Full Moon in Libra: Strike a Balance

Posted on April 12, 2019

Full moon in the sky.

April 20th brings us a potent Full Moon in the Air sign of Libra. Relationships that have unresolved issues will come into focus as will the relationship we have with ourselves. New love can bloom like a spring flower and know that if you feel your emotions come pouring down, this rainstorm will quickly pass. New sprouts require water, so embrace the emotions that arise by loving yourself in the process of feeling all the feels.

This is the first Full Moon since Mercury retrograde so some major changes could take place in your world and the world around you. A Full Moon is always an exciting time of manifestation if you’ve been sowing those seeds of intention diligently since the New Moon on April 5th. You can think of the New Moon as a time of beginning projects and the Full Moon as a time of culmination.

Each Full Moon has unique energy which depends on what signs the Moon and Sun are in, as well as what other major planetary aspects are happening at that time. The Sun is in the Fire sign of Aries until the day after the Full Moon when it moves to Taurus. What will help you is to know how to use the energy available to you for growth. You’re the master of your destiny and it’s easier to guide that ship when you know how the seas will be rocking as well as how the wind will blow. Knowing the planetary movements empowers us. Let’s see where our soul’s growth potential is for this fresh spring lunation.

A Rare Double Full Moon!

Speaking of wind, Libra is an Air sign that likes to talk and is a positive zodiac sign known as the golden retriever of the zodiac for the friendliness and optimism it brings. Libras seeking balance in all of their relationships, so we will have a heightened focus to iron out kinks in the energy between us and someone else.

Finding balance in the way we relate to others is one huge theme during this Full Moon, and we are getting a second chance to look at a relationship issue because we get two Full Moons in Libra in a row! Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of romance. So, heads up! Your romantic life is in the spotlight today.

It could also bring some new love as well, but chances are, we are resolving something that will inevitably open us to a better way of relating to others. Let’s release that energy that’s been festering by using compassion and love instead of volatility and angst. Added onto this Full Moon is some intense Uranus energy that is conjunct with the Sun, brewing a dose of pride that could trip us up.

Let’s take a deeper look at how we can channel the energy in positive ways so we don’t end up saying something we later regret. With the Sun in direct and impulsive Aries, the rebellious Uranus energy may be hard to contain without a conscious effort to curtail your furry. Get some paint and put your energy into the canvas or ride a stationary bike with some good tunes, but don’t take this energy out on an innocent bystander.

What to Do On the Libra Full Moon

Because the Moon is the closest planet to the Earth, it appears to us as the largest cosmic body. It affects our minds and bodies on a powerful but subconscious level. Our nervous system has a lot of energy on the Full Moon which pushes emotions we have been stuffing down, up and out. This can lead to emotional outbursts and explains why so many bars see people get into fights on a Full Moon. Ready or not, that subconscious is coming to the surface.

Many people welcome the intensity with a Full Moon ritual that allows them to sit with the emotions and look at them. Try sitting in a quiet place, lighting a candle and journaling about how you feel. Ask your higher self how you can take responsibility for how you’re feeling and shift your emotional state to a higher vibration.

Hunker down and plan some calming activities today, but if you have to interact with others, be extra mindful. Think about what you’re going to say before you blurt things out and use any extra energy to heal something inside of yourself instead of blaming someone for your feelings. Ultimately, we are going to be challenged to find a balance between our own views and seeing things from someone else’s perspective.

Don’t force your views onto someone and don’t let them force theirs on you. Find a middle ground and a balance where you both get some of what you want.

Avoid Making Emotional Decisions

Since the Moon rules our emotions, Mood swings are predicted to come with this Full Moon and you can have the upper hand if you know that you may not be seeing with a clear head. You may go overboard as tension boils to the surface and break free for good when you really just need an hour to cool off. There is erratic energy afoot and it’s important not to let your emotions run wild.

Try not to make impulsive decisions in your relationship. Cool off for a few days even and make sure you are seeing things clearly. Don’t throw away something that can be healed just because you are feeling intensely. Expect a moment where you feel like running and when it shows up just say, “there you are!” Don’t let that strong energy overpower your own will and use calming methods like taking a walk, a bubble bath or do some deep slow breathing.

This is a good time to face tension within yourself and resolve areas that you’re unkind to yourself in your thoughts. Find a time to sit with yourself and really check in with how you treat yourself. When we take time to love ourselves more fully, we open to new dimensions in our other relationships as well.

It’s a Balancing Act - and You’re the Star of the Show!

This Full Moon is a time many will finally get results. Help people stay calm as we get the winds of rebellion in our sails and steer clear of letting your ego rule. When you feel like proving you’re right or getting even, you can be sure that’s the ego and not your soul. Be compassionate towards those who lose their grip temporarily as these cycles affect everyone (even our furry friends).

It’s important to make note of the other major planetary influences that are occurring at the same time as this lunation. We have the sun moving into Earth sign of Taurus on April 20 and a lot of retrograde energy with Jupiter retrograde that started April 10th, Pluto retrograde starting April 24, and Saturn retrograde starting April 30. All of that basically adds up to a time for major internal transformation. Hold on tight and bookmark your daily horoscope to stay on top of it all!

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