Beneficial Thought: How to Watch Love Grow With Venus in Cancer

Posted on July 27, 2017

We’re in the most loving time of year, thanks to the zodiac signs of Cancer and Leo. Cancer is the Cardinal Sign of the Water Sign family, leading the pack in nurturing, caring, and making sure all in their world are safe and secure. Lovable Leo, the Fixed Sign of the Fire Sign family is a little more sparkly, though just as nurturing and loving as Cancer.

Leo loves to get your fire going, and Cancer likes to keep things committed. At this time of year, those two energies combined really help any chance of summer romance and relationships. This time around, if you are feeling all lovey dovey for a few weeks, you can thank Venus in Cancer.

Right now we are entering a unique period where love planet Mars is in fiery Leo, stoking all of those inner fires and passions, and fellow love planet Venus is entering the loving sign of Cancer. You can’t ask for a better planetary combination than this when you are trying to turn a summer fling into a real life long-term relationship.

This combination of the love planets has everything a solid relationship needs: a sexy spark thanks to Mars in Leo, and stable security thanks to Venus in Cancer. What happens when you combine fire and water? Steam. Expect that in your relationships in the coming weeks.

What is Venus in Cancer?

Venus in Cancer is just that. This is the love planet Venus entering the Cardinal Sign of the Water Signs, Cancer. Planets have a tendency to take on the qualities of the zodiac sign they are visiting, so while Venus is already loving and beautiful, Cancer is as well.

Venus becoming more loving and beautiful is a good thing for your love life and all of your relationships, even those at work if that is where you need to improve your life the most.

This year, Venus enters Cancer on July 31 and will be there until August 26. That’s a full month of some serious loving energy in your life. Cancer doesn’t do anything halfway, especially when it comes to love. In relationships, Cancer is all in. So when sexy Venus comes to play in Cancer, relationships are going to take on this “all in” approach as well.

Everybody will be feeling this influence, yes, every zodiac sign. Even if you’re an Air Sign who thinks more than you feel, you will be feeling the love tonight, every night. We will all be influenced by this energy and how we interact in our relationships. Our needs will be coming from an “I need security first,” kind of place.

We will be attracting people who meet those needs, and turfing the ones who don’t. ‘Love first, think later’ will be the theme for many of us.

This is true no matter what relationship you are dealing with. No relationship will be meaningless under this transit, and the ones that appear meaningless will be weeded out as Venus loves to do. Remember this transit is happening and most active during eclipse season, where big changes await your life. This could be the summer that love really does conquer all, if you let it.

Never Underestimate the Power and Law of Attraction

Venus is the planet that attracts things into your life. When a Venus planet hits your money house, you can expect to attract income streams, a bonus, or a nice monetary surprise in your life. Venus rules love and money, as well as beauty.

It is this beautiful component of Venus that leads her to attract so many things into your life, whether they are luxurious monetary things or luxurious relationships.

When Venus is in Cancer, you are going to intuitively enter a place of, “I need security,” in your love relationships, as well as in your financial experiences. This isn’t going to be a conscious decision for you, it’s the power of the planetary influence.

You are just going to intuitively want more stability in your life, and Venus, the beautiful planet that attracts all good things, is going to help you to get it.

Enter the law of attraction. This law states that “what you focus on grows,” and Venus in Cancer is no exception. Yes, you will be attracting more stable and committed love experiences into your life, but they won’t stick around unless you are focusing on them.

Venus does not appreciate it when a gift horse is looked in the mouth, as the old saying goes. Although you will attract the experiences intuitively, you won’t keep them unless you put a little bit of good old fashioned effort into them. That’s a good thing! Who doesn’t want to put effort into keeping relationships alive?

A lot of people, actually. Don’t bank on your love gifts this summer like Mars and Venus are going to do all the work for you. Mars and Venus are working hard for you. They will give you the opportunities you need to succeed, but what you do with them - well, that’s up to you.

How to Use Venus in Cancer Wisely

This one is easy. Just love more. Cancer is the Mother Hen of the zodiac, or the Mama Bear as we described when Mars was in Cancer. When she’s good she’s very, very good, but when she’s not….run. Don’t fall into Mama Bear mode, just love more.

Cancer likes to putter and take care of her people. This is the zodiac sign that spends all day in the kitchen to create the perfect sandwich for someone special because they just love that person so much and want them to be happy. For Cancer, a gourmet sandwich that marinated for eight hours before dinner is the way to do so.

It is things like this that you want to start paying attention to when Venus is in Cancer. Whether you are performing those actions, or someone else is, when you are giving love, you attract more of that love into your life as well. That’s the Venus law.

It’s the little things, every little bit of effort that goes a long way. A veerrrrrry long way. Remember, Mars is in Leo, stoking up the fires of passion. The time you spend making the eight-hour sandwich is really going to pay off for you.

It’s easy to get caught up in our fears and think, “Well, I won’t do that for this person in case they laugh at me.” First of all, if you are with the kind of person who laughs at you for making a sandwich for them, you’re with the wrong person. Secondly, do it anyway.

Nurture the heck out of the people you want to get closer to and watch those relationships and bonds grow and deepen. With both Mars in Leo and Venus in Cancer, you have the courage to do more of these things. You also have the courage to receive these gifts of love back into your life when you attract them.

Yes, you do deserve it all. Right now, everyone is a little more receptive to your bold moves, and the little things you do to show your love.

Concluding Thoughts…

With Venus in Cancer, just love more. Whether you’re at home, at work, in love, or in the car, or wherever. Cancer is a real sucker when it comes to the little things in life. Venus is too, when it comes to stoking up the fires of love. Engage the little things. Remember the law of attraction. What you focus on grows.

Focusing on love, and seeing that grow, well…isn’t that what you want? Of course, it is. It’s what we all want. What little things will you be doing more of while Venus is in Cancer?

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