Relationship Tips for Sagittarius

Posted on November 21, 2016

If you’re a Sagittarius looking for love, it’s your season to be jolly! You’ve got a lot to bring to the table, this month, and for the upcoming year. This sign-by-sign guide will help you understand your own habits in romantic relationships, your compatibility with other signs of the zodiac, and point out some tips to navigate the challenges of specific pairings.

Sagittarius Strengths in a Relationship

You’re ever the optimist and you tend to accept people as they are without trying to change them. You respect your own, and other people’s, need for space and independence. You aren’t the type of partner who is clingy, bringing unfair emotional demands into your relationship. You’re straightforward and honest, and will usually be upfront about your feelings and intentions with your partner.

It’s your sense of humor that gets you through most situations. You use it as a survival tool because it’s by poking fun at things and people that you disperse your nervous energy. You’re compassionate and want the best for others - not only your loved ones - but for the world in general. You have the potential to make positive changes in your life and love to be on the move. Your partner won’t be bored in a relationship with you.

Sagittarius Challenges in a Relationship

You’re known for speaking and blurting out what’s on your mind. You don’t wrap things up in cotton wool to make them nice and you’re not very good at hiding your feelings. A lack of tact can ruffle feathers, often leaving you confused as to why people are offended. You seem to learn the hard way that some thoughts aren’t meant to be shared. You always mean well, but you’re not diplomatic. Although, you’re loveable all the same, and it’s hard for people to stay mad at you for long.

Ever the individual, you’re always going to be looking for the next best thing. You require an audience, and to be constantly expanding your horizons. You don’t want a lot of responsibilities or obligations. They discipline you and you’re not one to be tamed. You have to try to organize yourself and that’s something that doesn’t come easily to you.You’ll need a partner who can appreciate your demand for freedom, and be right there with you when it comes to exploring all that life has to offer.

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Sagittarius Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius / Aries

You’re both fire signs so you’re off to a good start. You’ll have a lot in common at a core level. Originality permeates all areas of your involvement, including your sex life. There’s a little competition between you, and you appreciate each other’s need for space. Watch and be conscious that your pride doesn’t get in the way of your communication with each other. It will be easy for you to hurt each other’s feelings because neither sign in this pair is particularly tactful.

Sagittarius / Taurus

A Sagittarius / Taurus pair isn’t the easiest relationship to get off the ground, but if you can make it work, you’ll really inspire each other. You must have your freedom and variety. Taurus requires stability and routine. The upside is that Taurus is easy going, if a bit stubborn at times. If you let your partner handle the responsibilities, while showing appreciation and cooperation; then your differences can actually strengthen, rather than hinder, your romance.

Sagittarius / Gemini

There’s a lot of fun to be had with a Gemini. You’re both mutable signs independent, carefree, and gregarious. You’ll enjoy each other’s company when you’re out and about. Other people will enjoy the sparkle that you two bring to social engagements. Make sure that you make the time to focus on each other, otherwise, you could become so casual about your relationship that it loses its heat and fades. As long as neither of you takes the other for granted, this has the potential to be a very happy courtship.

Sagittarius / Cancer

There will be many core differences in this relationship. It might be hard for you to find enough common ground to make it work. You like to socialize and have a wide circle of friends and admirers. Cancer wants to stay close to home, with a few treasured friends and family nearby. Also, your blunt communication style can easily hurt Cancer’s fragile moods. Cancer feels things much more deeply than you do. It will take effort and compassion on your part to make a Cancer feel loved enough to want to stay involved with you.

Sagittarius / Leo

The two of you have the fire element going on, and it’s easy for a romance to kindle between these two signs. You are independent, but you’ll have to make sure that you pay enough attention to your Leo partner. If you don’t, their feelings will be hurt. When that happens, trust issues may ensue. Leo is jealous, you’ll have to pander to their needs and learn how to put up with their changeable moods if you want this romance to stand the test of time.

Sagittarius / Virgo

Flexibility and adaptability are the strong points of this pairing. On many levels, you’re as different as chalk and cheese. The intensity of your involvement with each other will swing between mad passion and cool indifference. You’re going to constantly look at what’s on the horizon, while your Virgo partner will fuss over the little things. The best way to navigate this is to try and find a middle ground, otherwise, there’s great potential for Virgo to grow too critical of you. That’s never a good thing in a relationship.

Sagittarius / Libra

Your social interaction is what is going to be the strength of this relationship. You’re both social butterflies, and you both like nice things. You’ll have to be patient with Libra. They won’t make a hurried decision, learn to appreciate this quality. It could save you from rushing into something that isn’t appropriate for you, as you get up and go on a whim. Libra may be a bit clingy for you, but if you can learn to give them more attention, they’ll reward you by never trying to tie you down.

Sagittarius / Scorpio

Prepare for an intense fling, because in this instance opposites do attract. You’re buoyant and laid-back; Scorpio is dark and brooding. You take things lightly; Scorpio is intensely serious. You’re easy-going; Scorpio has strong opinions. If that wasn’t enough, Scorpio is possessive and jealous; your flirtatious and charismatic ways could create issues between you. The passion is there, but after the initial coupling, you will find there are more differences to separate you than similarities to bring you closer together.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius

Your compatibility can bring a lot of excitement and fun to this relationship, but don’t take its success for granted. Your similarities can also magnify any flaws, blow them out of all proportion, and create discord between you. There’s much to enjoy here, but when it comes to the mundane responsibility of making a relationship work, neither of you are going to be particularly willing to accept the obligations of becoming a couple. One of you will have to surrender a bit of independence if this romance is going to endure.

Sagittarius / Capricorn

There are a lot of contrasts here. As an earth sign, Capricorn could be too down to earth for your lighthearted nature. You like to play, but Capricorn is rooted in seriousness. They may think you’re too frivolous, while you think that they’re too stuffy. For this relationship to last, you’ll have to find ways to entertain yourself and allow Capricorn to bring a sense of responsibility into your union. If you give a little, there’s every possibility that they will try to meet you halfway and be more social to make this romance work.

Sagittarius / Aquarius

A true meeting of the minds. You’re both philanthropic and humanitarian and you’ll be drawn to Aquarius’s intellect. Make sure you’re not competing for control of the relationship because you both like to have the upper hand. You both enjoy things that are unusual, different, maybe even shocking. Neither of you is in a hurry to surrender your independence or commit. Also, neither of these signs are particularly emotional, so you’ll have to find ways to keep the spark alive if this relationship is going to last.

Sagittarius / Pisces

At first, this union seems like a dream. You’re both imaginative and idealistic. You want your goals to come true and find that special someone with whom you can build your castles in the air. The problem is, neither of you is going to be particularly keen on putting the foundation under those lofty ambitions because you and your partner aren’t keen on obligations. In addition to that, your energy could be a bit blunt and strong for sensitive Pisces, who may become too needy and dependent on you.

As a Sagittarius, they key to building a successful relationship will be practicing sensitivity and tact with your need for honesty. You will also need to pay close attention to your partner and ensure your independent nature doesn’t threaten your bond. If you can manage this balance, you can have a truly fulfilling partnership where you will bring light-heartedness and fun, while learning the joys and responsibility of long term love.

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