Mercury in Aquarius - Inspiration is Flowing, Now What?

Posted on January 24, 2019

The planets are aligning in wonderful ways to help jump-start your 2019 and get you on track for next year’s goals!

We had Mars entering fiery Aries on New Year’s Eve 2018. So this will give you energy and motivation to take the lead on areas of your life that you want to get on track. And that’s not all. Come January 24, 2019, communicator and chatty Mercury enters the Fixed sign of the Air signs, Aquarius.

This is an exciting transit for a number of reasons. Inspiration is flowing! But what exactly do you DO with all of these Einsteinian ideas jumping around in your head? We’re so glad you asked, because that’s exactly what we’re talking about today. So let’s get to it!

What is Mercury in Aquarius?

Here we have Mercury, the inspired planet that uses intellect and wisdom to weave magic entering the Fixed sign of the Air signs, Aquarius. Let’s break this down.

Mercury is the communication planet that holds the theme of the messenger gods. Mercury is a fast planet because it’s important that Earthlings get their messages on time. So Mercury needs to come up with crafty ways to do this, and this is why Mercury is also considered so ingenious. Mercury uses his head to inspire us to move through the streets of life so that we can communicate effectively with other Earthlings, and travel on our journeys efficiently and safely.

Then we have Aquarius. Aquarius is the zodiac sign that rules the eleventh house of dreams and ideals, which is also our house of groups and friendships. This house can rule group connections, but the groups in this house are usually those that connect you to greater humanity. Sure, Aquarius can help you have a great gossip sesh with your bestie. But this is also the house where you come up with those brilliant ideas that help you to both save the world AND make your dreams come true.

Aquarius has Fixed qualities and also Air qualities. Fixed sign qualities are obsession, loyalty, a never-quit attitude, and a commitment to finishing things. This means that if you have a Fixed sign friend, you have one for life. That is, unless, you cross them. Then you will never get them back.

Air signs are the thinkers of the zodiac. They rule paperwork, contracts, messages, but also inspiration, words, and communication.

So combining the inspiration planet with the inspired zodiac sign that sticks things out to the end means that you are lined up for a very inspired transit right after the holidays. That’s exciting!

But you’re asking… what do I DO with all of it? Here’s your checklist for Mercury in Aquarius.

Your Mercury in Aquarius Checklist

With an intellectual planet in an Air sign, one of the most important things to remember is that this is a thinking transit. It’s very cerebral. You’ll be using your brain a lot, and your brain is very effective in working out ideas, problem-solving, and doling out some higher wisdom. That’s what you need to remember the most now. Logic and facts prevail, dramatic emotions will just get very stuffed. But here’s how to handle this transit so that you can work out your first successes in 2019.

  • Keep calm.

No really. With Air sign themes predominating now, emotions from signs like the Water signs will still run high, because they don’t jive with this well. There are going to be little freak outs. Keep calm, and use facts and logic to problem solve. When you do, you’ll expose new ways of taking those ideas to the highest limit.

  • Write it down.

Your mental wheels are spinning on high gear right now. They will be all over the place. It will be hard to pursue some of your biggest inspirations because you won’t be able to figure out which ones are THE ones. Write it all down. Don’t act too quickly when you are confused. Write it all down, sit and chew on it, and then you can assess and reassess when you feel the time is right. Pro/Con lists will be your biggest superpower during this transit.

  • Be tolerant.

Aquarians are humanitarians and have an insight into the world that many signs just don’t. You could be having a conversation with an Aquarius, or someone during this transit, about a criminal that you think is crazy. Aquarius might say, “well, but I feel bad for him and how he’s derailed his life though.” And that could send you off the ledge. Be tolerant and calm. Aquarius isn’t saying, “I want to be just like him.” Aquarius is judging them too, but also feeling some compassion for how this human experience has affected life.

  • Be different, and express the most unusual ideas.

Aquarius is the unconventional sign, the expect the unexpected sign being ruled by shock planet Uranus. So Aquarius ideas are really out there. We all feel this when Mercury is in Aquarius. So go with them. They are coming to you for a reason. Make an action plan before you bolt out of the starting gate.

  • Use that focus.

With this energy coming from one of the Fixed signs, you have an obsessive passion towards what you are working on and thinking on at the moment. Fixed signs don’t move until they have resolution on problems, or see something through. That’s why when you get in a fight with a Fixed sign, THEY are the ones blowing up your phone. It can be exhausting. Do NOT let that obsessive focus take you to the dark side like that. Instead, pour it into something wonderful. That is how dreams come true. Blowing up someone’s phone is never ever mentioned on a “how to be successful” list. Ever.

Concluding thoughts…

When it comes to Mercury in Aquarius, the goal is to keep the stream of consciousness flowing in rational thoughts, and stay committed to them. Stay committed to rational efforts, logic, and facts. Step awaaaaay from the drama. Write your goals and inspirations down, hold back nothing. The most unusual and unconventional things are coming at you now. They are coming at you for a reason. Use them! But use them fairly, wisely, and stick to the truth. Then set those ideas on their own little journey Mercury style. And, stay loyal to those plans.

What area of your life are you hoping to find inspiration in?

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