The Essential April Energy Forecast

Posted on March 25, 2021

A woman stands in the energetic light of the Sun on the beach.

The energies that come in this month are bursting with a vibrancy that will get us up and going. This will take us to the next phase of our heart’s plan and divine promise. Many of us are elevating to new levels of peace and mastery while still shedding the unconscious triggers.

If you haven’t learned by now, the heart holds the key to ascension.

Thursday brings us full speed into the number “4” vibrations of April, representing the initial manifestation of matter or material form. It’s the grounding and stabilizing force that is the greatest miracle of physical creation.

The number 4 also represents the four main elements and Fixed signs in astrology, which are the building blocks of life.

Many of you may have been feeling exhausted and run down since the beginning of the year. Each shift took us to a higher level of self-mastery, and now we officially kick off a new season. It’s interesting how the month begins with April Fool’s Day, the essence of innocence, magic, and purity, embarking on a brand-new journey.

In Tarot, the Fool is the beginning of the major arcana, the number “0,” representing the spiritual light descending from the cosmos, revealing our infinite potential. This month we leap into the great mysteries of life. Simultaneously, the origins of April Fool’s day are associated with pranks and practical jokes.

This playful energy encourages us to make space in our busy lives to be ourselves and have some fun.

April is the promise of rebirth, the restructuring of a new world as we rise to our full potential. We will experience a new cycle during the dynamic Aries New Moon, a grounding Taurus stellium involving the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, opposite the Scorpio Supermoon. Along with the Lyrid Meteor shower, Mars entering Cancer, Pluto retrograde, and the Uranus Solar conjunction.

Whew! that isn’t even the half of it.

A major wave of change is moving through us this month—innovation and creativity rise, carrying us into the upcoming months. We are shaking off old ways of being, doing, and feeling. Witnessing the rise of the human spirit and all its glory.

All you have to do this month is have patience and trust.

Manifesting a new world requires unwavering faith, strength, and an open heart!

Let’s explore this month’s celestial conversations…

The Essential April Energy Forecast

April 9, 2021: Healing the Fragmented Mind

Mercury & Chiron

The wounded healer meets the messenger on the 9th, in a dramatic purification of the mental body.

The mental body is one of the important bodies of humans, ruling our thoughts, judgments, perceptions, and prejudices. It is linked to our self-worth and worldly value. When these two celestial bodies link in such a dynamic blending, it reveals the fragmented mind and the power in speaking your truth.

Since this transit occurs in Aries, it seeks to remind us that the wounds of Pisces do not have to keep us prisoners of the mind.

There is so much healing and power when you break through the limited aspects of the ego’s mind and negative mechanisms. The power of healing lies in your words, thinking process, and inner dialogue. When you plant yourself firmly in the seat of your heart, you elevate the mind to diamond consciousness and the new mental crystalline template. Accessing this template eliminates the effects of negative mind control grids that keep the mind looping in fear.

This energy also gives you a better chance to understand your pain and trauma by finding new sources of inspiration. You may feel a great deal of clarity and ease as so much comes to fruition. When you focus the mind on greatness, there is no telling what you may achieve.

Mars & Neptune

After Mercury and Chiron’s dramatic conjunction in Aries, Mars steps it up a notch, forming a tight square to Neptune. This stepping-stone marks the grounding of our spiritual aspirations and will to achieve higher consciousness in human form.

But to reach that point, you first have to take a good look at how the ego may have created a false illusionary life generated by greed, lust, money, and power.

Neptune’s forces may cloud and predominate Mars’ action and judgment, which may likely negatively manifest through your subconscious. This planetary sequence brings conscious awareness to the importance of connecting with your reality and finding balance in spirit.

April 11, 2021: The Initial Spark of Manifestation

Aries New Moon

The New Moon takes place 22 (4) degrees in the innovating sign of Aries. This celestial event is considered one of the most critical points of the year since it occurs in the first sign of the zodiac.

Aries is the light of creation, the fire of life, and the force of our inner drive. It’s the birthplace of ideas, the secret of beginnings, cycles, new life, and emerging opportunities. The electrifying spark crystallizes, fosters, and nourishes the spirit.

April’s New Moon is conjunct Mercury and Venus, while sextile Mars and Jupiter, square Pluto, and trine the Galactic Center.

This energy holds power for the conscious creation of the soul and the pioneering spark of change. When the mind becomes disciplined, it is aware, committed, elevated, and empowered to make better choices.

This New Moon teaches us that the ultimate purpose of the mind is to elevate to the highest lens, focusing undivided attention on the heart. This strengthened connection eliminates mental confusion. See, the mind tends to create unnecessary disturbances and stress, which delays manifestations and generates fear and doubt. The foundational shift provided by this New Moon will change how we manifest.

This forces us to let go of ego-based attachments, beliefs, and plant the mind in the heart and unlock the door to conscious creation. You will be asked to check any unconscious behaviors, bad habits, and other bad vices.

Every moment you have a choice, and this New Moon is the vibrational spark that can trigger tangible results in your current physical reality.

Commit yourself to master the mind and witness a big bang of creative potential. When your thoughts are in alignment with love, open, and surrendering to life’s current movements, you create the world of your dreams.

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April 14, 2021: Home is Where the Heart Is

Venus Enters Taurus

We are headed for a profound elevation of the heart this week as Venus moves into the compassionate sign of Taurus on the 14th.

The greatest alignment always occurs when we tune into our hearts’ sacred vibrations and commit to rooting in love. The fragmented mind tends to become engulfed in lower agendas, ego-based desires, and fear-based thinking.

Healing our mental body grants us full authority to operate from the heart.

Did you know that one of the primary resonance frequencies of Earth’s field line is the same frequency as the human heart rhythm when we’re in a heart coherent state? This divine flow is the point of connection where our heart, mind, and body merge as one. How do we breathe and live without the spark of our heart? How can we move into action?

The heart is key to soul anchoring.

The heart continuously sends messages to the brain, seeking to invoke the function of the higher mind. But when you are operating from a state of anxiety, fear, and mistrust. The dialogue between your heart and brain becomes distorted. Venus in Taurus is the transit where we clear the distortions and ground in the heart that serve our soul’s desire and plans and not the ego’s limitations.

After her eventful journey, including a dynamic Aquarius stellium, Neptune conjunction, and purification in Aries, Venus is relaxed and at home in Taurus.

This placement suggests the need to find mental and physical security in your relationships and value system. But ask yourself, is your security rooted in fear or love? Because when you are rooted in love and have released all attachments, you experience great joy in your life.

Loosen your grip on a materialistic outlook under this energy.

Understand that the heart is a mediator for the as above and so below. Find balance, access your still point, and allow the diamond light to flow in, unifying the personality and soul.

April 16, 2021: Exposing the Raw Truth

Sun & Pluto

On the 16th, the Sun and Pluto will square, producing destructive energy that challenges your self-awareness.

As previously mentioned, when the mind and heart are imbalanced, your sense of self is distorted. Here, the Sun and Pluto bring your full attention to the distortions by creating minor crises and a tug of pull between light and dark and life and death. Not literal death, but the ego death we hear so often, which represents us breaking through the barriers of our “old self.”

Pluto may cast a shadow on your sense of self under this energy, creating negative behavior in your physical reality such as destructiveness, greed, and lust.

However, there is a bright side to this transit, full of enhanced power. When you overcome challenges that disrupt your sense of self, you transform destructive behavior patterns and thoughts.

Occurring 29 degrees in Aries, the Sun blends with Mercury in a superior solar conjunction that is the catalyst to us becoming brave masters of our lives. Mercury will also square Pluto and form a sextile with Jupiter, pointing out that your inner faith is power.

This is a slow and painful shift of our inner belief system and subconscious patterns associated with it.

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April 19th: The Heart is the Voice of Truth

Mercury Enters Taurus

Sparks are flying, sending us into another groundbreaking week.

Mercury moves into Taurus after receiving a massive dose of diamond energy via its most recent aspects. You may have recently noticed your intuition and psychic abilities are strengthening. This transit is anchoring that power of intuition into your everyday life.

Sun Enters Taurus

Not only does the mental body ruler ground in love, the Sun, our divine design, and sense of self grounds in love too. Taurus is the light of material creation, the tree of life, and a reminder of our sacred connection to Gaia.

With the Sun in Taurus, we will learn how to establish a sense of meaning and value in life by overcoming attachments to material things and people. Taurus teaches us conscious obedience and the importance of listening to our inner guidance. The grounding and stabilizing energy of Taurus not only in the Sun but also Mercury, Venus, and Uranus act as a powerful amplifier that roots our foundation in a higher sense of self-worth.

Negative aspects produced by Taurus are greed, especially towards material possessions and money.

The positive side of Taurus protects and preserves life’s precious resources and appreciates the beauty of the world. This Fixed and stabilizing sign is the force of creation we need to take us to the next level of ascension, which blesses us with consistency and persistence.

Since Aries is the initial thought, Taurus is the creation of that thought in physical form.

But if your thoughts are not high vibrational, you can manifest negativity in your reality, fueled by greed and possessions. With Uranus moving through this sign, ask yourself this one question, If I lost everything, would I be able to stand on my spiritual faith and create a new life?

Use this as a reminder that anything can be taken away from us at any given moment.

We do not truly “own” anything. When you realize this, it shifts your value system in alignment with your soul’s 5d blueprint. Don’t be bullheaded, clingy, or stubborn. Those are all amplifications of fear.

Taurus season is about trusting yourself and enjoying the beauty of life. Don’t be fueled by the ego. Instead, be moved by the song of the soul.

Happy birthday Taurus!

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April 22, 2021: When You Wish Upon a Star

The Lyrid Meteor Shower

Thursday brings us to the annual Lyrid meteor shower that will peak early morning in the northern hemisphere until the 25th.

Although the Moon is waxing during this time, you may be able to see this amazing celestial event if the sky is cloudless and there is not too much light pollution. Meteor showers are rare spectacular sightings that are believed to hold a spiritual significance. After a slow period in the sky, the Lyrid meteor shower comes to light the way.

Lyrid was named after the constellation Lyra and one of the oldest meteor showers recorded.

Divine light radiates out from Vega, which is the brightest star in the Lyra constellation. We will receive communication that will balance and harmonize all aspects of ourselves. This transformational gateway is the bridge that connects heaven and earth. Vega has similar qualities to Mercury and Venus. Showing us that this meteor shower is a divine spiritual alignment between the heart and mind.

Stars are energy. We are stars in human form. When you wish upon a star and believe in that wish, you create a new wave of faith that strengthens your ability to believe in yourself.

During this amazing event, Venus and Uranus conjunct, 10 degrees in Taurus. There is so much significance in the number 10, the power of creation, life, and the beginning of the Fool’s journey.

April 23, 2021: Confronting Anger & Emotions

Mars Enters Cancer

The warrior has experienced a journey like no other, and on the 23rd, Mars enters the nurturing waters of Cancer for regeneration and renewal. For the next seven weeks, we will balance and ground our body in the portal of truth, revealing a new level of self-mastery that will force us to slow down and properly deal with our emotions.

The emotional body is the bridge that links our mental and physical bodies. It’s the point of interpretation and synthesis of experiences from the environment.

When balanced and grounded, you are able to act from a more heart-centered space, aligning with your spiritual desire and will to achieve. Ignoring emotions creates mistrust and misunderstandings. When you confront trauma and take an active role in facilitating change, you initiate action inspired by the heart.

This transit may generate stress and tension, symbolized by the natural square between Cancer and Mars-ruled Aries.

Mars is weaker in Cancer, and because of this, when you do not properly address your emotions, you experience emotional outbursts. Slow down and focus your attention on the heart. Great emotional strength can be summoned under this aspect.

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April 24 - 25, 2021: Third Eye Elevation

Mercury & Uranus

It’s a jammed-packed weekend leading up to Monday’s Full Moon.

Mercury forms a tight conjunction with Uranus at 10 degrees in Taurus, delivering lightning bolts of unexpected revelations and diamond upgrades. Both planets emit bolts of fire piercing the Third Eye, running down the spine, and rooting the mental plane in the foundation of Mother Earth. The triggering effects on the psyche stretch the mind into new territories of the heart.

For any quantum leap to take place, the mind and heart have to stay centered and move when the heart says GO! The slightest bit of doubt, fear, and hesitation will keep the mind in repetitive loops.

During this time, Mercury will be exactly conjunct Venus, while square Saturn.

Interestingly, Saturn forms an easygoing sextile with the North Node and has some confrontations with Mercury. This dynamic synchronization is a quantum leap into pristine consciousness beyond the reigns of 3d material manifestation, needs, and wants more like the restructuring of cellular patterning, our sacred woven lines of light.

April 26, 2021: The Rose That Grew From the Concrete

Scorpio Supermoon

Today brings us to the first Supermoon of 2021, taking us directly into the passageway of alchemical transformation.

Occurring 7 degrees in Scorpio, opposite the Sun in Taurus, this Full Moon marks a profound shift into the depths of our true self. A supermoon is either a Full or New Moon that is closer to earth and may appear slightly larger than usual. In this case, we are experiencing a Full Moon, amplified and supercharged.

Scorpio is the light of transmutation, the process of death and rebirth that breaks us down, exposing our core for transformation. When we resist the darkness, shadows, and essence of creation, we become afraid of life itself, fearing the cycles of death and rebirth.

This supermoon is sure to bring some passion to your life, but the mysterious waters of Scorpio may cause long-simmering tensions may boil to the surface.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is an interesting one because it points to creation and security. Taurus seeks physical security, and Scorpio seeks emotional. Here, you have a chance to alchemize the best of both worlds.

Scorpio Full Moons gifts us an opportunity to let go of doubt, fear and honor our sexuality. Emotions are normally heightened under Full Moons, and this one just so happens to be a supermoon. Rather than letting paranoia and stress rule your life, practice nonattachment and surrender. It will bring peace into your life and open you up to new experiences.

Along with the Sun, the Supermoon is also opposite the Taurus stellium, including Mercury, Venus, and Uranus.

This sequence is the grounding and stabilizing force, motivating us to set roots and build our lives. Tune into the magnetic power of determination and obedience generated from within. Don’t hide or reject those darker parts of self or try to pretend like they don’t exist. You are the rose that grew from the concrete this Full Moon.

April 27, 2021: Spiritual Rites of Passage

Pluto Retrograde

Here comes Pluto, the Lone Ranger in Capricorn, ready to unblock, release, transmute, and transform all the crap we hold on to. Whether it’s emotions, material possessions, people, or even sex, Pluto is definitely cleaning house this retrograde.

Rewind back to the beginning of 2020. Pluto was involved in some life-altering transits that played out all year, including his conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter. Now, on Tuesday the 27th, Pluto stations retrograde 26 degrees in Capricorn until October 6th.

The theme of this retrograde is the transformation of divine order.

During this time, you will be asked to take a deeper look at your emotions. Reflecting on control, power, obsession, and sexuality. You may have to confront some very raw and personal issues. The skeletons in the closet need to be cleaned up one day.

A Pluto transit is definitely one of the most profound transits that expose the truth, triggering a change in the psyche by taking us on the soul’s dark night. This calls for deep trust in oneself, letting go of fear, and always taking a stance to stand up to the darkness.

The key during this 5-month transit is to confront the shadow self, face any fears surrounding death, and honor your sexuality.

This also marks a revolutionary shift for the U.S., currently experiencing a Pluto Return that will take us beyond the dramas and illusions we have been giving into as a society.

This is a pivotal period of self-reflection, helping you grow into all you were destined to be.

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April 30, 2021: Redesigning Our Value System

Uranus Solar Conjunction

The great awakener conjuncts the Sun on the 30th, closing out the month on a powerful note.

We are awakening to the meaning and value of life, redesigning and restoring our relationship with the here and now. Unexpected change generated by this transit calls upon your ability to trust your inner guidance and unmanifested potential. We need to cultivate trust and unshakeable faith that allows for the calibration of higher consciousness to take place.

This energy signals a time of excitement, freedom, rebellion, and unexpected change.

There is a strong urge to break free from normal routines and do something out of the ordinary. Since this conjunction occurs 10 degrees in Taurus, it’s the perfect time to review finances, social connections, and your value system. Try new exotic foods to stimulate your senses and connect with Mother Earth.

With Uranus in Taurus until April 2026, creative chaos and change will help you redefine your value system and give you a different outlook on your connection to life’s resources. If we don’t wake up to the truth that is right in front of us, we continue to recycle the same limiting beliefs and karmic patterns.

Unexpected change triggers fear, but it’s up to us to apply conscious discipline and faith.

Energy Tips for April 2021

As you can see by the variety of spectacular planetary shifts, April is an action-packed month that marks the beginning of the Fool’s journey. We are truly embarking on a new path of self-mastery, and the soul is driving. Trusting your inner guidance system is crucial in achieving your soul’s dreams.

You can dream and envision your higher purpose, but what is the point if you do not believe in yourself?

This month’s oracle card is “New Moon” from the Sacred Symbols Deck.

This card serves as divine confirmation that April is an auspicious month to launch new projects and goals. New Moons are a wonderful time to manifest and shed the past.

In the dark, fertile ground of the Moon, you are able to plant new seeds of intentions aligned with your soul. We are moving in a new direction, so it’s important that you get serious with yourself and write down your goals. Don’t rush the process though, take some time and sit with yourself. Talk to your soul, love yourself more, and invite inspiration that supports your dreams and wishes into your life.

Take new action for yourself this month!

  • Have fun.
  • Start a new fitness routine.
  • Connect with your needs and wants.
  • Be a fierce warrior, but check any anger.
  • Go after what you want by being commanding and confident.
  • Connect with the element of water to help calm any burnouts or emotional outbursts.

April is ripe for new opportunities. Face your fears and become your own hero!

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