Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

Posted on April 23, 2020
Updated on November 06, 2020

Get ready for a slowdown to adjust to the massive transformations of the recent past! Pluto retrograde begins tomorrow in Earth sign Capricorn.

Pluto is the transformer planet, and when in retrograde, you actually get a chance to take a moment, catch your breath, and get used to the massive changes that have come about.

And, well, there have been a LOT of major changes lately, so this is actually the perfect time for Pluto retrograde!

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Pluto in Astrology

Pluto is a slow-moving dwarf planet that spends many, many years in one sign. Currently, it’s moving through Capricorn. Pluto governs transformations, and this is different from Uranus and the change that comes with that planet. The changes that come with Uranus can be more superficial, impulsive, and may not last once Uranus has moved on. Pluto, on the other hand, wants massive transformations that go all the way down to the roots, and will last for many years to come, long after Pluto is gone.

Pluto governs power and control, and wants you to have control over the power you have. Power that is wielded unwisely and for the bad leads to total destruction. Power that is wielded for the common good leads to massive growth and understanding.

Pluto loves to rip apart structures in our lives on a personal level as well as in the world. They tend to be structures that aren’t actually doing us any good, that have needed to be ripped down for a long time but we’ve resisted doing so, and Pluto comes in and does the work for us. This can be unsettling and scary. Oh yes, Pluto also rules fear!

Pluto is the darkness inside of us, the depths we try to avoid traveling, and the demons we ignore. Light is needed, and we have to face it if we want any kind of chance to thrive.

Pluto is the natural ruling planet of Scorpio, an emotional Water sign full of depths and mystery, and a Fixed sign that gets stuck on whatever it’s interested in.

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What is a Retrograde?

A planet (or asteroid) is called retrograde when it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac from our view here on Earth. It isn’t actually moving backward, and just appears that way. This backward motion reverses the natural energy of the planet, so we don’t experience the energy in the same way.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars retrogrades tend to impact us the most since they are personal planets and their retrogrades are shorter. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde for months at a time every year, so the impact of their retrogrades tend to be more subtle. Unless the retrograde is specifically impacting your birth chart - then it’s going to be huge!

You also tend to feel the retrograde more if the planet is the natural ruling planet of your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign. In the case of Pluto, this means a Scorpio Sun, Moon, or Rising. You may feel off in a subtle way over the coming months, and need to be gentler on yourself.

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What does Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn Mean?

Pluto is retrograde in 2020 from April 25 to October 4 entirely in Capricorn. This is a time to acknowledge what is in front of you, what needs to be addressed, everything that has come to pass, and do something about it. Take it into your being and into your life. You can’t run away from it.

The more you embrace this period and all that you’ve experienced, the easier it can be to come out of the dark. You can gain a better understanding of yourself and situations, and you can find solutions that you’ve been searching for.

Remove the curtain that’s been obscuring your view. Shine a light and see what’s been hiding in the dark. See what’s been there all along.

This can impact most the direction our lives are going in, the goals we have, and the foundation we’re building for the future. We can see the big picture right now with greater clarity, and this can help you craft better long-term plans of action. The foundation for your future should be solid and strong, and not built on lies, deceit, or denial. You have the opportunity to set yourself up for many years to come if you do this the right way.

Pluto Retrograde Horoscopes

Let’s have a look at how each zodiac sign will be impacted by Pluto’s retrograde period in Capricorn for 2020:


Pluto retrograde can bring an excellent period for you to tackle your long-term plans, focus on your goals, and make sure you’re going in the right direction. You can change how you’re approaching these things now, and become more passionate about what you ultimately want in your life. See things in realistic terms, and always move forward in truth. The truth can set you free.


Pluto retrograde can focus on your ability to expand. You can adjust to expansion you’ve already experienced, and it may have been uncomfortable for you at some points, but you can get used to it now and see why it was important for you to experience. Learn from your experiences, and you can start finding more power within yourself to take control of the expansion you want to create.


Pluto retrograde impacts the darkest parts of yourself and your life, and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn has no doubt been a heavy period for you. You’re challenged to step into the parts of yourself and your life that are darkest and deepest, and you can understand more, find what you need, and resolve issues. Become more comfortable with your power, and you can work through with greater ease.


Pluto retrograde targets your relationships, and you can take time over the coming months to decide what to do in your existing relationships. You’ve likely experienced power struggles and control issues with others, and some relationships have grown passionate while others have grown tiring. Start taking a stand for yourself, and making a choice as to which relationships you want and which you don’t.


Pluto retrograde focuses on your work and daily life, and this period can help you to take more control over both. Don’t let yourself be played by others. At the same time, don’t become too dominating and controlling yourself. Let go of the things you’re not passionate about with your work or in your daily life, and give more attention to the things you are passionate about to give you more control.


Pluto retrograde touches on love in your life, so you can focus on bringing more love and joy to you and others. Who you love, what you love, and how you express love have likely undergone some shifts and changes, and you can roll with it better now. Love should be deeper for you in every way, and you can be more committed to it. Restore joy and spread it around for everyone to have.


Pluto retrograde lights up your home and family life, and you can work on adjusting to the changes you’ve already experienced there, as well as make new changes that will have a positive impact. You can take control of home and family matters, and how you view home and family has likely been shifting. You can also focus on your internal foundation, and tackle issues at your core so you can eliminate baggage and give yourself more power.


Pluto retrograde can impact you more personally since Pluto is your natural ruling planet. Give yourself more time and space, and don’t be so hard on yourself during this period. This especially comes with your mind, your thoughts, and your communications, and this may be a period where you need to sort through ideas and plans, gather information, and be more introspective. Connect your mind with your emotions, and this can make communication easier.


Pluto retrograde can give you a chance to slow things down to a more manageable pace. Pluto in Capricorn has been targeting your finances, your values, and what you need for stability and security, and if you haven’t done those things right, you’ve likely seen life turned upside down. Move forward the right way, make the right choices for the right reasons, and be smart with everything you do.


Pluto retrograde occurs in your sign, where Pluto has been for some years, so you may be an old pro at this by now! You should’ve been finding more personal power, taking more control, using passionate energy, and transforming constantly over these years, and can now reflect and feel guided by a higher calling. You can work on any remaining changes you need to make, and feel yourself growing stronger.


Pluto retrograde can stimulate a desire to reflect on the past, dive into your subconscious mind, or listen more to your intuition. Pluto in Capricorn has likely led to a lot of endings and releasing of baggage over the last decade, and this may not be obvious on the outside, but you can feel it intensely on the inside. Pluto is getting you ready to emerge with less baggage and less issues so you’re prepared for when Pluto moves into your sign (2023!). Let go, let things end, and ascend.


Pluto retrograde brings focus on your hopes and dreams for the future. You can feel more comfortable with the changes that have come that impacted your hopes and dreams, and now you can make use of the passionate energy you have for those dreams to make them reality. You can push through challenges to make progress, and take control. The dreams you have now are likely not just dreams for yourself anymore, but for the world.

One Final Note…

Pluto retrograde begins square Mercury in Aries. Squares are hard energy and Mercury is the planet of the mind, so we may feel at odds with where our heads are at. Ideas may be abundant but lack clarity or focus, or there may not be enough ideas at all and we’re scrambling. Miscommunications can take over, and there may be more than a little fighting as we try to push our own ideas and ignore everyone else.

This isn’t the way to go about it though! Since Mercury does rule the mind, it means we need to have positive, healthy outlets for mental energy. Mercury in Aries is a lot of mental energy, so give it something to focus on. Using up the energy helps to find focus and be more open so we’re not constantly at odds with one another.

Let others have their say, and freely share yours. Let there be an open dialogue, and try not to be too forceful. If you’re dealing with anyone who is being controlling and closed-minded, try to see things from their side without letting them walk all over you. Come back to the table when everyone has cooled down and is ready for an open, honest discussion.

This can be a great opportunity for major change that shakes up the way things have always been. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, and we can find ways of moving forward that open up new avenues for progress and growth.

Pluto retrograde doesn’t have to be scary. It can be a great time to shine a light and see that what lurks in the shadows is only scary in our minds, and far less of a monster than we’d been imagining. Let Pluto retrograde assist in showing you that.

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