Beneficial Thought: Full Moon in Scorpio Horoscopes for Lovers & Soulmate Connections

Posted on May 16, 2019

​It’s that time again! We are in the Full Moon zone, and this month, the Full Moon gift is in Scorpio. Don’t groan yet!

Yes, Scorpio is intense and mysterious, and always holds a few secrets in their hand. But Scorpio is also very intuitive, and of course, veeeerrry saucy. Notoriously so! With the Full Moon in romantic Scorpio this month, we are going to look at your Full Moon in Scorpio horoscopes for all lovers, and all zodiac signs.

As the Fixed Water sign, we are always wondering what lies beneath the surface of that saucy Scorpio. So expect a few secrets to come your way over the next few days -whether they arrive through dreams, sudden news flashes, or secrets whispered deliciously behind closed doors. The secrets are coming!

The energy starts May 16 and will peak on May 18 with the Full Moon in Scorpio event. It will then continue for two more days through May 20, giving you five beautiful days to make your Full Moon wishes.

The Moon is always travelling, and visits every zodiac sign constellation in the sky for about two days. As the Moon travels, it waxes bigger, or, more Full, until it arrives at its final and full destination every month.

What is the Full Moon in Scorpio?

The Moon never completes its journey in the same zodiac sign every month, which is why we always have a Full Moon every month, but never have the same Full Moon. Every Full Moon will take on the qualities of the zodiac sign that it is in, and this month, the Full Moon will take on the qualities of Scorpio.

• Scorpio is a Water sign, so this month’s Full Moon will take on the watery qualities of the Water signs. Water signs Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces, are all about emotions and intuition, and feeling their way through life rather than thinking first. They lead with their heart! And…through their dreams. So, pay attention to those dream messages that come up over the next few days!

• Where New Moons are about beginnings, Full Moons wrap things up. The Moon has waxed full, and its time for issues in your life to come full circle. These are usually minor issues in your life, unless we are dealing with an eclipse cycle, or if you started something truly epic in your life under the New Moon two weeks ago.

• Scorpio is all about the secrets. Scorpio is also an intuitive detective and uses their instinct to weed out the truth from the trash. Whether or not you are a Water sign, you get to harness these super powers under the Full Moon in Scorpio for the next few days!

Aries – Saucy Transformations

For you, Aries, the Full Moon in Scorpio is working your eighth house of shared resources and transformations, and this is going to bring an energy of rebirth into your romantic affairs. This is your opportunity to put behind you what is no longer working in your love life, and just start over on a fresh page with someone special. Time for a rebirth!

Get out of a rut with or without a lover. No matter what your relationship status is right now, if you want to transform it, you can put something behind you under this Full Moon to take your current love life to an all new level.

If your partner is an Aries, move into some saucy secret sharing. When the eighth house is activated, lovers want to dish all, and you’ll bond in a new way under this Full Moon.

Taurus – Love Runs Deep

It’s time for an emotional ending for you, Taurus, as the Full Moon in Scorpio works your seventh house of long-term relationships. This is a chapter closing for you on the love front, and that means you are going to have a change in your love life over the next few days.

It may not be a big one, but this Full Moon could bring something to fulfillment or bear a change for you in love. You may leave a partner, take a break, or simply try a new way of doing things in the love game. You may quit a habit a partner doesn’t like, or take something in love to a new level. This could also be a move with a partner, a new home, or even a job that touches on your love life. A change is imminent, however, and you may love it.

If your partner is a Taurus, do something that shows your loyalty to them. For Taurus, that is the number one trait they need from their partner. It doesn’t have to be something big, but say something to them that screams you’ve got their back long-term and you may win their heart.

Gemini – The Little Things

It’s all about the little things in love, Gemini, and that means the Full Moon in Scorpio is going to help you bring some closure to a matter. It will be a mundane little life issue that just needs to be put behind you for good. You probably already know what that is.

Tend to it with that obsessive side of yours and you will find that with some earnest effort and intention, those little details will fall by the wayside and be done and brought to fulfillment in a way that makes you very happy. At the same time, tending to little things for your partner extends romance a long way. Do the dishes for them, finish up the chores, you get the picture. The little things are the big things.

If your lover is a Gemini, do the same thing. Take one little detail of their life off their hands and they will feel appreciated and understood in a way that sparks a very romantic fire.

Cancer – Pleasure Zones

The Full Moon in Scorpio is working your fifth house of pleasures, Cancer, and that means you will have a fun time closing up some chapters in love. These could be some saucy love games that you enjoy over a few days.

This is also your house of true love, so when you are working this Full Moon in Scorpio energy, get those ticklish zones tickled. You may be feeling a little saucier than usual now. Single Cancer may well attract someone delicious now, and attached Cancer is in for some romantic days. Pour on the romance and watch a romantic matter come to fruition.

If your lover is a Cancer, it’s time for you to get out there with them and just have some good old-fashioned fun. Remind them of the first days of your relationship, and enjoy some nostalgia along the way.

Leo – Creature Comforts

The Full Moon in Scorpio is working your fourth house of roots and foundations, Leo, and that means that you are working an issue to fulfillment at the home base level. This could be something as deep and involved as a family matter that goes back generations, or you may just be having some house issues in love.

You may close a real estate deal, move in with someone, or even start a conversation about putting one level of your relationship behind you and moving into a new one. It’s entirely up to you. Pour on the romance when you do.

If your lover is a Leo, it’s time to remind them how they make you feel safe and secure. They have the Full Moon in their house of roots, and as a Fixed sign, they want you to feel like they are the home base that makes you feel safe. Show your Leo loyalty like this and you will have them for forever with sparks planted under this gorgeous and saucy Full Moon.

Virgo – Textual Feelings

You have the Full Moon in Scorpio in your third house of communication, Virgo, and that means that you are working on bringing communication chapters to a close. You may have an ongoing discussion in love that gets wrapped up under this Full Moon in Scorpio, or you may use romantic communication skills to see some love wishes come true.

If you are single, it’s a good time to beef up that online profile and plant some saucy seeds under that Full Moon. Attached Virgo can reach out and touch someone, using communication and pillow talk to intensify existing pair bonds.

If your lover is Virgo, use the Full Moon energy to tease them by text. Virgo is really feeling the textual feelings under this Full Moon in saucy Scorpio.

Libra – Creativity Flows

Creativity is flowing for you under the Full Moon in Scorpio, Libra, which is working your second house of earned income. This generally means a money matter may be coming to a close, but a money matter related to love or partnership may be as well.

You may work on a bill together with a partner, or you may get money from one, or just put a money issue to bed. At the same time, this is your second house of gifts and talents and so this Full Moon in Scorpio may inspire you to unleash some of your saucier talents on a lover. As you should!

If your lover is a Libra, then this Full Moon in Scorpio in their second house is a good opportunity to move to a next level in love by helping them to activate their five senses. Give them the gift of a sensual experience, whether it’s at home with them, or in a five-star spa. Let them taste, feel, smell, and see sensual things with you. It will be a memory you’ll not soon forget.

Scorpio – To Thine Own Self Be True

You have the Full Moon in Scorpio in your first house of Self, Scorpio, and this is an exciting time of new beginnings for you. It’s time for you to put behind you ideologies and mentalities that are no longer working. It’s finally time for that clean slate in love. If you are single, do something different when it comes to romance. What has been attempted thus far isn’t working.

That doesn’t mean it won’t. But it also doesn’t mean you have to wait around for someone to make up their mind about you. If you are attached, it is time to put a tired way of thinking behind you. You’ll find some refreshing romantic energy usher in when you do.

If your lover is Scorpio, take the lead with them today and show them your loyal side. They will become instantly obsessed with you though, buyer beware.

Sagittarius – Spiritual Secrets

It’s an intensely emotional period of endings for you under this Full Moon in Scorpio, Sagittarius. You already have the theme of Full Moon endings along with the theme of the twelfth house in play. The Full Moon in Scorpio is working your twelfth house of endings, and this brings a very karmic tone to your love affairs. You are ready to go deep with someone very special, and this Full Moon is definitely giving you the energy to do just that. Share secrets, talk spirituality, or even try a New Age ritual together to deepen your love bond if you are attached.

Single Sag should spend some time in reflection and solitude to contemplate on what is next. You have a twelfth house angel by your side under this Full Moon, and this angel can help give you a hint about what to do next in love, if you are paying attention.

If your lover is Sagittarius, give them some space in a loving way. Give them a Self-care day, send them for a massage or spa treatment, or just let them have some them time in some small and romantic way. Sag really needs a break and a rest right now, and when you show your partner you know what they need, you can then enjoy some delicious and Scorpio-scented rewards.

Capricorn – Friends and Benefits

You have the Full Moon in Scorpio working your eleventh house of groups and friendships, Capricorn, and that means that friends play a big role in your romantic affairs right now. If you are single, the Universe is telling you to get out there and mingle. The Full Moon in Scorpio will help you to attract some nice social perks, and you may even see a friendship turn into something more under this Full Moon spell.

If you are attached, try some group parties or events with your lover and breathe a different kind of love energy into your relationship. It’s time for you to connect with each other in a different way.

If your lover is Capricorn, this Full Moon in Scorpio is a good time to let them have some friend time. This is not the time to make a fuss over a night out with the guys or gals, this is the time to let your lover be exactly who they are. When you do that, you send a message of respect and unconditional love.

Aquarius – Star Crossed Lovers

Your tenth house of career destiny and public image is being activated under the Full Moon in Scorpio, Aquarius. That means that you may have some work issues intermingling with love this time around. An office romance is not out of the question.

At the same time, you may feel like you are being admired and appreciated by many under this Full Moon in Scorpio, and that’s because you are. Your mission then will be to reciprocate this admiration and have a full on Scorpio style love fest when you do.

If your lover is Aquarius, pour on the flattery. This is your time to make your lover feel like a super star. This is especially important if you guys need a little tweak or rebooting. Go public with your love even! Post something on social media that is a little bragadocious about your honey. You’ll both be glad you did!

Pisces – Big Picture

You are thinking long-term and big picture, Pisces, and that is what the Full Moon in Scorpio is doing for you. You are bearing an ending in love in some way. This could be a relationship ending, which you have likely already been feeling is in the works, if this is how this Full Moon works out for you.

But you may also take an existing relationship to a new plateau. If you are single, it’s time for you to stretch your mind on what to do next in love. The answer is out there somewhere, and it may be closer than you think. Or farther. This is a good travel Moon too. Follow your heart, it is really trying to tell you something now.

If your lover is Pisces, then it’s time to show them how small this world is. Even if you are apart right now in distance. This is a great long-distance lovers Full Moon, and you have the opportunity to connect with someone from afar in a different way now, and change the current status between you. Think long term, but also be open to every adventurous possibility as well.

Concluding thoughts…

The thought of the Full Moon in Scorpio is a scary one to many. Scorpio can get a bad rap. In love, Scorpio can be intense, obsessive, and a little jealous. But on the flip side of that, Scorpio can be intensely romantic, loving and passionate at the same time, and fiercely loyal to you. So the secrets to the Full Moon in Scorpio are to, well, embrace the secrets.

Truth is a nourishing thing, and it is a liberating moment when you can really surrender, releasing yourself from the ones that are holding you back. Secrets will come in all forms under this transit. So watch those dreams, and any other unique messages that come your way, that reveal the truth in their own special way.

Okay, your turn to spill. What saucy and romantic secrets are you aching to unleash under the Full Moon in Scorpio? Drop ‘em in the comments below and don’t worry, shhhh we won’t tell. What’s the sauciest thing you want to spill (or discover!) under this Full Moon in Scorpio?

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