Ask Charla: 7 Benefits of Crystals to Enhance Your Life

Posted on May 10, 2017

Welcome to ‘Ask Charla’! I’ve scoured the questions that we receive from our fans again to select one to answer for you. This week out theme is crystals and stones. We’ve been discussing their properties and how they can help in your everyday life. Here is this week’s question.

“Can you tell me about some benefits of using crystals”

If you’re on our site, you’re probably here because you want to know more about astrology, tarot, or numerology. Many people are unaware and unfamiliar with crystals. Crystals might seem a little too magical or mysterious to people, and it is this unfamiliarity that prevents people from enjoying the many benefits of crystals and all they have to offer you.

You can not always ‘see’ their powerful effects, but it doesn’t mean those effects aren’t present. You don’t need to be an expert or even fully understand that magic to capture the true miracles and benefits of crystals. It’s easier than you think!

1. Crystals Enhance Your Dream Life

Crystals have been known for centuries to enhance dream life. In fact, dreams were one of the first reasons crystals started being used by the shamans of days gone by, and are still used today! When you use your dream crystals properly, it is truly unbelievable as to how your dream world will change.

If you keep cleansed and fully charged crystals under your pillow, or in a bowl by your nightstand, it will harness the energy your crown chakra needs to enlighten your dream world in incredible ways. You can also wear crystal jewelry to bed with you, and that will help as well.

Amethyst in any form is the best crystal for working in your dream world. You can get it in bracelets or necklaces if you want to sleep with the crystal, or put some under your pillow. You can even keep an amethyst pendulum hanging in your room near your bed.

2. Use Crystals to get Answers Through Divination

One of the most obvious uses of crystals is their ability to aid you in divination and getting answers. They have been used since the beginning of time for this purpose. What this means is that crystals can actually heighten your psychic abilities, or help you hone them so your hunches and insights are more en pointe.

The reason this happens is that crystals are from the Earth, and carry a certain energy to them that is not visible to the naked eye. When you use crystals for divination, or assistance in tapping into your psychic gifts, the information you will receive is incredible.

You may start getting little picture flashes of inspiration in your head more often; those are psychic visions. You may hear little words or names ‘magically’ dropped into your ear during a random conversation. Yes, it is true that crystals are capable of this, so be careful with how you use them.

Spirit quartz is the best crystal for this, and one of my own personal favorite crystals. You can get divination from crystals by conducting pendulum work, or wearing gems or having them on your person throughout the day. You can also use them during meditation for that reason as well.

Pendulum work is the most common way people use crystals for divination, especially for beginners, because it is a very tangible method of getting answers from the universe. And anyone can learn it in less than 30 seconds, it really is as simple as it sounds.

3. Crystals can Increase Work Productivity

Crystals can and do increase work productivity when you use the right ones, and use them wisely. A standard clear quartz is effective if you have problems with procrastinating, or if your mind wanders. It keeps the distracting energy at bay and helps clear your workspace to help you focus on the task at hand.

Topaz and citrine are also very good truth seeking gems. They help you to focus and zone in on what is really important in your day. The easiest way to start getting crystals to aid you in work productivity is to have some in or around your workstation.

You don’t even need to have them visible if your work space is small and already crowded with, well, work. Tucking them in your pencil drawer or even just keeping one in your pocket throughout the day will make a difference that you will really feel.

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4. Crystals can Activate Your Third Eye

Using crystals to activate your third eye is very similar to using crystals for divination, but this is a very specific benefit of crystals that you want to be very careful when you work with. There is a saying, be careful what you wish for, and if you use crystals to open your third eye, or create more third eye activation energy in your life, then you need to prepare yourself for the truths that you will discover.

Mental note from personal experience, you won’t always like what you see. That’s why this benefit although it can be a very useful one, should be used wisely. Use it when you need it, don’t turn to crystals for answers all the time. Use them to activate the third eye to make decision making so much easier.

Remember to use crystals wisely and always with the purest intent. The closer your gem is to indigo or violet the more successful you will be. Place the crystal on your third eye, the spot between your two eyes on your forehead, and lie down and meditate for as long as you have to enjoy this pleasant experience.

This meditation will activate the third eye, and once you are finished, the third eye will stay open throughout the day so long as it is nurtured with love and pure intentions. Anything less? Puts that third eye right back to sleep. Use it wisely!

5. Use Crystals for Protection

Crystals have long been known to be used for protection for centuries. So to say they do not carry these properties is preposterous. This is one of those benefits of crystals that you will not see so much as you will be able to feel.

To ensure you activate the protective power of crystals what you want to do is again, always remember the pure and loving intent that goes with every use of crystals. The kind of crystals that you use in this regard are not as important as that you choose crystals that make you feel good. Is it possible to feel safe around a crystal? Absolutely.

When you are at the store or online ordering, and there is one that catches your eye, there’s a reason for that. I always say that you will be attracted to a crystal for a reason. If a particular stone jumps out at you while you are looking, that’s the one you should use to help protect you.

Again, you can wear them, put it in our purse, or keep it in your pocket. Wherever and whenever you want protection, put a crystal there and this sets the intention that you want and need protection provided by the universe.

6. Crystals can Attract More Money

Is it possible that just by putting a crystal or rock somewhere in your house will attract money? It definitely sounds ridiculous when you put it like that, but all joking aside, this can actually happen! The stones that are gold, which is the color of abundance, are the stones that you want in your home if you are hoping to use crystals to attract money.

Remember that the intentions need to be pure, this is the only way this is going to work. So if you think that just putting topaz or citrine in your living room is going to be the universe’s cue to give you the winning lotto numbers, think again. You still have to do what the universe wants you to do in order to supply your human needs, and for most people, that means working for a living.

You might not be able to give it all up for a life of leisure, but you will find easier ways to attract the abundance you truly deserve by harnessing a little bit of extra crystal power in your life.

7. Use Crystals to Make Tea

Now, of course, you can not eat a spirit quartz or a beautiful rose quartz. They are pretty, but also inedible. What you can do is infuse their energy into a homemade tea. I have heard some people refer to this as “fairy tea”, because it is created out of the materials of the Earth, and steeped in water to enjoy its miracles when it is ready.

You want the tea to be as clean and clear as possible. Here’s how you do it. Use a pitcher of water. Clear quartz crystal is the best gem to use with this, but you can use whatever crystal you want, to harness the specific properties of that crystal.

Put the gems in the pitcher of water, and add some sliced fruit of your choice, and some flower petals of your choice as well. Cover and store for at least 24 hours, but not longer than 48 due to the fruit. After 24 hours, strain out everything, so you just have the mineral infused water, and enjoy!


The variety of crystals and stones out there and their uses are as diverse as the people that use them. You can use them to attract love, money, insights, they can even help you be more focused at work. As you develop your knowledge of crystals, you will understand which you should use for particular purposes.

Give crystals a try and see how they can improve your everyday life? What benefits of crystals do you already experience in your life? I can’t wait to find out!

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