Do You Know Your Astro Houses? 7th House of Partnerships

Posted on April 11, 2020
Updated on November 26, 2020

Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again with the people in your life? Do you ever wonder why you seem to attract - or be attracted to - the same type of person? We all do! But the answer may lie within your birth chart - and the zodiac sign that lies in your 7th house of partnerships!

The 7th house in your astrology birth chart can reveal so much about you, the way you interact with others and most importantly, how you are in relationships of any kind! This covers any one to one partnership from friends to business partners, lovers, family and frenemies.

The cusp of this house is opposite your Ascendant. Where the 1st house is all about you; the 7th house is about the other people in your life.

The cusp of the 7th house is called the Descendant. While the 5th house showed what kind of people you were attracted to for fun, the 7th house indicates those with whom you’d like a serious partnership. Your attitudes to commitment will be found here, too.

This house also points to your open enemies. If you think about it, you might have pretty personal and one-on-one relationships with people who don’t like you! It’s a Cardinal house, and it belongs to the element of Air. It’s ruled by the Sun sign Libra and by the planet Venus.

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The 7th House Rules Partnerships

It’s easy to think that the 7th house is the house of marriage - and it is! However, marriage isn’t just two spouses bound together. Marriage also means a combination of two or more elements. That also defines a partnership. It doesn’t have to necessarily relate to romance.

The planets in this house and the sign on the cusp divulge a lot of information about how you feel about commitment. The Ascendant explores your relationship with yourself; the 7th house explores your interpersonal relationship with another person. That’s why it’s also the ‘house of open adversaries.’

Compatibility is a tricky thing, but looking only at your Sun sign is far from the whole picture.

Here’s an example: If you are a Taurus Sun and your partner is a Cancer Sun, that may look like a match made in heaven if you stop there, as Taurus provides emotional stability for sensitive Cancer, and Cancer’s dedication in matters of the heart will nurture Taurus’ need for loyalty and deep emotional connection.

But! If your Taurus Sun has Virgo, and their Cancer Sun has Gemini in the 7th house, that may indicate a different kind of relationship. Gemini in the 7th house means they are looking to the folks in their life to provide stimulation - and they have a real need for a mental connection.

7th house in Virgo needs the people in their lives to provide rationality and keep them on track to reach their goals - which sounds like a match made in heaven.

On the flip side though, these two Mutable signs are also capable of being too critical of each other - Gemini brings a very direct form of communication and Virgo can be super picky about details. If they can’t be a little patient with the other, this could point to a very rocky road ahead!

Whether in love or not, knowing your 7th house sign and that of your various partners in life can help you dig a little deeper into your compatibility - and help you navigate what could have seemed to be mysterious issues in your ability to work together!

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The 7th House Shows How You Interact

The purpose of this house is to examine how you interact with one other individual for the purpose of reaching a goal or accomplishing something. These unions can be beneficial or detrimental. How many times have you met someone and thought you were going to be close friends, only to find out that the more you got to know each other, the more you disliked each other?

It is all part of the journey of the 7th house. It’s where failed relationships either become teachers or opponents. That one-to-one relationship is still there, even if you decide that you can’t stand each other. It’s a difficult concept, but one that needs to be understood to grasp the true potential of this house.

The 7th House Reveals Friends & Enemies

While the 11th house has more to do with your friends than this house, information about your friendships will arise here. This is where you’ll find glimpses of your childhood playmates that are still your best friends through adulthood. It’s also where you’ll find that the residue of those you couldn’t stand when you were younger still stings.

The people who come into your life from a 7th house aspect are very different from those who interact with you from your 1st house. Remember, the Ascendant is part of the mask that you wear. What happens in the 7th strips away that mask, and have a lot to teach you if you’re willing to learn.

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The 7th House Acts as a Mirror

This house is a mirror for how you feel. Any person who arouses a strong emotional response from you - whether it’s rooted in pleasure or abhorrence - has triggered something in your 7th house. No matter what they make you feel, they’ve opened the door for you to do some inner exploration as to why you feel that way.

A strong response makes this area of your chart a wonderful teacher. If you want to know why you feel the way you feel, look at the planets here, and study their aspects. What you uncover here will be vital information when it comes to delving deeper into the mysteries of the 8th house.


The 7th house is where you need to go when you want to find out more about the partnerships in your life. This could relate to marriage, friendships, even shed light on the people who will oppose your goals, or act as ‘enemies.’ This house reveals how you will get along and interact with certain people.

We have more information on the 8th house of your astrology birth chart. This is the house where aspects of your sex life, attitudes towards death, and also your religious, spiritual or metaphysical beliefs are held. Read on and find out more about your chart, and yourself.

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*Editor’s note: This article was previously published April 11th, 2017 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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