7 Ways to Attract Wealth & Abundance When Venus Enters Leo

Posted on June 25, 2021
Updated on January 27, 2022

A person holds their hands above their head in a heart shape in front of a setting Sun representing Leo.

Prepare for the incoming Venus in Leo on June 27th, which brings vast opportunities with it!

When Venus enters the Fixed Fire sign of Leo, we are more generous with our money, and, as such, this generosity is amplified by our ability to attract more.

You know what they say - whatever you give out, you shall receive in return.

This is a warmhearted and extravagant place for Venus. We’ll likely feel on top of the world regarding finances, and on the plus side, our positive energy is likely to attract great opportunities and result in some fun times.

On the negative, we can get a little cocky during this time, so it’s important not to overspend or get too sure of ourselves!

Venus in Leo Dates

Venus in Leo occurs on June 27th, 2021, and ends on July 21st. During this time, prepare to experience an energy boost, as well as an increase in creativity.

Venus in Leo pulls no punches when it comes to brimming with creative ideas, so it’s a good idea to set some groundwork before the 27th. Writing down a list of things to be getting on with before this big day can be beneficial.

All that energy requires some direction!

How Will Venus in Leo Affect You?

There are times in life when we’re satisfied with the present moment, and there are times when we want more.

Venus is a planet that focuses on the latter sentiment. When Venus is in Leo, you experience a desire for more in all areas of your life.

More love, more romance, more abundance, more delicious foods, more treats, more adventure. Venus is a planet of luxury, passion, financial freedom, beauty, and abundance in all areas!

When this planet joins forces with Leo, it creates an air of determination and desire. Leo gives you the confidence you need to go after what you want, while Venus opens doors to wealth and abundance.

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What do Venus & Leo Have in Common?

Both Leo and Venus have high standards, and they desire only the best.

While both Venus and Leo are demanding, they are optimistic and generous – willing to share their abundance with their loved ones. Generosity is a luscious side effect of Venus in Leo.

Venus is a planet that represents attraction and opportunity. When you experience the energy of this transit, it’s unlikely that you’ll say “no” to events or experiences that have the possibility of bringing you closer to your dreams.

And, as Venus is in a Fire sign, this is the time to embrace that warmth. That heat will help you attract even more abundance, financial freedom, and opportunity into your life.

Venus in Leo Zodiac Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, like all signs, Venus in Leo has its most compatible and its least compatible.

Venus in Leo is considered most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Those of you with Venus or your Sun in any of these signs, or with any of these signs dominating your birth chart, can expect extra fortune during this period.

Venus in Leo excites your natural enthusiasm and brings you greater passion and awareness, not to mention your creative spirit.

Meanwhile, the least compatible signs with Venus in Leo are Scorpio and Taurus.

Scorpio has little patience for Leo as they do not transform as quickly as the intense Water sign. Though both Scorpio and Leo are Fixed, one is Water and the other is Fire; there can be clashing here, so during this period, a Scorpio needs to be careful of butting heads with authority and possible clashes at work with those they disagree with.

Taurus, also being a Fixed sign, can struggle with Leo’s stubbornness and vice versa. Compromise is necessary.

So during this period, Taurus signs may need to rein in their stubborn nature and seek the middle ground where it is needed.

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7 Ways to Attract Wealth & Abundance When Venus Enters Leo

When it comes to money astrology, it’s often about attitude more than anything else. Some birth charts may seem more “lucky” when it comes to making money, but ultimately, it is up to us to decide how we set about our ambitions.

While opportunities may flow effortlessly into your life during the Venus in Leo transit, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you make the most of this magnetic time.

1. Embrace Yourself

Neither Venus nor Leo is shy – they put themselves out there and trust that their energy will be well-received.

This is not the time to shy away from your colors but to paint the world with the rainbow that is you!

Venus in Leo brings the opportunity to embrace your own unique self. Doubts and inhibitions can be successfully tackled under this transit. This is your moment – and you can bet that those around you will appreciate your sparkling personality.

Light your passion ablaze, and do things that bring out your inner child, allowing it to play and interact with the world.

2. Manifest Your Desires

The Law of Attraction suggests that we can manifest and attract the things we focus on. As it is often stated within this principle, “What you think about, you bring about.” That’s why it’s so important to get specific with your desires – down to the finest details.

If you’ve always wanted a fancy new car, write it down – but include more than that.

Think about how much you want to pay, what you want the interior to look like, and the features you’d like your new ride to include. Think about what it would feel like to sign the title, to slip the keys into the ignition, to press your foot to the gas pedal, and listen to the engine purr.

The more specific you become, the more you imagine the gratitude you’ll feel once your hands hit the metaphorical steering wheel.

This is manifestation at work (best performed under the New and Full Moons!), and the more you visualize what you want, the more you will attract abundance into your life.

3. Set Your Goals & Take Action

With Venus in Leo, it’s all about taking action!

The desires for wealth and abundance aren’t goals in themselves. These are dreams and fantasies that can only result from effort on your part.

If you want financial freedom and luxury, you will have to start setting goals that will help you move towards these things. Furthermore, accomplishing small goals will help you feel more ambitious and ready to tackle the next project.

Practical, financially based goals will help you get things started. Affirmations such as: “This month, I’ll save $500 towards something I want,” or, “This month, I’m going to pay off this credit card.”

Small steps help you feel more capable and ambitious and enable you to work with Venus in Leo energy.

Try to think of these goals in terms of how accomplishing them will bring you closer to your dreams. Give yourself a reason why accomplishing these goals will help you feel more confident and courageous.

4. Embrace Your Generous Side

Remember, Venus in Leo is all about generosity. If a spell of generosity overcomes you, then act on it!

It can be tough at times, knowing when to set your boundaries and when not to. But Venus in Leo encourages you to go with what your heart tells you.

So if you feel like buying a random gift for someone you care about or treating a loved one to a nice meal, go for it. Abundance is there to both receive and share.

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5. Let Your Confidence Ooze

There’s nothing quite as sexy as confidence, and Venus and Leo are both here to help you sink into that feeling of self-assurance and strong belief in yourself.

Make a list of everything that makes you unique. Think about everything you’ve accomplished recently and pat yourself on the back. Discover who you are and celebrate that person.

When you praise yourself for what you’ve already achieved, you’ll feel more motivated than ever to go out there and tackle even more.

6. Accept The Change

Venus in Leo is about possibilities and being open to change. If we are stuck in the same mindset or afraid to go beyond the boundaries, we may have set for ourselves. We are restricting the power and influence this energy can have over us.

For certain doors to open in your life, other doors must close. When you’re attracting the things you truly want in life, the Universe has a way of making room for those things by helping you release the relationships, jobs, or situations that are no longer serving you.

Change is inevitable, and the more you embrace it, the easier it becomes. Remind yourself that these changes are for the best and that life is rearranging things to bring you what you really want.

7. Enjoy Yourself

More than anything, Venus in Leo is a transit that is all about enjoyment!

Money and abundance are not just necessities in many areas of life. They are there to be enjoyed.

Splashing out on yourself now and then is okay. Treating loved ones to something nice is okay. Getting yourself a little gift is okay.

We don’t want to fall into the trap of becoming so focused on money itself that we lose the joy and passion that comes with it. Venus in Leo helps bring out this child-like sense of fun that reminds us that wealth is there to be enjoyed, too.

Get Ready for Venus in Leo

So are you ready for Venus in Leo? This is going to be an exciting time, so don’t be surprised if something unexpected happens.

Venus in Leo is about opening doors, attracting love, and acting as a personal magnet for abundance in your life.

Are you ready to leap into your fantasies and start making them a reality? Open your heart and embrace the passion within to make the most of this delicious, enjoyable transit.

Get ready because Venus in Leo is about to inspire you and shower you with abundance and opportunities for wealth!

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