Mars in Libra: War & Peace Horoscopes by the Zodiac Sign

Posted on October 03, 2019
Updated on November 09, 2020

​Hello Fall! It’s the season of oranges and reds and yellows! On September 23, the Sun entered lovely Cardinal sign Libra to launch the Autumn Equinox and the second last season of 2019. Are you having a bit of a freak-out moment on some of those 2019 goals of yours? That’s okay! Mars in Libra is here to save the day. This exciting transit begins October 4 and runs through November 19.

During this time, you are going to see warrior Mars energy meet harmonious and balancing peacekeeping energy of Libra. It’s a very War and Peace kind of energy you are feeling now. Use the energy for good and for productivity, and keep the tempers at home. Here is all you need as your go-to guide for Mars in Libra horoscopes – navigating war and peace by the zodiac sign.

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What is Mars in Libra?

Simply put, this is the warrior planet connecting with the harmonious relationship-oriented Air sign of Libra. Mars is all fire and passion and taps into your inner motivations.

And Libra, just wants everybody to be happy. Libra energy prevails now so it will be this peaceful energy that helps to tamp down Mars fire. This is good for Mars. This gives you what you need to stop and really think about everything you need to do in order to succeed.

So when you see Mars in Libra in your Daily Horoscopes, know this is an area where you can really win. Both Mars and Libra are leaders in their own energetic fields. It’s up to you to take charge of something now. When you do, you’ll be less worried about how close you are to wrapping up those 2019 goals, and realize you are living them.

Mars in Libra Horoscopes by the Zodiac Sign:

Aries – Love Wins

Mars in Libra is working your seventh house of partnerships, Aries, and so you can and will see a lot of energy in partnerships in your life. It’s a good time for romance, and also a really good time for karma to go south. So keep the temper to your inside voice, and don’t share it for just these few weeks. Count to ten before any major love talks that could tend to get heated, or just put a pause in them if you can. Nothing needs to be decided today. Love wins.

Taurus – Lists & Details

You are in planning mode right now, Taurus! Mars in Libra is working your sixth house of routine, and all you can think about is all of your lists and your details. You may even already be thinking about the cooking and cleaning and shopping of the holidays and getting….excited? We hate to hate you for it.

Now is the time of year you can start to put all of that together and organize something in your life. It may not be the holidays. Or it might be. The more detailed you are about the thing you want to be productive with right now, the more successful you will be. Cross one thing off your list with this set of chakra pendulums. 7 presents for the price of one! And if you keep them all you give yourself the gift of carving in some Self-care time as you are making your lists and plans.

Gemini – Be True

You are tempted to just have some fun and play around over the next few weeks, particularly when it comes to love, Gemini. Your inner child is really aching to come out. When Mars enters Libra it enters your fifth house of pleasures, and this is going to be giving you some warrior-like passion in the romantic scene. But this will be tamped down somewhat by cool and Airy Libra working through that impassioned Mars energy.

Mars, however, is still somewhat impulsive here, and you are cautioned to think everything through before you act. Most importantly, be true, because those little white fibs that can sometimes slip out will be easily forgotten, by you. But not by someone who you wish would rather forget. Have fun. But to thine own self be true. It’s very attractive when you get this fun Mars energy going. Believe in it, Gem.

Cancer – Laser Focus at Home

When Mars enters Libra, Cancer, you are right at home. This transit is working your fourth house of roots and foundations for the next few weeks, and this has your focus at home. You are taking the lead at home in a big way, and you want to do it right. Do so with peace and diplomacy but also love and with a sense of your roots. A home reno may be starting now, keep calm and don’t crab on. This too shall pass. Any home issues now will pass, and with this being your wheelhouse, you feel happier and productive as a whole under this energy.

Leo – Reach Out & Touch Someone

You have a little fire in your belly when it comes to communication right now, Leo. This is due to the fact that you have Mars in Libra and working your third house of communication. Warrior Mars is inspiring you to connect on a deeper level with people that you really cherish. You have some sexy spark in your talk as well, so now is the time to reach out and touch someone. You have a special prowess now of being able to think on your feet quickly. And surface-level conversations aren’t enough right now. You want someone that is elegant, witty, charming, and gracious as your chat partner, and you’ll know it when you see it.

Virgo – Show You the Money!

It’s time to shake your moneymaker, Virgo, whatever that is for you! You have some Libra energy left to work with, as Mars enters Libra and keeps your second house of earned income going a little bit longer. You have both passion and motivation to pursue a higher bottom line. Your only caveat right now would be to make sure that you aren’t getting too sucked into tying your self-esteem with your money-making abilities.

You are awesome whether you have $5 in the bank or $500. Be creative and the money grows. Use our free Tarot reading for those days when you need help making money decisions.

Libra – Self Care is Health Care

With Mars entering your sign, Libra, this is your time to take really good care of you. Not only do you have the inspiration and motivation to do it, but you also have the energy to do it as well. It’s time to indulge in a little bit of retail therapy, or just do something that makes you feel good. Right now you are really shining, your inner glow is really creating a spark in the world.

A few extra outfits while you are enjoying this glow will be so well worth the money spent. Or just invest in something that makes you feel like exactly who you are intended to be. This self-care boost will make you feel better, and even keep you healthier with all of those health-boosting endorphins you’ll be self-injecting when you find yourself smiling and just enjoying life more.

Scorpio – You Time!

You are in for a long and well-deserved rest, Scorpio, and Mars in Libra is, oddly, going to give you just the energy that you need to do that. As Mars enters Libra it works in your twelfth house of spirituality, and this is a rather reclusive house for you. You have the energy and motivation now to connect with the Divine, and keep that flow of life and love force flowing within and through you.

You could find yourself more tired than usual as you work through this all, and this is one of those times when alone time is favored. Try not to lose your temper. The more zen you can be now, the sooner you will realize just how strong you really are.

Sagittarius – Ya Gotta Have Friends!

Expect some social butterfly wings to get a flapping over the next several weeks, Sagittarius. Warrior Mars is entering your eleventh house of groups and friendships, and anything can happen on the social scene. You will be giving and receiving a lot of invitations. You can find success for many goals using groups over the next few weeks as well. Try putting a humanitarian focus on the group work that you do over this transit. This is also your house of big dreams.

Feed the world right now, Sagittarius, and you see many of those dreams come true. It’s a real opportunity to create a lasting legacy. Friends are game-changers for you now, in every way. You may see an office romance crop up, or a friendship turn into something more over the next few weeks as well. Lead with this pure spirit of friendship and you win.

Capricorn – Your Future is Bright, Baby

When Mars enters Libra this month, Capricorn, you are going to feel like you have the fire lit under you when it comes to your career goals. This transit is working your tenth house of career and public image right now, and you are going after what you want full steam ahead. It’s important to watch your karmic decisions right now. The cleaner your game is, the bigger your win will be. This is the time to make it on merit alone. You can do this.

Be sure that your goals and your actions are aligned in a way that you are standing in your truth and doing it to impress nobody but your Higher Self that you can do this. Everything else that you want will fall into place after that. Stay on the right side of karma as well, as a touch of authority figure action could be in play here. But that could also mean you become an authority in your field if you play your cards right. Time to bring home the W, baby.

Aquarius – Go Big or Go Home

When Mars enters fellow Air sign Libra this month, Aquarius, it is working your ninth house of foreign affairs. Your mind is really wandering big and far right now. Global issues matter. You may be inspired to travel or become obsessed learning about foreign lands right now. Or you may just be itching for your next big adventure. Whatever you decide, it’s time to go big or go home, Aquarius.

It’s a good time of the year as well to expand your mind or your area of expertise with some learning. Higher learning credits could work well in your long game of life. And you always love a good learn, anyway. Unleash your excess energy on a good book instead of a good debate, or find a debate partner that matches you evenly. Whatever you channel your energies into, it’s for the long game, and you intuitively feel this right now.

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Pisces – Hit the Reset Button

There is a lot of energy in the area of joint matters, Pisces, and this can range from sexual issues to shared investments. Inheritances may be an issue, or any area of joint money matters. There could also be money problems in a relationship, but the flip side is this is also an area where you can hit the reset button.

Mars in Libra is working your eighth house of shared resources, which is also your house of transformations. So you have a lot of energy, and maybe even some excess energy, in the area of money. This could lead to some money squabbles. But you may also just be in a personal space right now where you are in a rut and want out of it.

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