What Does Your April 2021 Numerology Predict?

Posted on April 01, 2021
Updated on May 12, 2021

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This month’s supreme lesson is all about letting go.

According to numerology, April 2021 is a 9 Universal Month (4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 9).

When the number 9 is on the forecast, a sense of fear often fills the cosmos. This number signals the coming seismic shift, sending things you’ve held dear towards the exit door.

Rather scary, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s true, but the number 9 reminds everyone that the release and unburdening that comes can be liberating and enlivening.

This is the last number in the numerology cycle, and 9 is the number the ties up loose ends. Its ultimate purpose is freedom. It frees up your time, frees your life force energy, and allows you the liberty to give your attention to anything you want so you can unleash the authentic purpose of your life.

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What Does April Mean, Based on Your Personal Month Number?

Personal Month 1

A number 1 month levels up the excitement in everything. After March’s gentle release, it is the time to kickstart new beginnings.

The number 1 brings fresh air and an outpouring of creativity and energy to get things started.

Although you may be feeling the restless energies, stop yourself from jumping into new ventures without planning first. It is crucial to control this fiery vibrant energy and direct it to the right course. Meaning, try not to be influenced by the opinion of others. Instead, heed your gut instinct.

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Personal Month 2

This month’s numerology brings partnerships and cooperation to come knocking on your door.

If the past month has got you going on a solo flight, the tables are turning this month. In a month of “2,” the best thing to do is reach out to others for help and assistance and offer anything you have in return.

In terms of intuition, expect the portals of your perception to be opened wide over the next four weeks. The numerology of number 2 is a highly psychic number. Tune in to its frequency, and sharpen that sixth sense and see where it leads you.

Personal Month 3

This month your creative power is a true hot spot.

The numerology of the number 3 brings on artistry, freethinking, and experimentation, so you have every excuse to suffuse your life with the revitalizing power of these elements in the next four weeks.

It is time for a break and to do things a little differently.

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Personal Month 4

The month of April pushes out strong energies that allow for productive times ahead. To reach your full potential, you might have to invest time cultivating your skills and leveling up your expertise.

Examine the gaps in your knowledge.

Ask yourself what you need to accomplish and your desires.

Apply discernment in everything. The numerology of 4 puts many responsibilities on your plate, but it allows for delegation, so don’t think you need to overburden yourself with everything. Analyze which tasks you can pass on to others during this month.

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Personal Month 5

This month can get your head spinning with its variety.

If you are a creature stuck to your habits and routines, buckle up because you will be on hyperdrive this month.

In numerology, the number five seeks freedom and adventure. The restless energies it brings can be distracting and disrupt your routine. Don’t be surprised if your schedule gets a shake-up and plans get thrown off course.

Embrace and revel in the chaos.

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Personal Month 6

This month brings you back to the safety and security of your warm and familiar home environment.

You may be called on to spend time with family and nurture your relationships with them. This month will get you into a DIY groove to improve the ambiance of the home. This month, home is the key to fulfillment and happiness.

Your radar is on alert on anything that is out of balance, so follow your instincts.

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Personal Month 7

Stop the brakes and slow down.

Have you been in overdrive these past months and not giving yourself a moment to smell the roses?

The number 7 appears in this forecast and calls on you to repair your relationship with yourself. The gentle frequency of the number 7 allows for introspection that will bring personal healing into your life if you allow it.

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Personal Month 8

Are you ready for power?

Well, newsflash, you’ve earned it!

Numerologists agree that the number 8 brings money, power, and influence above all other numbers. It appears on the chart of the most successful people not because they are extremely lucky but because they have discovered the system of flows and abundance.

The number 8 asks you to tap into your inner forces and channel them for a successful month.

Personal Month 9

This month promises to be big.

It is an ideal time to complete everything you’ve started because you’ve reached the road’s end in some areas of your life. The sacrifice this numerology asks of you is to be selfless. Number 9 is extremely generous and altruistic, so it is time for you to soften your ego and think of the greater good.

Ask yourself if you have resources that only you can give? Who needs your help among the people that you know?

You might be called to do charity and volunteer for the community.

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Personal Month 11

This month of master number 11 increases your insight and intuition. This month, prepare for power.

You are charismatic, making you influential and magnetic to an audience. You are aware of people’s deep emotions because of your empathy. You uncannily know if something is strange in situations and people.

You have amazing powers of observation, and you utilize your analytical skills to get to the heart of the matter. Appearances don’t deceive you; instead, you want to get at the truth.

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Personal Month 22

This numerology takes you to the top and asks you to reassess your goals.

When this numerology is on your calendar, it is time to open the windows of your perception and open your heart and trust the universe. Trust in benevolent forces to provide for your needs.

The number 22 has a root of 4, a hard-working number requiring you to do your responsibilities and tasks for dreams to manifest.

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Personal Month 33

The power of this month is healing and protective.

You will feel the loving frequency of the number 33, and you may be motivated to pass it forward. It heightens your ability for kindness and compassion. Since the number 6 is a root of the number 33, it is a good month to nurture others.

You are called on to be a guide to people in need. This month is extremely successful for group goals.

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Where Will April 2021 Take You?

A new month means new opportunities, possibilities, and surprises. Embrace your April numerology and find joy in this next exciting month!

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