A Healing Crystal for Each Zodiac Sign

Posted on August 21, 2021

Have you ever wondered what your zodiac signs compatibility is with healing crystals?

Each astrological sign has certain weaknesses that can be improved upon to bring about a more well-rounded, self-aware person, and crystals can help. If we’re prone to a bad temper, for example, certain crystals can help us remain calm. If we’re known to be lazy, we can use crystals to help generate more energy.

Healing is a term that could be best understood as bringing harmony. Using crystals to build up the weakest areas in us can help us be much more resilient and balanced.

Crystals are great for setting positive intentions, and they carry certain frequencies that help bolster energies we want to magnify in our lives.

Find out which crystals your zodiac sign is compatible with.

Zodiac Signs Compatibility With Crystals


This sign is one that can have trouble slowing down because Aries has so much energy. This could lead to getting caught up in the world and not taking time to listen to your soul. You might find yourself caught up in something you aren’t truly invested in.

A crystal that can help slow the fast pace of Aries is Blue Lace Agate because it’s soothing and reduces hyperactivity in the mind. Crystals known to help connect to spiritual realms can also be helpful, and Hematite and black grounding crystals.


Known to fall easily into laziness, loving to indulge sometimes a little too much, a Taurus can use their zodiac signs compatibility with crystals to help increase willpower and motivation.

One of the most well-known crystals for getting yourself to go for things is Tiger’s Eye. It’s often used by people starting businesses who need extra energy and confidence. It also helps strengthen your willpower, housed in the Solar Plexus chakra.


This Air sign is talkative and curious, which can lead to anxiety and scattered thinking.

Fluorite is absolutely a must for a sign like this because of its ability to help you focus on one thing at a time. Hematite is another stone that could be essential for getting and staying grounded and helping Gemini put all those ideas that come naturally into action.

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One of the biggest challenges for the nurturing Cancerian is setting healthy boundaries. They love helping others and will often go overboard trying to take care of everyone.

A great stone to help this natural healer is Blue Kyanite. Because Cancer is a Water sign, they are extremely empathic and pick up on the emotions of others. This crystal protects your energy field, creating a protective shield, so you don’t get drained.


Their own optimism can often blind this high-energy Fire sign. Leo emotions run so strong that you can even deceive yourself out of sheer excitement. Your ego can misguide you easily, so your zodiac signs compatibility with crystals focus on grounding spiritual truth into your consciousness, which is essential to your journey and protection.

Labradorite, known as the mystic’s stone, helps cut through illusions that gullible Leo can fall prey to and brings spiritual truth to the wearer.


The hardworking, perfectionist Virgo can easily become anal-retentive, meaning that they get so bogged down in details that they never finish anything or become obsessive to the point of anxiety.

This anxiety and overthinking can be calmed with Howlite, which can ease an overactive mind with its ability to absorb any anger, frustration, and negativity plaguing the wearer.


As an Air sign, Libra can have trouble with overactive minds. They can benefit from crystals that help relinquish unwanted thoughts.

Librans want everyone to be happy, so they often get caught up in other people’s minds. Sapphire releases mental tension and unwanted thoughts, grounding the wearer so you can regain the balance you need.


This intense Water sign can dive straight into the depths of other people’s intense emotions and feelings because it’s your nature to look beneath the surface.

Scorpio can benefit greatly by using crystals that transmute negative energy to positive, such as Apache Tears, which relieve depression and protect you from inner darkness.

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This adventurous Fire sign suffers from being over-spontaneous sometimes because they desire to expand and explore. This can lead to all sorts of unwanted effects, such as financial woes or finding themselves very far from home with no clear way back.

In order to bring practicality into your very strong visionary personality, Sagittarius, a crystal such as Jasper, which comes in many varieties, provides grounding and stability because it connects to Earth energy.


Capricorn, you often suffer from being a workaholic. This can lead to a life of misery if you cannot curtail your desire to succeed and take the time you need to rest.

Because Capricorn is an Earth sign and naturally grounded, crystals that anchor in spiritual vibrations of the Crown chakra can help you find balance. Look to a crystal such as Celestite.


A humanitarian sign, Aquarius pushes themselves to the point of exhaustion for the benefit of the greater good. You often feel the need to sacrifice your own pleasure for the pursuit of ideals.

Rose Quartz can help an Aquarius develop unconditional self-love to help you stay balanced and not forget about their own needs and relaxation.


Pisces are known to change plans frequently and be somewhat unreliable because their emotional state easily influences them. They can get lost in fantasy with their strong imagination or look to escape their emotions through substances.

In order to not let their emotions control their lives, a Water sign like this can use a crystal such as Malachite, which pulls negative energy from the body, leaving you more open to dealing with your emotions.

Use Your Compatible Crystal Today

There are certainly multiple crystals that can help each sign, regardless of zodiac signs’ compatibility, and we recommend going for the one you are the most drawn to.

Some believe that the crystal chooses the wearer. Your intuition can help you with this – notice your feelings and go with that attraction.

Learn more about your own astrology sign to gain a deeper awareness of your own personality and tendencies.

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