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Posted on October 10, 2019
Updated on November 09, 2020

​It’s time for a little peace on the romantic front, no? As Mars enters Air sign Libra this week, we are given the perfect opportunity to do just that. This is the planet of drive and ambition entering the zodiac sign of peace and harmony. But both of these elements offer us up some energy for our love lives, if we want to give peace a chance.

Mars is one of the love planets, and Libra rules the seventh house in astrology, which is our relationship house. Libra is also the peacemaker of the zodiac, while Mars is the warrior of the planets. So from October 4 to November 19, we have war and peace when we combine warrior Mars with peacekeeping Libra. How is this going to impact your love life? That’s exactly what we are talking about today. So let’s get to it!

Review: Mars in Libra War and Peace Horoscopes by the Zodiac Sign

What is Mars in Libra?

The key to success in this transit is to follow your personal ambitions, and take the lead on the big changes in your lives over the next few weeks. Mars is all about your ambition and what drives you, while Venus-ruled Libra is all about the opposite energy to Mars. So this is the literal definition of war meets peace.

But it could be peace meets war as well.

You have big goals in your love life, and Mars in Libra can help you get exactly what you want. The key to getting it without too big a cost to your life is to do so with a peace-filled intention that leads with love. The more you can be the bigger person in every situation, the more you will win in love.

Where Mars sits in your chart under this transit will determine where your head is at when it comes to your goals. So let’s have a look. Use this map and also your Daily Horoscopes to get through Mars in Libra with your relationship intact, or at least loving in the right direction.

Aries – Love Gets Steamy

Mars in Libra is touching your seventh house of true love, Aries, and this is going to bring some fire and steam into relationships. This can be exciting! But you also may be seeing a few too many quarrels under this energy. Keep the energy passion-fueled and leave the temper at home. Then, love wins.

Taurus – It’s the Little Things

With Mars in Libra in your sixth house of details, Taurus, you are going to be paying attention to the details in love. The little things become the big things. You may find yourself a little more critical than usual, of the toilet seat left up, dishes in the sink, and on and on. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to let all these things go. You’ll become the boss or lover from hell if you don’t just roll with the tides now. Blessed are the peacemakers.

Gemini – Fun, Fun, & Fun

You are channeling the energy of Robert Redford and George Clooney, or even Pamela Anderson, Gemini. You’ve got Mars in Libra in your fifth house of pleasures, and love is all about fun times now. It’s time to bring out that inner child and just enjoy the fun things in life and love.

Don’t take it so seriously, and when we say inner child, we do not mean inner toddlers. Have fun, but keep it real, or karma comes calling when Mars moves into intense Fixed sign Scorpio next month.

Cancer – Home is Where the Heart Is

Mars is entering Libra and your fourth house of roots and foundations, Cancer. Youre going to need to work a little harder to keep love at home, and put the squabbles away for a little while. With so much Cardinal sign energy in play here, there’s a tendency for you to want to be the bossy boss at all times.

That is only going to make everybody uncomfortable, including you, Cancer. So try finding ways to keep the domestic fires stoked and burning in positive and loving ways.

Leo – Flirting Gets You Everywhere

You have Mars in Libra in your third house of communication, Leo, and that means that words are your superpower in love right now. There is a tendency to shoot from the hip too much, and that critical side can come out. You may think you are helping, when you aren’t. It’s always best to keep your intentions and words kind, Leo, even when you aren’t feeling kind.

Channel the sweet soothing energies of Paul Newman and Miley Cyrus who all have Mars in Libra in their charts. You can have the best of all possible words by communicating what you need to communicate and communicating it well. Lead with love. Lots of flirting sends it right back to you.

Virgo – Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya

Mars in Air sign Libra is going to be working your second house of earned income, Virgo. And this is also your house of creative expression and self-confidence. This transit suggests for you that you may find a combination of money and romance over the next few weeks. A glamorous love affair perhaps? Or maybe you are in business with someone smart AND saucy?

Elizabeth Taylor had this transit in her birth chart, and so you know there’s some self-confidence in there somewhere. Time to shake what your Mama gave ya, Virgo! You have so much to win when you do.

Libra – You Are the Captain of Your Destiny

This is a very exciting transit for you, Libra, and you have the opportunities to be the master of your own fate right now. You have warrior Mars energy working your first house of self, and you are the one calling all the shots. Just the way you like it. It’s important to remember that being too bossy is going to work against you. A great way to lead is by letting others lead. Show your passion, and take the initiative. You do have some problems with follow-through.

So focus on only starting what you know you can finish. Have a plan before you launch any destined moments. They are only exciting if you are able to finish them. Treat yourself to something from our Libra collection, and show them who’s the boss.

Scorpio – Your Best Work is Under Covers

There’s a lot of secrecy and downtime for you when it comes to Mars in Libra, Scorpio. This transit is working your twelfth house of endings, and this is also your house of secrecy and karma. You may be doing a little undercover detective work to learn more about your amour. Or, you may be just working undercover more! Single or attached, you are going to enjoy some cycles coming to completion over the next few weeks. At the same time, if you are perplexed about love, then some downtime is good for you now.

Don’t be afraid to be alone right now. Some of your best answers about long-term answers are right there in front of you. You also have the secret advantage of having your twelfth house angel on call for you when you need answers during this time. All you have to do is ask. It’s a good time to have that Free 3-Card Tarot reading to help you get through the day-by-day.

Sagittarius – Come From a Place of Yes

When it comes to your love life, Sagittarius, it’s time for you to get your social on. Come from a place of yes in all social matters. Mars in Libra is working your eleventh house of social circles, and this is also your house of friendships. Social settings work out very well for you in love right now. Lean on your friends. You may see an office romance crop up, or a platonic relationship deepen. But you also may meet someone at any one of those events you are invited to by your friends.

You have the magic sparkle of Taylor Swift right now, who also has this special glow in her chart. Follow that! Tweak that online profile and come from a place of yes in all invitations.

Capricorn – Ask for the Whole Loaf

With Mars in Libra, Capricorn, you have love energy in your tenth house of career destiny and public image. This may mean that you are more focused on work than love right now, but it may mean office romance as well. At the same time, it could simply mean that you are raising your standards in love. And maybe it’s time that you did just that. You may have been settling in love lately, on any number of issues.

Think of Kanye West and Beyonce, who both have Mars in Libra in their love lives. Think they are settling? No. Stop asking for half a loaf. You deserve a whole one. Time to bring out the Bey, bey.

Aquarius – Think Big Picture

When Mars works fellow Air sign Libra, Aquarius, you are going to have your ninth house of foreign affairs activated. This is also your house of big-picture visions, the house that lets your mind wander when you are planning your future. You want some real commitments to come in love now, and you see the bigger picture of it all now. The goal then for you under this transit is to allow your Self to take the lead on these big issues. Have a vision.

Celebrities like Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie have this placement in their charts. They win in love because they are able to see the bigger part of things. Travelling is also favored in this transit. Maybe a weekend getaway with a lover is all you need to reboot that vision. But sometimes a solo road trip does exactly the same thing.

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Pisces – Your Transformation Awaits

It’s a new day for you in love, Pisces, and you are so excited by that. You have warrior Mars in Airy Libra and working your eighth house of transformations and rebirth. You are ready for a brand new page, no matter what your relationship status is right now. Whether you want something new with your favorite someone, or just something new, you are ready to take the steps you need to get there.

An important thing to remember with your eighth house is the level of karma that you will find here. Keep your communications and your intentions clear at all times and you are the winner. Channel that sexy Marilyn Monroe that is deep down inside your soul, or your debonair John F. Kennedy. Your new day awaits.

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