Connect With Your Twin Flame During the Full Moon in Gemini

Posted on December 15, 2021
Updated on January 27, 2022

Two lovers hold hands over candle light.

As the last Full Moon of 2021 approaches, you may want to pay attention to the potent energy that may be available on December 18th, 2021. (It may be the last one, but certainly not the least!).

We’ll be seeing this Full Moon play out in the zodiac sign of Gemini, the twins. Airy and outgoing, this communicative energy is perfect for tying up loose ends that may be lingering around, helping you resolve conflict, set up solid boundaries, or express what’s been on your mind.

For all of us, this astrological event can be just what we’ve been needing to bid adieu to 2021.

Or, perhaps if you’re a believer in the twin flame concept, you’ll find a bit of a different significance to this Full Moon, knowing that Gemini (associated with The Lovers in the Tarot) can also be significant energy for connecting with an important loved one.

So, let’s dive a little deeper!

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What is a Twin Flame?

New to the concept of a twin flame? Don’t fret — as intriguing as the title sounds, and it’s actually not as complicated as you might think.

For the most part, twin flame relationships are romantic, although the most important part is that they’re a type of unique soulmate. It is believed that the twin flame is two halves of one soul—the soul has been split in two, and we must try to find the other half.

Sometimes called your “other half,” you’re meant to connect in every way in this life with this person. Some astrologers believe they can be platonic, though, and manifest as incredibly strong friendships instead of romantic ones.

However, while twin flames are meant to be together in some way, that doesn’t mean you’ll meet early in life or that it’ll be smooth sailing once you do meet and you’re always together. Often, a twin flame connection pushes you to grow and become a better version of yourself.

Overall, twin flames are unconditional love, illuminating the best parts of you.

What is the Difference Between a Soulmate & a Twin Flame?

It is difficult to know with 100% certainty whether or not you have met your twin flame in this lifetime. Statistically speaking, most would say that it’s a rare event to experience! More often than not, you’ll stumble upon someone who is more akin to a soulmate rather than a twin flame.

But what’s the difference?

1. Mirror Image vs. Complementing Traits

A twin flame connection, as you may expect from the phrase “other half,” is believed to be a person that mirrors you. You may share similar backgrounds, similar upbringings, similar values — and similar flaws. This mirroring can be difficult and push both parties to wrestle with parts of themselves they’d even rather ignore.

In contrast, a soulmate connection can be more versatile, with a soulmate demonstrating complementary traits, similar traits, or very different ones. This kind of connection can push you to grow and learn in a different way.

2. You Only Get One Twin Flame vs. Multiple Soulmates

As we’ve established, soulmates can come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes (relationship-wise). They can be your best friend, your arch-rivals, your boss, your co-worker, a relative — the list really goes on! As such, you can also have more than one soulmate.

In contrast, a twin flame is believed to be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of deal; you only get one!

3. Communication is Inutitive

One notable difference proponents of the twin flame concept point out is that communication between a soulmate and a twin flame is stunningly distinct.

While a soulmate is someone you can experience difficulties communicating with or not always fully understand, a twin flame is someone who should speak the same kind of energetic language as you. It even may feel like they’re sometimes “reading your mind.”

How to Connect With Your Twin Flame

Under the Full Moon in Gemini, you potentially have energy available to you that could help you connect with your twin flame more easily — communication, in general, is a central theme of the moment under this Full Moon.

Suppose you’ve met someone or are involved with someone who you believe feels like a twin flame and have been wrestling with the typical difficulties or problems that come with that particular connection. In that case, this lunar event may be a powerful time to tie up loose ends properly.

Or, perhaps you’re looking to connect with someone on a deeper level, seeking something like a twin flame or even soulmate connection. Setting intentions that you find the right kind of open communication and conversation you’re looking for is a good way to go if this is the case!

Either way, it’s all in the heart — what kind of intention do you truly wish to set?

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A Full Moon Ritual to Connect With Your Twin Flame (& Yourself)

Getting in tune with the heart and the mind to speak, connect, and understand yourself and others clearly is the key to making the most of this Gemini Full Moon. Here’s a simple but effective Full Moon ritual that you can do to connect with what matters most!

1. Pen and Paper: Write it Out

Find a pen, paper, and, if possible, an envelope to begin. Take a few deep breaths, and remember that there’s no rush! You’ll want to go into this practice with an open mind.

Write out a message you wish to be delivered — whether to the Universe, a loved one, your twin flame, or even your unconscious mind and heart.

2. “Mail” Your Intentions

Next, you can address your envelope (or name directly who or what you’re trying to send your intentions to) and seal it with good intentions.

If possible, we recommend finding a safe space outside to place the envelope to absorb the light of the Full Moon energy. Place a jar of water on top of the envelope, and you’ll have Moon water the next day full of your intentions and the energy of the Full Moon.

If you can’t place your jar or envelope safely outside, no fear! You can do something similar by placing these items on a windowsill overnight.

3. Collect Your Moon Water

The next day, remember to collect your Moon water! Your envelope sends off the intentions elsewhere, but the water is yours to keep.

You can now use this potent liquid in a later manifestation ritual or even use it for a different practical purpose (like watering your plants to support their spiritual and literal growth).

Think Big & Speak Clearly During The Full Moon

Under the spell of the Full Moon in Gemini, we’re all wrestling with similar themes. We want to express ourselves, put ourselves out there into the world authentically, and be seen and heard by the people that we care about.

And with Venus Retrograde kicking off just a day after this Full Moon, it’s clear that love will be on the mind (and for a good reason). We’re social creatures with a desire to be heard and connect with others — and there’s no shame in wanting a little more communication or understanding in your social circles!

Perhaps this means reaching out to that old soulmate tie that once dissipated or setting intentions to connect with someone who you believe is a twin flame. Or maybe, it means setting some extra alone time to yourself to get comfortable with your own company.

Whatever this looks like to you, the energy of this Full Moon is undoubtedly to speak about what’s going on in your heart — and whether your audience is another person, a journal, or some form of soulmate connection, keep an open mind with how your words might be received.

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