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Posted on June 08, 2017

Have you ever been so wrapped up in something you lost all track of time, space, and life in general? It’s that date you’ve been on, where one minute you are watching the afternoon matinee, and the next you are wondering how it got to be four in the morning. Maybe you started a good book and forgot your kid’s names for a few hours.

If you’re doing what you love, this can happen at work too. We call this phenomenon ‘flow’. We call reaching success abundance, and you can’t have abundance without flow. So how do you get there? By doing what you love. When you do what you love, you are on your life path.

Do What You Love

Wayne Dyer said that “Doing what you love is the cornerstone to having abundance in your life.” This is an important concept. Doing what you love isn’t the be all and end all to your happiness. But hey, if you can get up in the morning and do what you love all day, that’s a pretty great day, right?

It doesn’t have to be work that is magical and amazing. We can’t all be Ariana Grande, Celine Dion, George Clooney, or Jennifer Lawrence; but if it’s something that you love, doing it will lead to success and ultimately a happy, fulfilled life.

I know a lady who cleans hotel rooms and is one of the happiest people I know. She genuinely loves picking up after people! LOVES it. She’s an empty nester now, all of her kids are in college. She spent her whole adult life picking up after them until one day, she had nobody to pick up after anymore.

Now she gets paid to do it, and although she’s not buying a yacht anytime soon, she’s happier than some people I know who have more material possessions than she does. She’s experiencing abundance and a successful life because she is channelling her mothering instinct that brought her joy.

She has found her flow and has also learned this incredible lesson that flow is just about finding it. Hers was about nurturing her children, but that stopped. She got that tap of love flowing again by doing the same thing for someone else’s children. She’ss firmly established that cornerstone of abundance and is very, very happy today.

So when it comes to your own success story, how do you find that joy? Do what you love. It may not look like what you think it is. Sure, astrology and numerology and tarot are all excellent tools to help you find that flow, but they are just tools. At the end of the day, you still need to just simply decide whether or not what you are doing is working. Seek answers from those tools, but also, seek answers from within.

Talent Follows Passion

I am a big believer that the passion for something leads to talent. The lady that I know that cleans rooms for a living is one of the neatest and tidiest people I know. It just comes naturally to her, and you can be a talented cleaner, believe it or not. Here’s the bigger point, you can be a talented at anything you choose to focus on.

Everybody has that thing. For her, it’s cleaning. For you? Well, I don’t have the answer to that, you do. The thing that you love to do the most, is the thing that you are the most talented at. I guarantee you. Those singers that move you to tears are living their love and their passion. Those books you can’t put down are being written by someone who breathes the craft of forming words together to make a sentence that makes you weep.

These are talented people that have not only discovered their talent, but have also this key secret in life: success comes from being in a state called ‘flow’. You just need to seek and experience your flow. What is it? How do you find it?

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Flow is Your Bliss

Doing what you love creates a state that psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called ‘flow’. It’s when you have the experience of losing track of time, your body, you may even forget to eat or use the washroom because you are so engaged in an activity.

The theory goes that the more you do the activities where you experience the sense of flow, the happier and more worthwhile you will feel your life to be. The phrases “listen to your heart”, “follow your bliss’ come to mind here. These are all handy tools to figure out where your own abundance lies. It’s not as complicated as those things sometimes sound. It’s very easy. What do you like to do?

I like to write. I always have. Although it’s not the path that I first chose when I decided to live my grown-up life. I considered science, teaching, psychology, a lot of things I really liked. None of them is in my ‘flow zone’. I attended a lot of schools, took a lot of exams, and one day I had a moment.

The one thing I liked in my exams the most were the essay questions. Once I started putting my pen to paper…out came the flow of ideas. Written essays were always the exams I did the best on. Somehow I found a way to love taking tests!

This is the most important thing you will learn about flow. Even if it’s something that seems boring, mundane, and maybe even dreadful, you are still in your flow and in your happy place. With practice, you can be in that happy place anywhere! Now I write things in my head when I’m in the dentist’s chair or when I’m tuning out on an annoying person.

The housekeeper I know is making lists, getting organized, and finding her happy place somehow when she’s dealing with the parts of her life she doesn’t care to deal with. Anybody can do it. That is the secret. There’s one more which I’ll bring up.

It’s Never Too Late

The last secret. It’s never, ever too late to find your happy place, and find your own abundance. I didn’t turn writing into a full-time job until after I became a parent, and had decided that all of the other stuff I spent time studying wasn’t my optimal experience. It wasn’t the thing that was going to make the day fly by with things that I loved. The housekeeper I know didn’t become a pro at it until she was in her fifties. It’s never too late.

A lot of us go throughout life thinking the day happens to us. That is not the case. We create every day in our life. We decide how we respond to things, what we respond to, or if we respond at all. It’s that collection of responses that determine our level of joy and abundance.

If you are waking up miserably every day, you aren’t responding to life appropriately. You are letting life happen to you. Instead, create your life. You do that by releasing this notion that life controls you. It’s your life. YOU create it. Not the other way around.


Your birth chart, your life path number, all of these tools can help figure out what innate talents and abilities will lead you to success and abundance. Sometimes, just taking a moment to think about whether or not you are happy in one moment is enough to know whether you are following your path, or, not so much.

Abundance occurs when you are in your flow. Your flow happens when you are doing what you love. It’s never too late to tap into that thing that gets you excited, makes you passionate and happy and energized. And you get to choose, no matter what your zodiac sign may be.

Are you doing what you love?

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