Holy Scorpio, Batman! 9 Ways to Use Your Inner Psychic to Create Abundance

Posted on October 19, 2018

There will always be times when you are lying awake at night unable to sleep, or staring out the window aimlessly at work, when you are still wondering what is to become about a particular situation. That’s called being human. But we all have a little psychic in us, which also makes us human. It’s a gift we all received when we were in our initial soul circle before our souls began to incarnate into human beings. The Fixed sign of the Water signs, Scorpio is one of the most psychic zodiac signs of them all. With Scorpio energy so abundant right now, you have the perfect opportunity to lead with your feelings, tap into that inner psychic, and find out more about the things that are keeping you up at night. Here are 9 ways to do just that, using the powerful tool of astrology and the mysteries of the Universe, no matter what your zodiac sign is.

1. Work on Your Dream Recall.

We say it over and over again, but dreams and their meanings are very important to your psychic development. Dreams bear messages. Your twin soul will also appear to you in dreams to communicate.

When you go to bed, keep your mind clear of alcohol or substances and tell yourself that you are going to dream that night. Then see what you have to enter into your dream journal the next morning. Use our Dream Dictionary to help you understand your dreams and their meanings, and see what the Universe and the angels are trying to tell you about what is next in your life.

2. Free Your Mind. No Really.

The most important part of receiving psychic information is to have a clear mind. You may have seen a psychic close their eyes for a moment before reading you. That is a process where the astrologers or psychics are emptying their minds of their own thoughts and feelings and opening up to receive information about you. This is an important step for any person trying to tap into their inner psychic.

If your mind is full of your own individual hopes and fears, you will not receive accurate information, it will be muddled in between all of your hopes and fears. So, spend a moment or two of every day when you want to tap into your inner psychic, and just release it all from your mind for a moment.

Meditation is a great way to open up this clarity while emptying your mind of negative or unwanted thoughts. You will find that releasing negative thoughts is actually quite liberating. Not only does it create more room for psychic information, but you free yourself from fears, negativity, and thoughts or stress that literally weigh you down.

3. Listen.

Being psychic is a passive gift, it is about the receipt of information. It is not about injecting your own ego and desires into the situation. Whether you are reading yourself or someone else, listening is the biggest key.

If you choose to meditate to receive information, quiet your mind and listen to what is coming, and what is not. The same goes for other people in your daily life. What are they saying? What are they not saying? This will be an important gift of telepathy as you develop it with practice, you will intuitively discover what people are not saying.

Telepathy is not as rare as you might think. Imagine how much clarity you would receive about a lover or job situation if you could connect with someone else’s thoughts, with their permission of course. When you do, uncertainty leaves and freedom arrives. But rather than feeling stressed and demanding answers from the Universe, listening opens you up to actually receiving the right ones.

4. Trust Your Gut. Trust.

That’s what it’s all about, baby! But we often doubt our Selves when it comes to tapping into that psychic gift we all have. Trust your gut! Actually trust it. Your instinct and your gut and your intuition are all the same thing. A good psychic or Astrologer has a finely honed instinct that gives them a solid sense of “knowing” about something before it has even happened. It’s not a guessing. It’s a knowing.

You can tell the difference between your fears and hopes and your instinct by this state of knowing. We always question our hopes and fears, but we never question our instinct, even when we question it. It always feels like a knowing. “I feel like I should not go down that alley at night but I’m not sure why.” Pay attention to every little feeling, and you will begin to learn what messages your instinct is telling you. The more you do that, the more you improve your own psychic gifts.

5. Pay Attention to Your Physical Reactions.

Do you feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you are alone? Have you ever felt your stomach turn when someone was talking to you and you suspected they were lying? Does your heart race when someone that has hurt you enters the room? Do the back of your ears get red when you see someone you don’t like, but you don’t really know why?

This is all your inner psychic talking to you through physical sensations in your body. If you ever are unsure about a specific situation or person, stop and think about what your body is telling you. If you feel excited and warm, all systems go. If you feel icky and weird but aren’t sure why, that’s your angels and intuitions sending you very strong messages through your physical and mortal soul. Pay attention!

6. Take Actual Notes.

Whether you are keeping a dream journal to record all of the messages that come to you in your dreams, or whether you simply have something in your bag on your day out and about activities, taking notes regularly is a sure fire way to rapidly strengthen your psychic abilities. Keep a notepad right by your bed and start jotting things down from the minute you wake up. As the zodiac detective, Scorpio takes notes on EVERYthing.

If you experience funny coincidences during the day, or little signs that seem to stand out, write them down. You may know right away what they mean, or you may not. By writing them down, you have something to refer to later when you are wondering what one thing or another means.

It is a great way to see stuff that comes to you coming true or manifesting, as many times we don’t realize that is what is happening until it has already happened. It’s amazing when you come to these notes weeks, months, or years later, and see so many validations come to life.

7. Get in the Practice of Meditation.

A lot of people know that this is a very reliable way to get psychic information, but not many people take the time to get into this. Meditation is basically the concept of dreaming while you are awake, the same neural processes happen in the brain. You breathe slowly enough to the point where you can clear your head, and then wait for the psychic messages to arrive. You are conscious through information reception, so recall is much easier than dream recall.

Meditation is much simpler than people make it out to be. It’s literally just the process of clearing your mind. With practice, you can learn how to meditate in as little as 30 seconds. The emptier your mind is, the more information will come.

This is why meditation is so powerful to psychics and astrologers. It gives you an empty mind for an extended period of time which means during that time you get powerful information. It was the biggest tool that psychic Edgar Cayce used in all of his readings, without it, he would not have become one of the world’s most famous psychics.

8. Test Your Hunches & Intuitions.

Ever say, “I had a feeling you were going to call,” or, “I had a feeling that was going to happen.” You’re probably psychic! You are already in the process of understanding the knowings that come to you and validating them for what they are. The more you notice them, the more they will come. Test them.

One method I use in testing my clairvoyant activities is by predicting what Tarot cards are going to come out when I do a reading. I get my hunch about the answer, and then visualize the card that I will draw to validate that, and then I pull the card. Even after so many years of Tarot use, it STILL freaks me out (in a good way) when the card I “saw” in my head gets flipped over in my reading.

This is how you test your hunches, and you don’t need a full working knowledge of the Tarot to do so. Say you are having lunch with a friend, and you know they will listen to music on the way. While you are waiting, visualize or think about the music group or song they are listening to. Your first hunch will be the right one. When they arrive, ask them if they were listening to The Rolling Stones or Adele like your hunch suggested, and with practice, you will become more right every time. As you use this new skill more, you can use it effectively in day to day life.

Here’s another example. Say you are worried someone isn’t telling the truth in a scenario. Ask your Self to show you what is the truth, like you just did with the Tarot cards. You will surprise even yourself what comes up. Use it, but don’t abuse it, as until you have those hunches validated, that’s all they are.

9. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Tapping into your psychic abilities is a skill like anything else. Yes, it is a gift, but with every gift that you receive, you must use it wisely in order to make the most of it. With a psychic gift, you must practice it regularly in order to experience the most results. This does not mean you have to meditate for 10 hours a day (unless you can and you want to).

A few minutes every day of clearing your mind and allowing your intuition, your meditation, and Universal energy to give you information beyond what is being given, is all you need to truly tap into and develop your psychic skills. Practice, practice, practice whatever method is the easiest for you, and then report back and let us know how it went! Frequently using your Tarot cards is another good way to develop this gift. The Tarot never lies!

Concluding Thoughts…

It’s really important to use the psychic gifts that your soul is begging you to use every day. With Scorpio energy so abundant from now until 2019, now is a wonderful time to start putting those gifts into practice. Every time you get a feeling about something, that is your psychic Self talking to you. But, as important as it is to use it, it’s equally important that you need to learn how to connect it with facts in this plane. It’s very easy, especially with Neptune in Pisces, to get lost in illusions and fantasies if you rely on your psychic Self so much that you get lost in facts. And that can actually be dangerous!

Follow the hunches that tell you to get away from danger, but don’t use them against someone if you don’t have the facts at hand. Your psychic hunches can be verified by just talking to the people they are related to, or, using our Free Tarot Readings to bring more answers your way as you practice enhancing your psychic self.

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