7 Crystals You Need on Standby During Spooky Season

Posted on October 05, 2018
Updated on October 27, 2020

It’s the mooost spookiest time… of the year!

When witches are chanting, and spirits are dancing and costumes are near!

It’s the mooost spookiest time… of the year!

Can you feel that little tingle in the air yet? Many of you metaphysical friends have. We get asked about this topic frequently, all year round. Today we are going to talk about how crystal healing for protection, and how that can help you circumvent the tingles that aren’t so great.

Have you ever felt like you are being haunted? Something is in the air or the room and you just… don’t feel alone? Or have you ever felt like you have that little creepy and crawly feeling like something bad is happening, or about to happen? Sometimes you get the feeling someone is talking about you, and it doesn’t feel good.

That’s your soul’s energy trying to tell you something. You aren’t wrong. When you get those hairs actually standing on the back of your neck, or your heart is racing and you really don’t know why, or your stomach feels a little off and you can’t put your finger on it….you probably need crystal healing for protection. That is, protection from psychic attack. It happens to every human being on the planet whether they realize it is happening or not.

Why Use Crystal Healing for Psychic Protection?

Right now, as the Sun has entered Libra, Fall has dawned and we get closer to Winter. The air is a little thinner, literally. When the Sun enters Scorpio, one week before Halloween, the nights are even longer, and the air is a little thinner metaphysically as well. That is the real reason why this is such a spooky time of year. It’s spooky whether there is a Halloween date on the calendar or not.

But hanging out with the spirits can be fun! We all have our spirit guides and angels by our side looking after our well-being. But if you are open to your spirit guides and open to the guardianship of angels, then you are open to all spirits. What we do for that is called “grounding” and “protection” and crystals are the go-to first source. We can of course always call upon our angels to protect us.

But if we are calling, then the lines of communication are open, and you need to be careful about who you are opening up to. Your angels and spirit guides WILL always try to send messages to keep you from harm’s way. But we can’t see or feel them the way we can a good ol’ fashioned turquoise stone!

Spirit work can be fun and enlightening so long as spirits aren’t trying to hurt or manipulate you, mentally, physically, or spiritually. The more open you are spiritually and psychically, the more you are at risk from these psychic attacks. And if you are here, then you are more “open” psychically than the average mate. So it’s important we look at this today, and you want to bookmark this for year-round use. Crystals for healing and protection have literally been used since the beginning of time, and we’re going to help you look at the best ones to guard off those spirits and energies that are trying to exhaust you.

Signs & Symptoms of Being Spooked…

It’s important to understand what a psychic attack feels like. If you’ve ever heard renowned psychics talk about being drained or exhausted after attending a fair or festival, or getting sick after a reading, this is kind of what it feels likes to be under a psychic attack. It’s frankly not any different than being attacked emotionally by a human being right in front of you. It’s just, happening elsewhere.

Sometimes it’s happening in a different physical location on the planet. Say you just broke up with someone and you can’t stop throwing up, but you’re glad you broke up with them. They are probably throwing up… over there. Or say you just hear the name of someone that is a bully or is a mean person you don’t like, and you get headaches or stomach aches.

Those are signs and symptoms they may be gaslighting you. They may be calling on evil spirits to hurt you, physically or emotionally. It really does happen. You may have walked into a restaurant and suddenly felt drained or emotional. There was something in there that spiritually attacked you.

It’s not any different than that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when your soul mate enters the same county as you one day when they are driving. You feel them. It’s a real thing. It stands to reason then that if you can feel good psychic vibes, you can feel negative ones too.

You may never know the reason you are psychically attacked. You can never control the actions of other human beings or even negative spirits. But you CAN always control how you deal with it. We use crystal healing for protection and grounding. It’s the spiritual form of Tylenol for a headache. Here are some other signs and symptoms you are spooked:

  • Instant fatigue
  • A feeling something is off in the room, or with a person.
  • Nightmares, frequent for an extended period, or even just a one-off. It’s not uncommon to wake up with bruises you can’t explain either.
  • Difficulty concentrating on humans or subjects in front of you.
  • Anger without cause
  • Fear without cause
  • Frequent unexplained illnesses
  • Change in personality
  • Change in voice
  • Low energy
  • Unexplained run of bad luck
  • Restless
  • Auditory or visual hallucinations
  • Increased or recurrent paranoia
  • Goosebumps
  • A creepy vibe in the air
  • Sudden weeping

These are just some of the most common things that happen when humans and Earthlings are being creeped out by the supernatural, on an intense basis that we refer to as psychic attack.

So let’s be clear here before we discuss the magic of crystal healing, which I love, love, love. These symptoms could also mean something else. I don’t know what that is, it could be something a professional needs to deal with. There is no one-size-fits-all checklist for a psychic attack. You know when something is wrong, and you will know if it is a spiritual attack.

You’ll know if it is something you need help with, too. We aren’t the be-all answer for that. Never be afraid to check with your doctor if something is prolonged and ongoing, we highly recommend that. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help. Frequent nightmares or constant restlessness or fear is not okay, and people go to the doctors for that all the time.

Honey, it’s not okay to cry all the time or live in paranoia. There are answers for that beyond grounding and protection. Grounding and protection help too! TREMENDOUSLY. We are offering crystal healing as an adjunct tool for the many tools in your toolbox, one of those tools also being your medical professionals when things get extreme or ongoing on a long-term basis.

1. Ward Off Evil Eye with Tiger’s Eye.

Tiger’s Eye is a great crystal for those times when you just feel like you are getting…The Look. You can get The Look from anywhere on the planet, or from another plane. Feel like someone is watching you? The Tiger’s Eye crystal is not just beautiful but helps put a golden shield around you from this type of manipulation.

It is a favoured stone for Buddhists and Chinese naturopaths. It has been used for centuries and is said to disarm negative psychic energy, whether it’s right in front of you and you can see it, or it is right in front of you and you can’t. It’s excellent for both grounding and protection.

2. Arm Thyself with Turquoise.

Turquoise is said to date back as many as 7,000 years as a tool for protection. You may see it a lot in Native cultures, and is worn on many of their everyday clothing. It comes in beautiful styles, from jewelry to loose stones, and has been used in multiple cultures across the globe for the same purpose. If there is only one stone you can afford or want for psychic protection, turquoise is your go-to. It’s also handy for luck and personal empowerment.

Turquoise protects from psychic attack but has also been used in personal injury, during surgery, to attract friends, and to find a good outcome in personal situations. It’s also very handy for psychics around electronics or in large groups. It is said to keep you safe from electromagnetic waves of things like heavy Wi-Fi frequencies.

You may see a lot of Native Americans use it in neckties or beautiful necklaces. That’s because turquoise also helps you improve your throat chakra, which opens up communication in this plane and beyond.

3. Hematite – Charge & Recharge!

Hematite is a black stone that isn’t really the prettiest stone. But it works! It’s also very active in its frequencies, as it is literally iron oxide. It’s a great stone for protection and will strengthen any additional crystals you are using against psychic attacks. At the same time, it is said to have many physical benefits such as healing from headaches, anemia due to its iron content, and nerve pain.

4. The Dual Purpose of Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline is another excellent crystal for grounding and psychic protection. It’s also another one that has been used for centuries, and a common first choice for lightworkers seeking crystal protection. Used around the home, it helps keep you and your family safe and sets up an energy field that tells negative spirits to leave you alone. It is said to physically absorb negative energies.

It’s also known to be a great stone to keep in your pocket for those meetings or encounters with folks that just sap you of your energy. It can even keep you walking taller or sitting better as it has a positive effect on your actual bones. It can work with your root chakra to help you feel your basic needs are met, and ensure your spine sits a little taller.

5. Ahhhhh, Amethyst.

This is personally my favourite, and a great all-purpose stone to have for just about any crystal healing purpose. The amethyst is not just beautiful, but functional as well. It is closely aligned with the crown chakra, that opens your connection to the Divine. By so doing, it helps to ensure that your connection to the Divine and the other plane is a clean and a clear one.

Amethyst can help you in dream recall, and can also help you just develop your psychic gift a little bit more. Many people even sleep with it under their pillow to help ward off nightmares and keep the good dreams flowing. Essentially, it helps to dissolve any psychic mud slings coming your way. Not all of them. But it is a huge shield to have.

6. The Visionary Powers of Malachite.

Malachite is a copper carbon hydroxide stone with very active molecules and properties. It’s pretty neat looking too! It is a gorgeous green colour, and connects directly to your heart chakra energies, enabling you to get closer to your spirit guide, and your guardian angel. The reason that is the case is because your spirit guide and guardian angel operate under the currency of unconditional love. And who doesn’t want more of that in their life? It’s a good thing to have. But also, contacting your angels and guides from a place of fear can be difficult, cumbersome even. Operating in the channel they do, which is pure love, protects you even more.

When you have more love in your life, you feel more grounded and more protected instantly. So this is one way that Malachite helps. But it also helps you to open your heart in a different way. Malachite helps you to open your eyes to evildoers. Using Malachite note only protects you, but keeps your eyes open to those who aren’t exactly using their best intentions on you. That knowledge is protection in itself!

7. Your All-Purpose Rock Star – Lapis Lazuli

We’ve saved this one for last, and many psychics and lightworkers will say this is the best for last. Lapis Lazuli is as gorgeous as it is useful. It is an all-purpose crystal that is used to both open up the channels between you and your guides, while also filtering and absorbing negative energies of negative spirits around you. It is considered an actual shield from psychic attack, whether that is gossip and gaslighting, or haunts from the spirit world.

It has been used since the days of the Biblical era, so they say. It is known to be a stone for the Royals and was noted as to be one of the 12 stones that were embedded on Aaron’s breastplate before he became the High Priest of Jerusalem. Use it as you will, and you will feel safer, grounded, and more protected instantly!

Concluding Thoughts…

Any or all of these crystals are great crystals to have on hand for crystal healing and for grounding and protection from psychic attack. This is true whether you are experiencing that from humans in front of you, or spirit you cannot detect with the naked eye. And this is also true during spook season! The air is a little thinner now, and Halloween is put on the October 31 date on the calendar for a reason. There are spirits and spooks amongst us. Fill up your toolbox with as many crystals as you can, and you will be one step ahead of any haunts that may want to come your way. We’d love to hear your stories of how crystals helped protect and ground you!

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