New Moon in Aries - 7 Ways to Manifest Miracles

Posted on April 04, 2019

Person standing in the street jumping for joy.

FEEEEEVAAAAAH! Do you feel it yet? If not, check the thermometer, friends, because the temperatures are about to make the mercury go pop! And this time, we aren’t talking about the planet.

It’s Spring Fever time friends, and here to set that fever on fire this month is the gorgeous New Moon in Aries. This is a fever you definitely want to catch.

You should be feeling some of the heat already (the good kind), but if not, the Universe has your back, and we’ve got some really exciting answers from astrology to help you along the way. The Spring fever party is in full swing with the Sun in Aries to start, again, happy birthday, Aries, by the way.

Now, we are exploring the New Moon in Aries, and it’s an exciting time. What new beginnings are you hoping for? You can manifest them you know. These will be your Spring miracles.

They don’t have to be massive things to be miracles. Sometimes just having an extra jar of peanut butter in the house is a miracle. If you’ve eaten a tablespoon of peanut butter on top of a vanilla Girl Guide cookie as your midnight snack, you know what I’m talking about. Little things. Miracles.

Under the New Moon in Aries, life is as awesome as you make it, baby. If you take control of the situation, just add peanut butter and Girl Guide cookies to your shopping list and you can have that miracle too.

Maybe you want other miracles. Here’s how to get them.

New Moon in Aries - Oh, the Possibilities…

On April 5, 2019, that party gets even saucier with the New Moon in Aries, if you really want it to. What is the New Moon? We say this every month but it always bears repeating.

New Moons are just that tiny sliver of a Moon in the sky. Why? Because this Moon is just beginning. It is the New Moon. The newest of all of the Moons all month long. It is a tiny silver sliver right now. As the month goes on, that sliver of silver will widen, or, wax as we say in astrology speak.

But before that happens, it is just a sliver, which means the whole rest of that big wide lunar circle in the sky is nothing but a vast endlessness of possibilities. Which is why we always say, this is the very best time to launch new beginnings in your life. With Aries in charge right now, the Cardinal Fire sign, the king of leaders and initiators of all things, that means we have the newest Moon of all in the planet of leadership and fire.

Now I know you know exactly what I’m talking about.

New Moon in Aries Miracle-Making Checklist:

Let’s talk today about the 7 things you can do to be sure your thermometer is going to go pop. Add these to your regular routine of Daily Horoscopes checking, and expect things to heat up in all of the right ways with your Spring fever under the New Moon in Aries.

The best part? You’re in the driver’s seat.

1. Miracles do not actually knock at your door.

Most of the time.

Be bold. Create your own miracles.

There’s not much more that one can add to this. The Aries in the crowd are already nodding. In fact, the Aries in the crowd are already looking at their watch wondering when the talk of the new beginning is going to be over. They are skimming and taking notes quickly because success IS their middle name.

But they don’t want a long drawn conversation about it. They certainly aren’t waiting for success to knock. They are the ones doing the door knocking and convincing everybody else how they can create their success too.

You need to be doing that. There’s no knight in shining armor, there’s no winning lottery ticket coming this month, nobody is coming to your house with a dozen roses and a big bag of money. There is only YOU, making it happen for yourself. Remember we told you to flirt first. The same concept applies in every other area of your life too. Aries waits for no man. Start knocking.

2. Focus on the areas that need attention.

Another way of saying this, focus on what you need, not what you want. Dr. Phil would say, “You can’t change what you can’t acknowledge.” In other words, just be honest about what you want to change in your life, or what new beginning you want.

If you are worried about how you are going to pay to fix your car this month and want more money, then maybe your new phone game app is not where you need to be spending your time. If your partner is telling you for the fourth night in a row that she’s tired of being lonely every night with all of your overtime, maybe telling her you understand, but not to hold dinner for you isn’t the smartest choice.

Figuring out what you need is the first step in planning your success formula and creating your own miracles.

If you focus on the area that does need attention, even if it isn’t what you want this very second, the Aries energy has a beautiful way of multiplying and having a sprinkle effect in the other areas of your life. Maybe the new job you get to pay for that car repair has the hottest guy working the Starbucks next door and it becomes a match made in heaven. Aries says, you’re welcome. Focus on what you need. See it.

3. Be free.

Now that you can see it, see that miracle you want, plan it. But first, you need to let go of what may hold you back from that. It’s about making the conscious decision to just BE that new beginning. Be that miracle you want so badly. Visualize your life with that change. You can see it. Now you have to adopt the mindset that has you feeling liberated. You’re ready to be free from your fear, baby.

Cat Stevens says, “if you wanna be free, be free, ‘cause there are a million ways to go, you know that there are.” This is what you need to do under this New Moon in Aries. As much as you are focusing on what you need, you are doing so because it is who you are, and nobody else.

It’s time to decide who you are and make the leap of just BEing it. We hold ourselves back too much because of fear. Let it go, baby. It’s time for you to do you. If you’ve taken the hard look at what you want to change and what new beginning you want, you are ready to be you.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t have Girl Guide cookies and peanut butter. Oh yes, you can! Embark on the adventure.

The Tarot card that symbolizes Spring is The Fool. Your mission under the New Moon in Aries is to embody this free spirit of The Fool in the Tarot. Abandon all stress and embark on a new journey and rebirth of spirit that helps you feel carefree about your life. Be open like The Fool, and also be vulnerable. You also can say no when you need to. Follow your heart, your instincts, and your life will reap the rewards as a result.

4. Plan It.

Now that you know what your miracles look like, and you have made the conscious decision that you aren’t letting anybody hold you back, plan it.

What steps do you need to take to get there? Go ahead and make your lists. It could be adding peanut butter to the grocery list. It could be making a list of the jobs you want. Make lists of what your partner needs. Make lists for your kids’ miracles.

Lists. Lists. Lists. These are all seeds planted under the New Moon. Do it between April 3 and April 7, 2019, and you are setting the intentions for new beginnings. This activates a very powerful Law of Attraction.

You send the vibes into the Universe that you want this, and you are going to get it. The Universe will respond if you are pure in that, honest with yourself, and realistic in your goals.

5. Be Realistic.

If your goal is to find love, and you are making lists about how to meet Bradley Cooper, you’ve missed the plot a little bit on how to be realistic under the New Moon in Aries.

Your miracles and goals matter. But it might not be Bradley Cooper, sweetie.

But there are plenty of other ways to get the kind of love that you want in life. Or the job that you want. Or the harmony at home that your entire family needs. Or a new home even. Or… whatever it is you want.

Be realistic. Make those lists with that intention. You can be realistic and still get a big change.

Let’s say your intention is to get a better house, under the right karmic formula, you can get it. Maybe even a bigger one, or earlier than expected, or with better financing than expected. Whatever that miracle is, just be realistic. Let go of your fears. Make your lists to get it. The Universe has a funny way of surprising those with the right intentions.

6. Do It – Put it Out There.

Okay, it’s time to start putting it out there. You are at the Do It stage. Start doing the things on your lists. One by one, just tackle them.

As a leader, Aries is just that, a leader. Emotional yes, but you will never see it when they are getting the job done. Don’t think about how you feel when you are completing those lists. Just DO It.

The best time to do it is during the April 3 to April 7 phase, but the New Moon is all about planting seeds. You aren’t going to see the blossoms of this plan yet, and may not for two weeks until the Full Moon (or until another Full Moon).

It’s all about planting the seeds. You’ve seen it, planned it, and now you are doing it. YAY! Your miracles are about to manifest in their own special ways.

Remember that the Universe will send us the miracles we need. It may not look like the flower you wanted when you planted it, but it’s a flower all the same. That’s another story for another day.

The important thing is that you are on the way to manifesting your miracles under the New Moon in Aries.

7. Let it Go.

Channel your inner Frozen and let it go, let it go. The cold doesn’t bother you anyway.

Fate may step in on your miracle making plan, but that’s okay. Worrying about that is not what it’s about. You will deal with that then. For now, you are just gardening and planting your seeds.

That is the most principle variable in the Law of Attraction formula. Thoughts become things, yes. With good karma. Yes.

But you can’t obsess about it or the entire equation goes to snot.

Like that needy girlfriend that is waiting for the phone call then lights into him and then loses him because he was doing something really important and she annoyed him. Don’t be that girl.

Or that job applicant that ticks someone off because they called back too much. Don’t be that guy. Or the home seller that won’t hear back from their real estate agent as often because 30 calls a day might be crossing a legal boundary. Hm, no.

Let it go. If it didn’t go your way, don’t beat that dead horse. If it hasn’t happened, wait it out.

Do you see actual gardeners staring at their planted seeds and waiting for the tulips? Well sometimes, yeah. That’s called watering your garden.

And you’ll have to do that in life too. But don’t obsess about it. When you do that you throw off the Law of Attraction.

Venus is in Pisces now and so the things that you are feeling you are attracting. If you are feeling like your relationship is going to end, it might. But if you reverse the emotions and let go of those things that aren’t actual facts, then it might not.






Most things you are worried about, and by that I mean about 99 percent of things, are never ever going to happen.

Will this thing you are worrying about actually happen? It could. Gardeners put out storm covers, so work out your plans B and C while waiting for your seeds to blossom. Don’t spend your days watching for a storm that could actually change with the winds of Fate.

We all do it. It’s called being stuck in our heads. Get out of there. Base your concerns on facts, but don’t weigh on it when you are waiting for something good to happen.

You can’t obsess and worry about something that hasn’t actually happened yet.

You planted the seeds. You saw it. You planned it. You did it.

Now you need to let it go and let the Universe do its work. It’s hard. But just go do something else. Sounds cliché but it actually does work. You should have many lists. Just get going on something else.

Or, here’s a thought… just go have fun for a little while. You are here. You’ve earned it. When you stay in that positive flow, maintaining the Law of Attraction, the Universe loves to keep you there with fun surprises.

That’s how you manifest miracles under the New Moon in Aries.

Concluding Thoughts…

The joy of Spring fever is not in pretending that the Sun feels good, it’s in actually feeling the goodness of the Sun. That’s what any transit in Aries is all about, and the New Moon in Aries is no exception. Be authentic with this. The New Moon in Aries is designed to light new beginnings for those that do. In this day and age, more people than not hide under the shadows of smoke and mirrors. Those are not successful people in life. Those are people putting on the pretense of success. True miracles are manifested when you embrace the future with open-faced honesty. It’s liberating! But only if you allow it to be.

You aren’t going to get what you want in life by pretending you want one thing when you really want another. You are allowed to want what you want! Aries NEVER apologizes for going after their heart’s desires. Follow your intuition, pay attention to the messages in your dreams under the New Moon, and then chase them. No matter what zodiac sign you are, this is the time of your life. Are you ready to be real about it? If you are, then the miracles await. Be sure you are checking your Daily Horoscopes to make sure you are following your success formula to manifest miracles.

How will you manifest miracles under this New Moon in Aries? Are you ready to be honest about it? What are your deepest desires this Spring?

Concluding Thoughts: April New Moon in Aries: Light My Fire

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