8 Ways to Live Fabulously Fierce When the Sun Enters Leo

Posted on July 21, 2019
Updated on October 28, 2020

Two friends smiling and dancing in the sun.

It’s the most fabulous time of the year! Of course, that must mean Leo season!

Indeed it does. And it is no coincidence that Leo energy happens right smack dab in the middle of Summer energy in the Northern Hemisphere, and Winter energy in the Southern Hemisphere. In the North, Leo energy is infused into lazy, hazy days of Summer where the most common question of the day is: what can we do to have fun today? In the Southern Hemisphere, where Winter is in progress, days are shorter and a little drearier.

The entry of the Sun into Leo is a refreshing change to any potential Winter blahs on the other side of the world. The reason this energy is so refreshing and fabulous is that Leo is a Fixed Fire sign and is ruled by the Sun.

When the Sun enters Leo, fun enters the picture. You’ll have that magical spark that is intensified by the Sun in its ruling zodiac sign, and you’ll want to express that spark in magical ways. Don’t know how? That’s exactly what we are talking about today.

Read on to see 8 ways to live fabulously fierce when the Sun enters Leo, no matter what season you are in right now.

Sun in Leo Fabulosity Themes

When the Sun enters Leo, without even realizing why, we feel a little more free in our everyday comings and goings. This is the energy of the Sun shining on the gorgeously fabulous Leo, who loves passion, expression, fun, vibrancy, and also play, play, play. Leo isn’t always all about play, but even when it is, that play is productive.

We spend so much of the year doing work, work, work. And some signs, yes I’m talking to you, Capricorns, don’t know how to take a break. But, not taking that break, or any break, is unhealthy.

This is the time of the year when it’s very important to tap into that side of you that just wants to have fun. You can have fun and get your stuff done too. Or, take a break from your stuff, and just have even more fun. We call those holidays, vacations, and breaks.

Are those terms foreign to you? They shouldn’t be.

These themes of Leo come at this time of year for a reason. We have longer days to express our spiritual and mental acuities through play, and the Sun is shining on all of that.

So here are 8 ways to live fabulously fierce when the Sun enters Leo, and you want to take those 8 ways into the rest of your year.

1. Express Yourself

One thing we love about Leo is that they are bold like the lion they’re named for. They are not afraid to just say or do something when that little inner spark of theirs arrives.

Think of those moments at work and in play when you stop yourself from saying something. Don’t do that anymore.

Pitch that idea. Even complain or provide constructive feedback if you need to. This is not the time to be the silent easygoing party. Say something.

“You look amazing today!” or “Oh my gosh you smell so good, what IS that?” or, “Hey I have an idea that I think would work better with this client, it’s a little bit out there, what do you think?”

Say something. Or do something. Or wear something that expresses that inner lion.

2. Eat, Play, Love

We aren’t talking about the book! This is a time of year when simple works best. We spend less time preparing gourmet meals for our families, for example, because hotdogs or a burger and some potato chips will work. Simplify your life, and be okay with that. Don’t have a guilt trip because you didn’t make filet mignon today. Burgers will do.

Do the same at work. Clear your desk and find easier ways of doing the things you normally do.

Leo likes to indulge. Their sandwiches are gourmet, their holidays are 5-star (in their heads), and they go big on everything.

Play is an important part of life. Time to simplify, so you can partake.

Go ahead and get extra cheese today on that sandwich. Go ahead and enjoy some sunshine on your work break. And do nothing else. Eat, play, love. That’s how Leos stay happy, and how you can be fabulously fierce right now.

Want to know something else? Enjoying life as big as you can is very attractive. Expect relationships to get a boost when you infuse this optimistic and generous spirit, with your Self, in your life.

3. Hakuna Matata

No troubles. Don’t sweat it.

Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase that literally means, “no problems.” That means, don’t sweat the small stuff. Move past it. Right now, the little things won’t become the big things.

The live-action remake of The Lion King is an amazing movie coming to life this Summer. Follow the themes of this movie. Put your family first, but don’t worry about the little stuff.

Obsessing about those little things means that you are taking time from just enjoying the journey that life is offering right now.

Hakuna Matata means no worries for the rest of your days. Just enjoy the journey today and every day for the next four weeks.

4. Be Bold

Leo is symbolized in the Tarot with the Strength card, a Major Arcana card that shows an angel taming a lion. Some folks might think a woman couldn’t tame a lion on her own. But both this card and Leo say, “watch me.”

And then, she does it. It’s time to tap into that inner strength that we all have and say, I can do this! Reach for the stars. Do the things you normally would not do.

Apply for jobs that seem out of reach, flirt with a crush that normally you would feel is out of your league, take on a project or battle that feels like it is too much.

Be bold. You are strong. We all have it. Tap into it. Time to show the world how fierce you are.

5. Be Happy

Along with the mantra of not worrying and not sweating the small stuff, fierce Leos are happy Leos. They are optimistic and generous with their happiness as well.

If you know a Leo, you know this. You laugh a lot around them. You feel good around them. Their joy is infectious.

You have that inner joy, even if you are struggling with something right now. Just find that optimistic place, and be happy.

6. Glam it Up

It’s no secret that Leos like the finer things in life. Not every Leo is wealthy tho. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring that bling when you put on that fling.

Glam it up. When you are going out to dinner, get pretty. Put some extra cologne on. Put on that dress or blouse that makes you grimace most of the year because it’s a little too… extra.

Now is the time to be extra. You can’t be fabulously fierce without being a little extra.

7. Do as the Royals Do

To be fabulous and fierce you have to go a little extra, play a little more, and enjoy the little indulgences in life. But you can’t be a diva.

Act like a diva and look like a diva, but do as the royals do. One shadow side of Leo is that they can get a little petulant when they don’t get their own way.

Don’t do that. Smile, and complain on the inside, or, with your insiders alone.

Leos are the Kings and Queens of the jungle. So it’s time to get on that throne and start ruling your life like you are that King or Queen.

But do so in a way that is not arrogant or petulant. Grace, elegance, and dignity, goes a long way now.

8. Get Your Saucy On

What is Leo without some love? And what is Summer without some Summer lovin’?

No matter what your relationship status or style is right now, it’s time to bring it to the fabulously fierce level.

Leo likes their shopping, so maybe you need to splurge a little bit. Amp up the lingerie drawer, and don’t be afraid to, you know… indulge in some toy store fun.

Time to bring out that playful part of your loving side, in a fun and carefree way that does not have any expectations. Get your saucy on, and do it in a way that tells your lover or partner, or crush, that you don’t care about the outcome, you just want to have fun.

We’ll leave it at that.

Concluding Thoughts…

When it comes to being fabulously fierce when the Sun enters Leo, it means it’s time to tap into that side of you that normally suppress. The Strength card in the Tarot embodies a little bit of that. The angel is taming the lion.

But this angel ain’t your average angel. She is sexy, saucy, beautiful, pure in her regal elegance, kind, and she is in control of her own outcome, even if she isn’t too worried about what that is right now.

Tap into that side of you, put a little bling on it, and bring out your inner King and Queen. Eat, play, and love like a Leo, and you’ll have people wondering if you are one.

How are you going to be fabulously fierce this Summer or Winter?

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