Mercury in Sagittarius: 9 Ways to Speak Your Mind, Sagittarius Style

Posted on December 12, 2019

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December 9 marks the beginning of Mercury’s transit through the Fire sign of Sagittarius. That’s astrology-speak for finding it much easier to say what is on our minds! This transit lasts until December 28 when Mercury will enter the Earth sign of Capricorn.

Let’s look at the areas of our lives Mercury affects and how the personality of Sagittarius will allow us to soar to new heights in those areas.

Mercury is the planet of communication, electronics, mail, short-distance travel; it governs the mind. That’s quite a lot of our life ruled by Mercury, especially because we spend so much time communicating on electronics these days. Not to mention that it’s the holidays, so travel is at an all-time high.

When the mental planet Mercury is direct, at least we don’t have to worry about electronics malfunctioning, misinterpreting what people say, or travel interruptions (unless it’s a Full Moon which we have December 12). Mercury is the messenger, it helps us deliver our ideas and influences how we actuate our plans.

Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer. The arrow represents aiming for a higher level of awareness or spiritual enlightenment.

The energy of Mercury in Sagittarius, being linked to the Fire element, is one that is bold, energized, and passionate. Sagittarius is known to speak their mind but in a positive and mindful way because they are always focused on how to improve and uplift society. So, how do these two energies blend together to affect our lives? It’s up to us to use the energy for good instead of letting it pass us by.

How to Speak Your Mind Like a Sagittarius:

1. Share Creative Ideas

You will find it easier to articulate your imagination at this time and you’ll have the confidence to do so. If you have a vision, share it with your boss or partner and it will help it manifest.

2. State Your Goals Out Loud

You still have time to let the cat out of the bag about what you truly desire. Now shamelessly, say exactly what you want to yourself, the Universe, and people who will support you.

3. Ask for What You Want

Stop wishing and just let in be known that you have personal desires. This is the extra push from the Universe that can help you over that last bit of self-doubt.

4. Share from Your Soul

When it comes to manifesting, people are motivated to help you and feel much more capable when they connect to a cause or feel inspired emotionally. Speak soul to soul and you’ll find new doors open.

5. Talk About Your True Feelings

Have you been bottling up your emotions? You can articulate them in a mature and wise way with Sagittarius, sage-like energy so that they don’t blow up sometime in the future when the pressure is too heavy.

6. Be Transparent

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share how you’re really feeling even if it’s not what people expect. Being completely honest actually gives us tremendous freedom and allows us to connect to people in a much deeper way.

7. Share Intuitive Insights

The spiritually awakened Sagittarius energy allows us to speak from a more intuitive space. You will see things from a more loving perspective so allow your healing words to help someone.

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8. Say Things Without Apologizing

Sagittarius doesn’t worry about what people think. They really value ideas and truth more than image or ego. They will find the courage to say things even if they are new and challenge the status quo.

9. Show Your Appreciation

With the holidays upon us, share love with the people who are in your life. Tell them how they inspire you, how much they mean to you, and how much you enjoy their company.

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We have a very intense December astrologically speaking, and that means big changes are in store. There are so many major astrological events packed into December, you can expect everyone to be experiencing a lot all at once. Chiron stations direct on the day of the Full Moon on December 12. This means we have no more planets retrograde and things will really feel like they can move forward. Our minds and lives will get a push whether we are ready or not so spend time really working on and focusing on your desired outcome.

The Solar eclipse that comes as an extra present with the New Moon Christmas day will bring the changes even stronger into our reality as we kick off the new year so keep up on your magical workings and the coming year of the Metal Rat will bring you much prosperity in business as well as help you wrap up all the work you’ve done this year to make the most of it.

Since this month is going to be full of cosmic fun, we recommend reading your free daily horoscope and utilizing our free daily Tarot reading to know how your sign is affected each day and to keep your intuition tuned up. The vehicle of your soul has the potential to really shine this month, so get excited for a scenic drive with lots of glistening lights!

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