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Posted on July 02, 2017

Every zodiac sign has its own energy and characteristics. You might have noticed that each sign is also represented by a symbol of this energy. Most zodiac signs are represented by an animal. You might wonder: How did that animal or object come to represent my sign? There are many other animals we could associate with each sign of the zodiac.

We thought that today, it would be fun to explore this idea, using the cards of the tarot as an influence to explore an alternative animal for the Sun sign you know so well! Find out which animal could also represent your sign just as well as its current symbol.


The sign of the ram is represented in the tarot as The Emperor, a card that stands for determination and authority. A perfect alternate animal for this sign would be the dog, a loyal creature if ever there was one. Also, it′s an animal that will fearlessly dive into any situation without concern for themselves.

The term ‘dogged pursuit′ absolutely describes an Aries, who sets their mind on something and doesn′t stop until they get it! If you have ever seen a dog trying to get a toy or bone from under your couch or dig a hole, you know it won′t stop until the job is done. It is also a fierce protector and will not hesitate to rush in and defend people they love.


The sign of the bull is as stubborn as they come, and grounded in pragmatism. This sign is represented in the tarot as The Hierophant, a card about learning from history and leading a traditional life. There are many connections between these traits and that of a tortoise, a creature that is slow, but tough, with excellent problem-solving skills.

Their methodical approach definitely aligns to that of Taurus. A Taurus may not be quick to change its ways, but it will slowly and steadily make its way through life, trying to make the best choices possible. A tortoise′s hard shell can also represent the hard-headedness that can describe a Taurus.


The sign of the twins is represented in the tarot as The Lovers, showing that you can′t live without a deep connection, whether a lover, soul mate or life mate. You don′t like to be alone. A dolphin is a great alternative animal for this sign. It is a playful creature always looking for mental stimulation and are very intelligent.

Geminis and dolphins are also immensely entertaining to have around and are very social. While dolphins are not known to mate for life, they highly social animals that travel in pods and are rarely found on their own. That′s because dolphins are vulnerable on their own, reflecting the feelings of a Gemini.


The sign of the crab is represented in the tarot as The Chariot, a card that speaks to using intuition to guide you in the right direction, as well as the pursuit of security. Penguins are known to take care of their own offspring very well. Much like a nurturing Cancer, they have a deep, strong tie to their mate and their pack.

They somehow manage great, long pilgrimages to find food and a new, safe home every year, using their internal compass to find the way against all odds. The ability to nurture and create a home in the most difficult of circumstances is the epitome of the energy of a Cancer.


The sign of the lion is represented in the tarot by the Strength card, speaking to physical strength and courage; as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual prowess. A wolf would be an appropriate alternate animal, as this creature is both strong and mighty, just like the king of the jungle, Leo.

Wolves are very social creatures, with a strong respect for their leader, or alpha, who tends to control the group. Wolves are in constant motion and always have a strong sense of what′s going on around them, just as Leo does. We think this alternative animal is perfect to represent a Leo.


The sign of the virgin is represented in the tarot as The Hermit. This card shows a need to slow down, focus on life′s purpose, as well as develop curiosity about the world with a healthy caution towards new information. A raccoon would be a great alternate animal – very curious and intelligent.

This little rascal is busy and focused on what it wants. Even though it has some questionable habits when it comes to finding and eating food, it can certainly be fastidious. Have you ever seen a raccoon wash its hands?! This focus on cleanliness surely describes a Virgo to a tee.

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