Beneficial Thought: 7 Ways to Ignite the Flow of Abundance With Venus in Cancer

Posted on May 17, 2018

Do you use astrology to try and improve your current state of affairs? Of course you do, that’s why you are here; that’s why we are all here. Today we are going to look at a term we use a lot, “abundance,” and a transit that can help you set the wheels in motion to attract abundance into your own life. Keep an eye on this transit in your Daily Horoscopes.

What do you get when you match a love and money planet with an emotional Water Sign? Venus in Cancer.

Most people think of love when they think of Venus, and with Venus being in the emotional Water Sign of Cancer, love will certainly get a boost. But people often forget that Venus is very good for attracting wealth and abundance. In fact, she almost prefers the life of luxury over the life of love. So today we are going to look at this shining aspect of our Venus a little bit more.

What is Venus in Cancer?

All of the planets are always moving, making their journey through the zodiac signs. So when it comes to Venus, she spends about 3 or 4 weeks in every single sign. It takes her one zodiac year to visit all of them. For the period of May 19, 2018 to June 13, 2018, we have the gift of Venus in Cancer.

The planet of love, beauty, and money is entering the Cardinal Sign of Cancer. Cancer is a fixed Water Sign that is all about emotions, love, and leading! So, when Venus is in Cancer, we have the planet of love and romance and money in one of the greatest leadership signs of them all! Venus is all about attraction, and Cancer is all about being the boss of one’s own success. That means that you have very powerful energy to ignite the flow of abundance in your life, in both love AND money, over the next few weeks! Not sure how to do that? Well, it’s a good thing you have us! Just follow our handy tip sheet on manifesting wealth and abundance with Venus in Cancer.

1. There’s enough abundance for everyone.

Aabundance literally means a lot of something, too much of something. This is why people get excited when we talk about abundance and money, because that generally means it’s a discussion on how to accomplish wealth. And it is!

Venus in Cancer is known to be a loving transit, but it’s not just an emotional transit. Believe it or not, but the two most recent presidents of the United States, Donald Trump and Barack Obama, both have Venus in Cancer in their birth charts. Donald Trump is a Gemini and Barack Obama is a Leo. It just goes to show you don’t need to be a Cancer, or any specific zodiac sign, to use Venus in Cancer to create wealth and abundance. Clearly those two leaders are doing a few things right when it comes to attracting wealth, and they couldn’t be more different people.

The very definition of abundance means that there’s enough for everyone. The Universe is never going to run out of abundance of wealth or love. Venus is the attraction planet. Channel the right qualities at the right time, and you’ll have a formula for attracting wealth for yourself.

2. Enjoy nostalgia.

Cancer is the queen of nostalgia and loves nothing more than taking a stroll down memory lane. If things are not going well in your life right now, take some time to reflect on the times that they were.

With Venus in Cancer, you will be inspired with all of the intuitive messages you need to find the right place in your life to be nostalgic over. So reflect and remember and enjoy the moments of success in love and money in days gone by. And you will feel inspired to repeat those actions, to experience success again.

We know Donald Trump is a real estate magnate. He’s a millionaire because he keeps repeating the same steps that worked for him in the past. Take a trip down memory lane. Maybe an old project can be revamped because it just wasn’t good timing before, but might be now. Where is your soul wandering to “the good times.” Follow those urges and see what Venus is trying to show you.

3. Follow your heart.

Be prepared for a wave of overwhelming emotions during Venus in Cancer. For those who are not used to it, that is, most people who are not Water Signs, you may not be sure what to do with all of these feelings. The best advice during Venus in Cancer is to follow your heart! This is definitely a heart ruled transit, and a very intuitive one with Cancer in the lead.

So whatever impulses you are given, follow them! You may miss somebody and just want to send a note, you may be feeling sad about a lost love, or you may be depressed because your work life is in a rut. Let go of the bad, and focus on the good. And then follow those feelings to take control, and manifest abundance. Where are your heart strings tugging you when it comes to your work life? That’s Venus saying, “give this one a whirl!”

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that emotional matters have no place in business. That’s sometimes true, but more often your emotions are your intuition telling you what you need to do to win. Don’t fight the feelings.

4. Make a big move.

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign and this makes Cancer a born leader, and Venus waits for no man to make the first move. So, whether you need abundance in love, or money, or both, it’s time for you to make some big moves. Be a leader and take control of your destiny.

That may mean looking for a new job, or finding new responsibilities in your current one. It could also mean taking a different approach to love, especially if you are just waiting around for the Universe to send you those gifts. Those gifts are already yours for the taking, but under this transit, big moves are favored. So be bold, follow your heart, and go the way of your intuition and inspiration. Miracles await when you become the captain of your destiny!

5. Be creative!

Venus is the planet that rules the arts, theater, music, and dance. Cancer is the zodiac sign that rules creativity, passion, and inspiration. So when it comes to igniting abundance in the most passionate areas of your life, be creative! You may want to actually create something, like a story or a love letter for someone special. Or a project proposal for your boss!

You may also want to be creative with your words and your feelings. You will be inspired during this period. Are you going to use that inspiration to its fullest potential? If you want to manifest abundance in love and life, creativity will be key in this transit.

6. Love those that you love.

When it comes to Venus in Cancer, love is in the air in so many different ways, and you can use that in business, too. To make the most of this transit and reap its rewards, love the people that you love as deeply as you can. If the miracles you’re spinning at work are keeping you at the office a bit later, make sure to say thank you and show your gratitude in loving ways.

Many lovers will see the return of an old flame during this period. There’s a reason for that! Follow your heart and let it lead the way. The more love you show in this transit of Venus in Cancer, the more positive energy you spin to send love right back your way and the more abundance Venus will help you to attract.

7. Retreat when you need to.

Cancer is symbolized by the crab, which means that on the outside, Cancer has a tough outer shell. But on the inside is nothing but ooey gooey goodness. Once in a while during this transit you are going to feel a little overwhelmed. Nostalgia, emotions, and tidal waves of feelings are happening in this transit, and you won’t know what to do with all of it. Retreat when you need to, you are allowed.

This gives you time and space to reflect and meditate on your next move. You don’t have to swallow every person’s emotions all of the time, you can take a break before moving forward. Retreat into your shell. Sometimes our best ideas come when we are alone. But remember to poke your head back out and get moving again.

Concluding thoughts….

That’s all you need to navigate the transit of Venus in Cancer to ignite and manifest abundance in key areas of your life! All you need to remember is that Venus is the planet of attraction, Cancer is a Cardinal Sign that takes charge of their success, and your intuition has more answers than you think. Use the Daily Horoscopes and some wealth crystals to help keep that spark of attraction that Venus provides.

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