7 Ways to Manifest Miracles With New Moon in Aries

Posted on April 07, 2021

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Is there a more enthusiastic, exciting time than the New Moon in Aries?

This is a transit that amplifies, personifies the meaning of a “new start,” giving you a blank canvas from which to work. It’s a transit that brings the spring miracles you’ve been waiting for – whether big or small.

If you’ve been looking for something to boost your confidence and positivity, the New Moon in Aries is just the transit you’ve been needing.

Aries New Moon Dates

The New Moon in the sign of Aries will take place on April 11th, but the New Moon’s energy can be felt for at least a day before and after it takes place.

New Moon in Aries – Oh, the Possibilities…

If you’ve needed new energy in your life, then there is no time better than now. The New Moon in Aries brings a level of refreshing energy that is scarcely available throughout the year.

New Moons always bring an energy of newness, as they mark the beginning of a new lunar cycle. That energy is now paired with Aries, the sign that marks the beginning of a new astrological year. These energies come together to bring a sense of refreshment that will put a new spin on life and help you see things from a new, exciting point of view.

These facts make this transit one of the best for thinking about all the new experiences, relationships, and situations you want to bring into your life right now.

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Themes of the Aries New Moon

Aries is a Fire sign, meaning that it’s primarily creative, passionate, determined, and run by instincts. But for Aries, that passion is the main key.

That means that this is the time to take for yourself and consider what truly drives your passion in this life. Are you driven by creative endeavors? Business? Now is the time to find out what makes your spirit take and makes your passion come to life.

Freedom and independence are two concepts that mean a lot to Aries – as this is a sign that they can take care of themselves and rarely rely on others’ help. You might also come up with some unique and bold ideas that might otherwise seem too far-fetched to propose. (Trust your gut and let your instincts guide you.)

Another theme of an Aries New Moon involves the concept of self – how you view yourself and your self-esteem. Aries energy encourages self-reliance and self-confidence, which are two elements that further propel you towards your dreams.

Creativity is also heightened during this New Moon, and a deeper desire to be adventurous and try new things.

Let your mind and body explore the world around you during this transit! And, as a bonus, this transit also helps you put yourself out there and feel more confident when sharing your ideas with the world.

New Moon in Aries Checklist

While this transit is pretty magical on its own, there are a few things you can do to make this New Moon in Aries work harder for you than any transit before, bringing celestial miracles you never expected!

Let’s take a look at the tips and tricks you can do to take advantage of this magical energy.

1. Make Miraculous Plans

Plan for miracles. Work them into your schedule.

Grab your planner and make time for them to come into your life. If you aren’t expecting great things to happen, it makes it more difficult for the energies of the Universe to know to send those amazing experiences your way.

And while you’re planning your miracles, plan those things you want to manifest as well! Make a list of all the wonderful experiences and relationships you want to attract in your life. You might even be amazed at how well the practice of writing your desires down works to bring them into existence.

2. Be Specific

No actionable plans work if they’re vague – you need to get specific with the Universe about what it is that you want. If it’s a car, you should be thinking about the make, model, interior, and mileage at the very least.

Try to make sure that your New Moon wishes are as detailed and specific as you can make them, so the Universe knows exactly what it is that you desire.

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3. Put Yourself Out There

While you might be feeling too shy to really express yourself, it’s time to let that go.

Aries is a sign that’s all about projecting your personality out into the world and seeing what you find in return. And chances are when you really express yourself. You’re going to find amazing, even miraculous, returns.

So, don’t be shy right now. Don’t play it safe. Let yourself feel a little wild and free, and see what the Universe rewards you with for your willingness to be bold and brave.

4. Let Go of Old Grudges

It’s going to be pretty hard to get anywhere good if you’re focused on an old grudge or upsetting moment from the past. We understand, it can be hard to let things go, especially when you feel you’ve been wronged.

But now is the time for you to rise up and shine, not be dragged down by someone else’s dark cloud.

Let go of those old grudges and let yourself cling to new hopes for the future! You don’t even have to call those old friends up and let them know you’ve forgiven them – all that matters is that your heart is light, free, and clear to move on to bigger and better things.

5. Create Your Own Miracles

While you may feel like you need to wait for the Universe to bring you opportunities, this transit says otherwise: An Aries New Moon is a clear-cut sign to go after what you want and create your own miracles.

You might feel like you need to sit back and wait for your time to shine, but this is your time to shine. Don’t let it go to waste! Put yourself out there, go after what you want, and you might be surprised at the resulting success you find.

6. Focus on What You Need

We often spend our time focusing on what we want, but the New Moon in Aries asks you to focus on what you really need in your life right now.

Is it support? Financial freedom? Connection? Whatever it is that will help you feel more stable and supported is where you need to focus right now.

7. Be Creative & Open Your Mind

Aries can be a creative sign, but it’s also a sign that follows its own path in all situations. Aries knows what it wants, and it doesn’t hesitate to go after it. But if your mind isn’t open to new ideas, you might be missing out on incredible opportunities.

Try practicing meditation and working with aquamarine, a crystal that connects to the mind and helps it unfold, allowing you to view things from a more open and understanding perspective.

A Ritual for the Aries New Moon

Are you ready for a self-empowering meditation that will help you take advantage of the passionate and inspiring energy of this Aries New Moon? Set time aside this week to sit down with your own spirit and discover the truths that lie within.

When you do decide to sit in silence, in a comfortable position, what ideas flow through your mind? Are you envisioning a new home, a new job, a new relationship? You may want to take a moment to write these thoughts and desires down in a journal to focus on and dissect later.

Once you’ve determined what sparks passion and joy in your life, try making a vision board, either on construction paper, a smartphone, a tablet – anything you have.

Make an image that represents your desire, and try to take time looking at and soaking in the energy of that image each day.

Manifest Miracles With the Aries New Moon

This New Moon in the sign of Aries is one that brings promises of future joy, manifestation, and transformation. It has the power to make your dreams come true – if you believe it does. The power is within you.

How will you wield your power on this New Moon?

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