Beneficial Thought: 7 Ways to Attract Wealth & Abundance When Venus Enters Leo

Posted on July 25, 2019

​Do you ever feel like what you are doing in your daily life to attract financial freedom just isn’t enough?

Maybe you feel like you are plugging and plugging along and getting nowhere, but somewhere in your bones, you know that something bigger is on the horizon for you? When Venus enters Leo this month, you can expect that feeling to amplify.

You want wealth and financial freedom, and abundance, and you feel that it’s out there for you, but you just aren’t sure how to get to it. That’s what we are going to talk about today, how to use Venus to help you to attract the opportunities that will attract wealth and abundance for you.

We have talked a lot about the recent eclipse cycle, and how to both launch new beginnings in our lives while bringing other issues to completion. Many of these talks center around love and relationships, but there’s another very important part of our lives that we need to touch on as the planets continue on in their comings and goings in the middle of eclipse season.

This month, Venus enters Leo and it’s an exciting time to talk about how to dial it up on your career and financial goals. Venus is well known as the love planet, but she is also the money planet that can help you to attract wealth and abundance, and the Fixed Fire sign of Leo is one of the most luxurious signs of all.

Using tools such as this, along with your Daily Horoscopes, Free Career Tarot Reading, and healing crystals, you can determine exactly what you need to do in order to manifest the wealth of your dreams.

So, with Venus is in Leo between July 28 and August 21 this year, use these 7 magical ways to attract the wealth and abundance you feel you deserve.

Wealth Themes with Venus in Leo

There are a lot of wealth themes to be had when money planet Venus is in the Fixed Fire sign of Leo. These themes are not just “good money vibes” but are themes connected to luxury and wealth. Venus doesn’t do anything halfway, and neither does Leo, especially when it comes to the finer things of life.

When you see Venus in your Daily Horoscopes, you are being pointed to things that can help you to attract these finer things in life. Venus dreams of living in castles in the sky, that are beautifully appointed and that are surrounded by lush opulence.

Leo does too. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and loves to shine, shine, shine. Leo may not always be able to live the five-star way, but they want to. And they have very high standards when it comes to selecting their friends, lovers, and business partners.

Those that don’t make the cut get cut.

Both of these signs are also very demanding, but at the same time very optimistic and generous with the ones that meet those demands. Adore a Leo and you have a Leo for life. They are the most loyal of the bunch because they are Fixed signs. Once you do make the cut for a Leo, they are fixed on you forever, unless you cross them.

Then you would be dead to them. But if you aren’t the kind of person that worries about that, then you won’t have a problem channeling your inner optimistic, generous, and luxury-loving Leo.

Venus is the planet of attraction and opportunity. Venus doesn’t say no to opportunities that drop in her lap. She explores them, even if she isn’t quite sure at the time. But she also sets herself up in a way that helps her to manifest these attractive opportunities. That’s why she is important on your path to financial freedom.

With Venus being in a Fire sign, radiating the warmth and love of Fire signs is what will help you to attract opportunities. Use this energy from astrology, along with your divination tools such as a chakra pendulum to help you to determine if what you are feeling in a work or financial situation is a Venus in Leo-inspired event that can help you to attract wealth and abundance. Then, use these 7 tips while Venus is in Leo to start blazing your trail to wealth and abundance.

7 Venus in Leo Wealth and Attraction Tips

Look at anyone that is wealthy, such as Oprah Winfrey or Donald Trump, and examine their network at a cursory glance. You don’t need extensive research here. It’s common knowledge that both of these wealthy celebrities are wealthy because they got the right advice at the right time.

You will need that too when manifesting your wealth and abundance path. From divination tools to the Tarot to your Daily Horoscopes, you will receive information along the way that will advise you into becoming your best possible self financially. Implement these 7 tips along the way.

1. Be a Colorful Person.

Both Venus and Leo are flamboyant and anything but shy. Gold is their favorite color. So if you want flamboyance in your money matters, be that person. And if you are too shy still, follow and emulate people that are.

Who do you admire? That is who the Universe wants you to be too. Knowing what your inner passions are helps you. When you feed that passion, your inner flamboyance comes out, and you just glow. People are attracted to that.

Discover your Hidden Passion Number and start learning more about what will make you fabulously abundant.

2. Define Abundance.

Everyone thinks that wealth and abundance mean staying in 5-star resorts every time you go away on vacation. But if you are perfectly happy staying in a tent or a Motel 6, then you have already defined abundance.

There is enough abundance in the world for everyone. That’s what abundance is. You can have yours too. Define it, and you become wealthier already. Discover what makes you happy and what gives you peace. That is your inner abundance just waiting to be tapped so that it can multiply in your favor.

3. Do as Royals Do.

Take a look at the Royal Family, or any royal in the world. Find the one that interests you the most. Do as they do.

You may not be able to eat chocolate that is engraved with a presidential seal, ever, at any time in your life. But you can live like them in small ways if you want.

Put yourself in places they would, and talk to people that are in this path of life as well. They are humans too. And they once wondered how to create their own abundance. Talk to them. Be where they are. Venus in Leo will help you to attract those opportunities.

4. Be Confident.

Confidence is a hallmark for Leo, and they love to think they are the peacock in every room, strutting their stuff. And it usually works for them because people find that very attractive, when it’s not overdone with a big head.

Just know who you are and accept it, and share it. Being real, and understanding that you are flawed, and being okay with that and who you are, will help you to exude the kind of confidence that attracts wealth and opportunities.

5. Ask for the Whole Loaf.

Dr. Phil always says, “If you ask for half a loaf, what are you going to get? Half a loaf. If you want a whole loaf, don’t ask for half a loaf. Ask for the whole loaf, because you are worth it.”

Are you asking for the whole loaf in your financial affairs? Start asking, and Venus will help you to attract the things that will help you to get it.

6. Keep Your Standards.

We all let loose on our standards from time to time, and that’s because some people make it very hard to say no to them. Instead of being the doormat and pushover, be the person people can’t say no to.

You have standards and want excellence in your life, and that’s not just about attracting pretty things. You can live in a tent and a hut and have high standards. In this world, there are a lot of Negative Nellies or less than honest car salesmen that will tell you anything to get you to whip out your wallet or your heart.

If you want abundance and wealth in love or money, be the one people can’t say no to. Start being the one that says no, and when you say no to people, tell them why.

“I don’t want this in my life because I deserve better than this.”

If you are settling or being a Yes-man or Yes-woman all of the time, you aren’t serving your needs at all. You’re serving others.

Sometimes that is important. But being the one that says no is important too when it comes to attracting wealth and abundance.

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7. Make Goals.

Wanting wealth and abundance isn’t a goal. It’s a dream. If you want wealth and abundance you need to have actual goals. Start with small ones, and use your angels and guides to steer you on the path towards the bigger ones.

Make them practical and financially based. “This month, I am going to pay off this credit card, and next month I will pay off that one.”

When you make these goals, give yourself a reason why that will support your dream of wealth. Write it all down if you want, or just keep it in your head.

“This month I am going to pay off this credit card, and next month I will pay off that one, and that will improve my credit rating in three month’s time.”

Make goals.

Parting Words…

Nobody is dropping by your house with a big bag of money, sweetie. Dreaming about it isn’t enough. OK, sometimes that actually happens.

Sometimes that works for some people’s path to abundance. But they probably did something action-wise to make that happen. Maybe it was buying a lottery ticket or playing midnight Bingo. Maybe they are criminals that forged their own path using negative attraction tips. For those people, it will come back in some way and they will ultimately lose that money one way or another.

You don’t want that. But dreaming about that big bag of money isn’t enough.

Using these 7 tips, you can create your own wealth and abundance and use the Law of Attraction while Venus is in Leo. Make goals. Define the why, and start with small things such as improving your credit score. Maintain your high standards. Don’t say yes to everybody. Connect or be inspired by the life of the royals. Be confident and colorful. And define what abundance and wealth are to you. Check your Daily Horoscopes every day to ensure that you know the astrology forecast and the ripe times to start picking that abundant fruit.

Do you feel wealthy sitting around a tent and a campfire with a cooler of beer and all of your favorite people? Some people do. And that’s okay. So decide what that “wealth” or abundance is in your life right now, and Venus in Leo will help you to create the action plan to attract just the very things that you need to have that abundance.

What is that for you?

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