Your August Numerology Forecast

Posted on August 05, 2021

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You are facing a critical time that will test your willingness. If you’re ready to work hard to make your dreams come true, then August is the month for you. The work you perform this month will bring you closer to your dreams and desires than ever, especially if you know how to take advantage of this energy.

It’s time to let your motivation and focus take over.

August is the best time when it comes to numerology than any other we’ve experienced this year.

According to numerology, August 2021 is a 4 Universal month (8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4).

If you’ve been lacking the motivation and inspiration that usually moves through you, you can expect those feelings of loving, light, honest ambition to return now. It’s time to let that internal compass of desire guide you toward the things you want most out of life.

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How to Calculate Your Personal Month Number

To figure out what your Personal Month number is, all you have to do is add your Personal Year number to the current month number. Your personal year number is your day and month of birth added to the number of the current year.

If you were born on July 4th, your Personal Year number would be:

  • 7 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 16;
  • 1 + 6 = 7

Just add your Personal Year number to the current month number (8 for August) and reduce if you end up with two digits. (For instance, 13 = 1 + 3).

Now it’s time to discover your August 2021 Numeroscope!

Your August 2021 Numerology Forecast

Personal Month 1

The number 1 represents the Sun in numerology, and this month might not feel out of the ordinary for you. Yet, it’s still a fantastic time for you to focus on your goals and what you’d like to accomplish in the near future. It’s easier for you to focus on those things now, so don’t avoid them.

Have you been neglecting your chores?

It is certainly not the month to ignore your to-do list!

Personal Month 2

The number 2 is concerned with relationships, connections, and group projects as always – meaning that you may have an easier time working with others than on your own. This is a great time for group brainstorming and sharing your ideas with others!

Have you been keeping your ideas to yourself?

Who knows? Your collaborative efforts might lead to something new and extraordinary.

Personal Month 3

This energy may feel more challenging for those directly connected to the number 3, as new work can feel overwhelming or confusing. This is a time to focus on the projects that bring you joy and spark your passion – those are the tasks and jobs that will lead to more success than ever right now.

Where has your passion been hiding?

Try to avoid overindulging – focus only on what you truly want and need.

Personal Month 4

The number 4 is already associated with hard work, making this a great month for you to get things done – which, let’s face it, brings you more joy than just about anything. Let this energy take over and help you focus on the chores you really want to get out of the way.

Have you been having trouble focusing?

With the smaller tasks completed, you’ll feel better able to focus on the big things.

Personal Month 5

Business and negotiations run more smoothly for you this month if you are connected to the number 5. It is not a time for you to be shy or keep your feelings to yourself. Business meetings are filled with joy and connection, so don’t avoid them. Trust your magnetism to guide you.

Have you been ignoring your intuition?

Your career is at the forefront of your mind right now – let your brain focus on that area during this month.

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Personal Month 6

As a personal number 6, you might find yourself overly compassionate, putting the needs of others first. Have you been focused on your future or ignoring those instincts within?

It’s time to let your intuition guide you because it has a few good ideas about the future. Focus on balance, harmony, and open communication for the most abundant, profitable month possible.

You love to have fun and get along, but have you been allowing yourself to lately?

Think about how others appreciate you and focus on bringing more of that part of yourself to your everyday activities.

Personal Month 7

Opportunities are waiting around the corner to surprise you now, and your only duty is to keep your mind and heart open to them. In fact, you may be surprised by the new opportunities flowing your way during this month with number 7 energy, meaning that it’s even more important to keep your mind and heart open.

When was the last time you fully balanced your chakras?

Keeping them healthy may mean that you don’t miss the opportunities right before you!

Personal Month 8

While you may feel like experimenting, this is a much better time to approach your older habits and ideals and try to figure out what isn’t working. If you’ve been hard on yourself, this is the time to give yourself a break and trust your gut.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to react?

Following your intuition can lead you to even bigger and better opportunities. Think of the number 8 flipped on its side–the sign of infinity. Like it, your opportunities are infinite.

Personal Month 9

You may be drawn to new and exciting ideas now with soulful and creative number 9, and that makes this an excellent month for you to step outside of your comfort zone. Attempting a new approach may be just what you need to get the right juices flowing properly.

Do you remember your last intuitive experience?

Let your intuition guide you toward the right actions and activities this month.

Personal Month 11

While the Master Number 11 is typically reduced to a single digit in numerology (as are all double-digit numbers), this number holds a special significance for many people, as it connects to both your sense of critical thinking and your extra-preceptory senses.

This is a time to pay even more attention to your intuition than ever before.

Are you hearing certain messages from within? Listen to them now!

Personal Number 22

This is a number that connects to potential, and you may find yourself wondering about your infinite potential this month. Try to remember that you are the only one holding yourself back!

The number 22 at its root has the number 4, so don’t sit back and relax just yet. You’ll still need to put in the work to make your dreams come true.

Personal Number 33

Master teacher number 33 is one of magic, and you can expect more of that magic in the days to come – but it all depends on your own energy. The number 6 is the root of the number 33, which is a maternal force. You might find this energy infusing different parts of your life this August.

Have you spent time cleansing and balancing your energy lately?

If you make room for those activities now, you’ll find this month treating you with kindness and mystical experiences.

August is Full of Abundance

It doesn’t matter what your Personal Month number is. You have every chance of experiencing a wonderful, abundant, and profitable month – as long as you work with the energies coming your way. When you embrace and accept your personal numerology forecast, you can work with that numerical energy flowing toward you much more smoothly and easily.

Trust your intuition, connect with the numbers, and let the magic happen.

What are you hoping for this August?

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