Venus in Leo: Exploring Abundance & Love

Posted on September 02, 2020

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Have you been feeling stuck lately? Like you’ve been working hard toward your goals without making as much progress as you’d like to see? Somewhere in your bones, in your very core, you know that there’s something big waiting for you, something spectacular that’s going to enter your life – but where is it?

When Venus enters Leo this month, this feeling will be intensified. You feel a pull toward your future, towards the financial success and abundance that you know is meant for your life. You want wealth. You want love. You want abundance. You want it all!

You can sense it in your very essence that this path is out there, waiting for you. But how can you get there? What steps should you be taking? Fortunately, we’re going to give you the best tips and tricks to make the most of this Venus in Leo transit, allowing you to move closer towards your goals and dreams.

When Venus is in Leo, it’s an exciting time to think about how to crank up the volume on your career and financial goals, as well as your love life. Venus is known as the Planet of Love, but what some people don’t realize is that Venus is also in charge of wealth and abundance – and she can help you find all three.

And, as an added bonus, Venus takes on the fiery, feisty energy of Leo to turn up the heat and amplify your confidence. So, if you’re ready to face your goals, to attract abundance, and soak in the romance, keep reading!

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How Will Venus in Leo Affect You?

There are times in life when we’re satisfied with the present moment, and there are times when we want more.

Venus is a planet that focuses on the latter sentiment. When Venus is in Leo, you experience a desire for more in all areas of your life. More love, more romance, more abundance, more delicious foods, more treats, more adventure.

Venus is a planet of luxury, romantic passion, financial freedom, beauty, and abundance in all areas. Furthermore, it’s joining forces with the Fire sign Leo, which is also Fixed, to create an air of determination and desire. Leo gives you the confidence you need to go after what you want, while Venus opens to doors to luxury and abundance.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo loves to shine in all areas of life. Leo loves luxury and the finer things just as much as the planet Venus, so when these two elements come together, there is a deep urge, a need, for all-things-beautiful and divine.

Both Leo and Venus have high standards, and they desire only the best.

While both Venus and Leo are demanding, they are optimistic and generous – willing to share their abundance with their loved ones. Generosity is a luscious side effect of Venus in Leo.

Venus is a planet that represents attraction and opportunity. When you experience the energy of this transit, it’s unlikely that you’ll say “no” to events or experiences that have the possibility to bringing you closer to your dreams.

Romantically, you can expect a boost right now. Pheromones are swirling in the air, intoxicating everyone in the vicinity.

And, as Venus is in a Fire sign, this is the time to embrace that warmth, that heat that will help you attract even more abundance, financial freedom, opportunity, and love into your life.

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7 Tips for Abundance & Love When Venus is in Leo


While opportunity may flow effortlessly into your life during this time, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you make the most of this magnetic transit.

1. Define Abundance

People tend to think of wealth and abundance as fancy trips to 5-star resorts and mansions in Beverly Hills. While this may equate to wealth for some, this is the time to find out what abundance means for you. After all, this is your life, and you deserve to live the life you desire, not the life that has been presented to you as successful.

Think about what abundance means for you. Does financial freedom equal abundance? Is it romantic love that makes you feel grateful and charmed (discover if you and your partner area match with zodiac love compatibility)? Are you seeking security? Would you like nothing more than a job that makes you feel appreciated and talented?

This is the time to discover what the word “abundance” means to you. Dig deep into your soul to define this concept. Try to discover what makes you feel happy, what brings light into your eyes, and a sparkle in your heart. This is your inner abundance, waiting to be tapped so that it can multiply in your favor and act as a magnet for opportunity.

2. Embrace Your Personality

Neither Venus nor Leo are shy – they put themselves out there and trust that their energy will be well-received. This is not the time to shy away from your colors, but to paint the world with the rainbow that is you.

Try not to shy away from the more eccentric parts of your personality, but rather, embrace them and give them the freedom of expression. Balancing your chakras will clear any negativity or self-doubt, freeing your spirit and allowing it to shine. This is your moment, this is your opportunity to be wholly and fully yourself – and you can bet that those around you will appreciate you sparkling personality.

Light your passion ablaze, and do things that bring out your inner child, allowing it to play and interact with the world. If you need help locating that passion or rediscovering it, try calculating your Hidden Passion Number.

3. Let Your Confidence Ooze

There’s nothing quite as sexy as confidence, and Venus and Leo are both here to help you sink into that feeling of self-assurance and strong belief in yourself. Because Leo is ruled by the Sun, there is an increased focus on your sense of self, urging you to evaluate the traits and accomplishments that bring you the most pride and joy.

Take note of who you are. Make a list of everything that makes you unique. Think about everything you’ve accomplished recently and give yourself a pat on the back. Discover who you are and celebrate that person. When you praise yourself for what you’ve already achieved, you’ll feel more motivated than ever to go out there and tackle even more.

4. Get Specific About Your Desires

The Law of Attraction suggests that we can manifest and attract the things we focus on. As it is often stated within this principle, “What you think about you bring about.” That’s why it’s so important to get specific with your desires – down to the finest details.

If you’ve always wanted a cherry-red Mustang convertible, write it down – but include more than that. Think about how much you want to pay, what you want the interior to look like, and the features you’d like your new ride to include.

Think about what it would feel like to sign the title, to slip the keys into the ignition, to press your foot to the gas pedal, and listen to the engine purr.

The more specific you become, the more you imagine the gratitude you’ll feel once your hands hit the metaphorical steering wheel, the harder the Universe works to bring that vision into your reality.

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5. Maintain Your Standards

It’s normal to lower our standards every once in a while, especially when things feel difficult, or when we feel bad about saying no. But this is not the time to allow yourself to be pushed over or taken advantage of. This is the time to stand up for yourself and know your worth.

You want beautiful things in life, you want abundance, love, romance, and grand experiences. So, don’t settle for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when you’re craving prime rib. Say no to the situations, relationships, or experiences that don’t fill you with a sense of joy and excitement for life.

6. Set Your Goals & Take Action

The desires for wealth and abundance aren’t goals in themselves. These are dreams, fantasies that can only result from effort on your part. If you want financial freedom and luxury, you’re going to have to start setting goals that will help you move towards these things. Furthermore, accomplishing small goals will help you feel more ambitious and ready to tackle the next project.

Practical, financially based goals will help you get things started. “This month, I’ll save $500 towards something I want,” or, “This month, I’m going to pay off this credit card.” Small steps help you feel more capable and ambitious.

Try to think of these goals in terms of how accomplishing them will bring you closer to your dreams. Give yourself a reason why accomplishing these goals will help you feel more confident and courageous.

7. Accept the Change

In order for certain doors to open in your life, other doors must close. When you’re attracting the things you truly want in life, the Universe has a way of making room for those things by helping you release the relationships, jobs, or situations that are no longer serving you.

In order for you to move towards your dreams, you’ll have to start getting comfortable with change. Change is inevitable, and the more you embrace it, the easier it become. Remind yourself that these changes are for the best, and that life is rearranging things to be able to bring you what you really want.

Get Ready for Venus in Leo!

Venus in Leo is opening doors, attracting love, and acting as a personal magnet for abundance in your life. Are you ready to leap into your fantasies and start making them a reality? Open your heart and embrace the passion within to make the most of this delicious, life-affirming transit.

Get ready, because Venus in Leo is about to inspire you and shower you with abundance and romance.

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