Balancing Crystals for Libra Season

Posted on October 14, 2019
Updated on October 29, 2020

Libra season is upon us, bringing with it a Libran sense of balance and sociability, an appreciation for beauty, truth, and justice, and an air of love.

Libra is ruled by the sensual, loving planet, Venus, who endows Libra with its mellow mood. Few zodiac signs get along quite like the Libra, who seems to mesh with every person they meet.

Like a shining crystal, Libras sparkle with their unique personalities—and what better way to celebrate the zest of the Libra than by exploring the best crystals to use this Libra season?

Crystal healing is an ancient practice that involves a connection between the mystical energy of gemstones and our own spirits. And while crystals work for every zodiac sign, each crystal shares a unique connection to a certain sign. Furthermore, while some of the crystals listed below are not directly associated with the sign of Libra, their individual energy is perfect for amplifying positive Libra traits.

Read on to find out which crystals will bring out the best of the Libran energy this Libra season.

Rose Quartz

One hallmark of the personality of a Libra is their desire to get along with others. Libra energy supports an open mind and an open heart when it comes to relating to and communicating with others. Libras prefer harmony within relationships and rose quartz is the perfect stone to amplify this harmony.

Rose quartz promotes unconditional love and the exact harmony that Libras seek. Rose quartz is a pink-hued variety of quartz that inspires self-confidence and peace within relationships. This stone is perfect for amplifying the sense of love that Libras want to share with the world.

Black Tourmaline

Because a Libra’s heart is so open and loving, they can use extra protection from darker energies that could dampen their light. For those who need psychic protection from negative energy, black tourmaline is the perfect stone to work with.

Not only does it provide protection, it promotes a sense of peace within the aura that allows you to fully blossom without fear. This stone is also useful for anyone experiencing negativity or low energy, as it reduces anxiety and stress, as well as infuses positive energy in the space surrounding it. Like its name suggests, this is a silky black stone with a soothing presence. Black tourmaline opens the mind, allowing you to see a situation from every angle.

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Libra energy is full of positivity, but everyone experiences negative thoughts and feelings from time to time. Citrine is a wonderful stone for promoting the naturally occurring positive energy of the Libra personality. Citrine is also a stone of fortune, bringing opportunity and abundance to those who work with it.

Many people keep citrine near their wallet to attract abundance. This stone comes in shades of yellow, gold, and orange.


Like citrine, aventurine is also a stone that brings fortunate events and circumstances—it’s known as the Stone of Opportunity.

This stone can be translucent or opaque and comes in shades of green, peach, blue, and brown. Aventurine is known for its ability to attract luck and fortune, but it also boosts confidence and reduces stress. It is also excellent for increasing intellectual thought, imagination, and perception. This crystal is perfect for increasing opportunity this Libra season.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful stone with a glowing effect that is known as the cat’s eye effect, which gives it an illuminating shimmer that is quite a sight to behold. This stone brings balance between the Libra’s external and internal realities, aligning both parts of the self.

Tiger’s eye promotes bravery in the face of anxiety-inducing situations and helps one feel courageous.

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Amethyst is an excellent stone for any time of the year, but it is especially useful when attempting to quiet the mind.

As Libra is an Air sign, it is often accompanied by nonstop thoughts—the Libra’s brain is constantly on the go. Amethyst works to quiet the mind, reducing negativity and assisting with practices like meditation, that require concentration and internal stillness. This stone also reduces addictive behaviors, which is very useful under the indulgent energy of Libra’s ruling planet, Venus.

Diving into the Libra Light

These crystals will help you fully appreciate and benefit from the energy coming our way this Libra season—whether you’re a Libra or not. As the planets pass through this sign, we will experience a collective shift from the hard-working, meticulous Virgo energy to the languid nature of the Libra. While we may not experience a great deal of motivation during the next month, these crystals will help us appreciate the relaxing and optimistic energy brought on by Libra season.

And, for the perfect collection of healing crystals any time of the year, try this beautiful Crystal Healing Collection—excellent for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

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