A Secret To Success: Know When Your Emotions are Coming From the Planets

Posted on March 13, 2018
Updated on November 26, 2020

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I don’t know what came over me?” Have you ever observed someone act out of character and seem to spew emotions all over other people and overreact? Then they get labeled as a loose cannon or people get resentful and avoid them because of their unbecoming verbal vomit and they’re not likely to be promoted at work.

Of course you have, because this is the status quo, the modus operandi. Most people are walking around constantly getting cracked over the head with the planetary whip and they have no idea why they feel angry or emotional. Well I have very good news for you.

Take a moment to think of a noble king or queen. They are always diplomatic, calm and collected. They are privy to the major movements of the planets, as well as their staff and they themselves have someone in their ear telling them what emotional climate to expect whether it’s a close adviser or maybe a really great website in today’s day and age.

The good news is, you too can acquire said knowledge and it’s not difficult now that we don’t have to trek to a library hoping the book is not checked out if we’ve had the opportunity to even hear about the term astrology. Nope, we are evolving.

This calm demeanor is only a few shifts in your own understanding away. When you start to know what the major planetary movements are and what their effects are on us, you will observe how we are all affected by them. As each cycle comes to town, you’ll remember them from last time and develop a muscle memory for each experience.

As time passes, you’ll know what to expect with eclipses, new moons, full moons, retrogrades, Saturn returns and major squares.

I suggest starting with the basic and most widely known planetary movements and then move into the deeper levels. You’ll get to know the personality of each sign and the energy of each planet so when the cosmic dance starts, you can groove to the music instead of being well, off beat.

Here are very practical ways to understand how your and other’s emotions and our psychological states are affected by the planets so you can increase your success.

The Moon Can Help you Navigate Decisions and Interactions

The moon controls your emotions and those of others. Having control of your emotions and knowing how other people’s feelings will vacillate will help you immensely when it comes to communication and expectations. It is the closest to us, changing signs every two and a half days, bringing a new set of emotions that affect everyone in a subtle but often not so subtle way.

It also becomes full usually once per month. People are confident, irritable, ready to fly off the handle, late and energized on the full moon. People are tired, want to withdraw and reflect on the new moon. You can propose new ideas on the new moon and expect people to make big decisions on the full moon.

Don’t push people to be creative after the full moon because they will have less of it. For more about this, check out this article Practical Reasons To Know What Sign The Sun and Moon are in Daily.

If you track what sign the moon is in daily you’ll know when you and others will have a temper, are extra emotional, have hardworking energy, be ready for love, want to focus on big ideas or need a change of scenery and need to get outside.

When it’s in a water sign, people will be emotional and you can have conversations about feelings more easily at work but you also need to be sensitive of their feelings. If the moon is in Scorpio, watch out because people may not be able to control their sexual urges. Be alert for behaviors that are unconscious so you don’t get yourself in a pickle.

When the moon is in an earth sign like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, people want to get organized and work hard. Under a Taurus moon, people will also want to redecorate or eat flavorful food and it’s not a good time to try to get someone to make a decision or change their mind. If it’s in Virgo, they crave order and can act controlling.

If it’s in a fire sign, they will have a quick temper and tongue. Leo moon days will have people craving attention while Aries will make them impatient and direct. A Sagittarius moon will make people want to expand their mind and travel.

Air signs which are Gemini, Aquarius and Libra are talkative signs for the moon to be in. This is when people want to discuss ideas, people, places and things. Libra energy is positive and a great time to make partnerships. Gemini energy is playful and childlike and Aquarius is about helping the world.

For more on this read our article, Understand The Elements in Astrology: Improve Your Understanding of Others.

The Sun Will Set the Theme for Your Month in Business

The sun stays in a sign for 28.5 days and sets our basic motivation based on the personality of the sign the sun is in. If you know what sign the sun is in it’s like knowing the basic energy for the month and what people will be drawn to.

Leading up to Christmas, people want to socialize and aren’t overly concerned with work because the sun is in Sagittarius, an enthusiastic risk-taking adventurous sign. When the sun moves into hardworking Capricorn, it’s business time and you can harness this energy to get work done.

Your own energy will be best utilized if you know what is available to you. If you don’t have the energy to get your budget organized one day and it feels like a struggle, it’s probably because the moon is not in an earth sign. If you seem to have an extra burst of energy, it may be because it’s a full moon.

If you can’t focus, it’s probably because the moon is in a water or air sign. Allowing yourself to ebb and flow with the moon and sun will allow you to work efficiently, to time your projects, to know when to start and when to cut your losses.

Retrogrades and Eclipses Help you Know What to Expect for the Year and When to Make Major Decisions

When it comes to what you can expect a whole year to be like, we look to the major events of eclipses and retrogrades. Mercury retrogrades are times when our focus shifts to work on a part of ourselves that’s holding us back and a time to rehash ideas or work on our approaches and see what’s working.

We know there will be miscommunication and travel errors during Mercury retrograde and things will move forward when the retrograde shadow ends. We know people will go through major life changes around eclipses so brace yourself for moving, relationship changes, job changes etc.

The other planets have retrogrades too but don’t overwhelm yourself, you’ll get to that eventually.

Finally, know the theme of the year and the general energy available for business by knowing what animal and element the Chinese Zodiac sign we will be in for the year. It’s highly accurate and helpful to know what type of major changes and events you can expect to take place.

You’ll know if it’s a good year to start a partnership or go out on your own and you’ll know what the general mood affecting everyone will be that’s different than other years. Some years are about new beginnings, some are about endings. Some years are about expansion and some are about cleaning house. Check out this article to see the theme for 2018.


A secret to success is ‘Know thyself.’ When we stop blaming other people for our emotions and take responsibility for them, we can see that we may be stoking unnecessary flames at work and taking things personally because someone of a different sign rubs us the wrong way.

For more on this topic check out the article, Want To Hire and Communicate Better at Work? Astrology Can Help. It’s also important to know that people feel safe and emotionally crave different things based on their moon sign so you can’t treat everyone the same.

Observe the effects of the sun, moon, retrogrades and eclipses and you’ll start to see your own behavior and other people’s are tremendously affected by them. To maintain a positive, magnetic and calm demeanor, know what is coming so it doesn’t catch you off guard.

Understand people through their own sun and moon signs and prep yourself for the year to come by knowing the major astrological events. You’ll see all major changes come around the same sign and when you use the moon to manifest, your greatest chances at success will become more than chances but steady and reliable outcomes.

For more on using the moon cycles to manifest, check out this article.

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