders, and then tell them what your wish is. They already know, but they can not act on your wish until you tell them what it is that you really want, and what your true intention is.

I often leave the feather where it was found, and say my thank you to the angels with my wish, and you would be surprised how often I have gone back to that place, moments later, to see the feather has miraculously moved on. If that happens, that’s a message that your wish has been “picked up” and have faith, it will manifest soon enough. You can keep the feather and tuck it away somewhere privately where you will be reminded of your special wish on occasion. Again, whatever your heart is telling you to do in this moment, is the right thing to do!


Have you ever been rumbling around the house looking for something and then run across a spare key to something that you didn’t know what it was for? Or you couldn’t remember? Or maybe you have never even seen it before? Did you know that these “lost” keys are also wish omens? In those not so random moments you find yourself upon one, you get to make a wish. This is another message from the angels saying, your wish is behind this open door. The door is metaphorical of course, but you get to open it by making that wish! Ask for new opportunities, new beginnings, and new turns in your life that will bring the abundance you seek. Again, this is not something that you can force, you have to stumble across it. And it doesn’t have to be a New Moon or Full Moon either. So now you know exactly what to do the next time you come across a lost key, or forgotten key, and need a new direction in your life!


A hairpin is actually one of the lesser known wish omens, but that certainly does not negate its power. Again, you can’t pick up a hair pin and make a wish, like keys, pennies, feathers, open books, and the like, it has to happen to you. So no matter where you are, at home, or out and about, if a hair pin crosses your path, your angels are giving you a free wish! Pick it up, toss it over your left shoulder like you do with salt, and make your wish.


A rainbow is an obvious wish symbol but one that we take for granted. When we see a real rainbow, we are almost always overtaken by its magic and beauty. Don’t let the wish opportunity go by forgetting to harness that magic with a wish! Rainbows are the symbol of unconditional love in a perfectly balanced universe. Thus a rainbow is a special wish omen, one that you can use for unconditional love! There is no wrong way to wish on a rainbow, but you must always remember with every wish omen that you use to thank the angels and the Universe for sending you this magical little moment in time.


Here’s another really common wish omen, and this one also comes with the promise of unconditional love! Even if you don’t make an 11:11 wish when you see it, that doesn’t mean it loses its power. But you CAN magnify that power by making a wish and again, thanking angels and Universe, when this wish omen comes to you. For me, I like to make my 11:11 wish three times when I see that symbol.

This comes from a tradition my grandmother told me once. This may sound silly, but my very psychic grandmother told me to use my pinky finger and stroke the small piece of skin right under my nose 3 times while making my wish 3 times. And would you believe me if I told you that every time I did that my wish came true? I could write several features just on those wishes alone, so I know that it works! It sounds silly, and the first few times you do it, it will feel silly, but if you believe in the power of 11:11 wishes, then you too can enjoy that magic as well!

And there you have it! Some of the most common wish omens to look for when you need a little extra boost in life from your angels. Remember that wishes are granted when gratitude is remembered, so always be sure to thank your angels for remembering you, and remembering to send a little bit of extra magic your way. And who couldn’t use more of that? When you do show your gratitude with your wish, you will see that those wish omens start coming to you more, and more often. Believe me, sometimes the angels will even send you those wishes when you don’t know you need them. Use them wisely!

What is your favorite wish omen? And what will you be wishing for under this glorious New Moon in Capricorn?

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