The 12 Astrological Houses: 6th House of Health

Posted on April 10, 2017
Updated on August 20, 2020

The 6th house of your birth chart deals with your current environment and living situation. This includes your home and your pets. It also includes your work environment, your commute to and from work, your colleagues there and your relationship with them. Even your daily health is hinted at in this house. Although, anything that might be revealed here is not a substitute for the care of your doctor.

Think of this house as indicative of your attitude towards your health and how you approach wellness, rather than a prediction of health issues. It’s not the house where you’ll find out about your career or your finances - those are topics you can learn more about in the 2nd or 10th house. You will find insight here as to what professions you might enjoy, and how you relate to your work environment.

This house also shows you how you can be of service to others. The sign on the cusp, and particularly any planets in this house, will reveal a lot about your innate nature. This is a mutable house, and it belongs to the element of earth. It’s ruled by the Sun sign Virgo, and by the planet Mercury.

The 6th House Reveals Insight on Your Work Environment

Work doesn’t have to be just your profession. Artists talk about their next work. Mystics have always pursued their great work. Chores around the home are called housework or yard work. Work is any activity where you’re performing some kind of a service, either for yourself or others.

While this house won’t tell you where your skills and talents lie and how to use them in a career, it does have a lot to share about your mindset and your outlook when it comes to working. You spend a lot of time at your job, and it has a profound influence on you.

The 6th House Reflects Your Attitude Toward Daily Life

From the time the alarm clock rings until the time you close your eyes at night, you’re busy doing things. Whether they’re work related, housework, taking care of kids, volunteering, you’re busy doing something - even if you’re only chilling and watching the television. The environment of your daily routine is reflected in the 6th house.

This house also shows you a lot about your mindset towards that routine. Any planets here are going to be of particular interest because they’ll color your outlook. You might even consider this house to be the one that sets the mood for your life. It certainly exposes a lot about your gut responses.

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The 6th House Hints at Your Well-being

You can’t function at your best if you’re letting your daily life or your work get the better of you. If you look at the word disease, it’s actually a compound word; ‘dis’ meaning having a negative or opposite influence, and ‘ease’ which means lack of difficulty. Therefore, disease means an absence of calmness of balance in your life that reflects in your body.

Many of today’s diseases are a result of modern life. Sometimes a crisis such as war or a natural disaster upsets the balance of your health. There are other occasions when the disease happens because of an infection or disability. They’re all a lack of ease, somewhere along the line; further study of your birth chart will reveal ways of helping you to cope with this.

The 6th House Reveals Patterns of Behavior

How you deal with the triumphs and tribulations that life throws at you is also uncovered in the 6th house. The word ‘crisis’ is rooted in the Greek language, and it means ‘to grow.’ That’s why so many people tell you that your challenges are what makes you a stronger person - and they can be when you face them properly!

The way that you respond to the curve balls that life throws at you is revealed in the 6th house. Pay particular attention to planets that are here, because this isn’t an easy placement for them. The patterns of behavior that you establish in this house will greatly influence your choice of partner, which is where the 7th house picks up the journey.


Your 6th house reveals a lot about your daily environment and routine, how you feel about it and even your propensity for disease. It can tell you if you are living a balanced life and how you might find an environment that is suited to your temperament and personality.

Next up, you’re going to learn all about the 7th house of your astrology birth chart, which deals with commitments of any kind. It rules over your long-term romantic relationships and marriage. It might even point to business partnerships or contracts.

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