Beneficial Thought: How to Navigate Mercury’s Journey Through Virgo

Posted on September 13, 2018
Updated on June 26, 2020

Mercury enters Virgo on September 5th and will stay until September 21st when it ingresses into Libra. Mercury is at home in Virgo as it rules the sign and is considered to be exalted at 15 degrees of Virgo. This means the energy of Mercury works at its best in the sign of Virgo.

Mercury, the planet of communication and short journeys, influences the way we process information and communicate it effectively to others. It drives the analytical process within our conscious mind, thus stimulating our nervous system, coordination, sense of perception, and memory.

Mercury in Virgo Transit

Virgo is an Earth sign that grounds our analytical thought process into reality. The energy of Virgo is very focused on daily routines and structures that influence our work and health. There is no separation between the two in the eyes of Virgo. How we serve others shows us how we also serve ourselves. Because of this, Virgo can be overly critical and what some might call a perfectionist.

Mercury in Virgo will further highlight these characteristics in your daily life. You will desire to make changes to your work and health in order to best serves yourself and others. Do watch out for seeking perfection to the point of paralyzation of action. This will be about small steps you can take each day to reach your larger goal. While this transit will emphasize analyzation of your thoughts and actions, do not get caught up in your mind. Learn by doing. Learn by reviewing your struggles and taking a different approach.

Key Aspects During Mercury in Virgo

During this Mercury in Virgo transit, we will experience a few planetary aspects that further impact how this transit will manifest in your life. The energy of these aspects will be felt by all on varying levels and areas of life. Look to your birth chart to see in which house these occur to figure out how to best utilize the energetic influence for personal growth.

On September 15th, Mercury in Virgo will trine Pluto (in retrograde) in Capricorn. This aspect will help you dive deeper into yourself and ask the tough questions. It calls for you to look within in order to understand your desires that drive your thoughts and actions. Think of it as a mental therapy session to reveal the areas of your daily life that require review.

The following day, Jupiter in Scorpio will sextile Mercury in Virgo, giving you a glimpse of hope for positive change in your life. The energy of this transit will complement the realization that was reached during the Pluto trine the day before. It will encourage expansion of your conscious mind through study, mentorship, or travel. This would be a good day to have discussions with business or personal partners regarding the future as it relates to your goals.

On September 20th, Mercury in Virgo will conjunct the Sun in Virgo. Talk about a reality check! At this time you will be more expressive and clear about the direction you wish your life to take. Your mind will be sharp and your words too. Make sure to listen to those you are communicating with as you may overlook a key aspect of the interaction with too much of your own chatter. This would be a great day to express the changes you are ready to make as you will have the gift of gab on your side.


Mercury is out of the shadows of retrograde and is full steam ahead. Its transit through Virgo is one that will bring clarity of the direction you wish to take and provide the tools to effectively communicate and implement a starting point to make it happen. This is slow and steady energy as Virgo’s approach is more practical and steadfast. So focus on the energy of the transit around you and make that shift happen!

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