Soul Mate Signs: How to Make Love Decisions in Gemini Season

Posted on June 06, 2019

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We are all feeling that good weather buzz and looking forward to some Summer love!

Summer love always feels a little more intense, doesn’t it? That is because more Earthlings are looking for love, so soul mate energy is everywhere. But, if you are feeling a little scattered before the big season arrives, there’s a reason for that: Gemini season.

Gemini is known to be scattered and quick, so this energy is going to make love decisions feel a little tough to get a grip on.

So, while you are making big decisions regarding Summer planning, you may be feeling some of that Gemini indecision creeping in. Today we are going to nip that in the bud and help you to understand Gemini season a little bit better so that instead of feeling swept away by that scattered energy, you can use it to your advantage.

Here’s how to make those wonderful love choices during Gemini season. Let’s get to it!

What is Gemini Season?

Gemini is the Mutable sign of the Air signs and has a bit of a bad reputation. But this zodiac sign gets a lot of love this time of year from multiple planets, especially:

  • Venus – In Gemini until June 9
  • Sun – In Gemini until June 21

Mercury and Mars have moved out of Gemini, so we are not as scattered as we were during May. June is when it all starts to calm down. But the Sun is still shining in Gemini, and this means that Gemini traits are coming out into the world.

Being an Air sign, Gemini is also fast most of the time. Other traits that Geminis are prone to are impulsivity, curiosity, irritability, indecisive, and um, indecisive, and… yeah, indecisive.

Gemini is noted by the Twins and the Lovers card in the Tarot. That means that there are soul mate signs everywhere - but they will happen fast. And that’s where some Gemini indecision may creep in.

This trait may predominate this month. You may just feel a little all over the place, and that does not help in soul mate love. In fact, you may actually wind up making poor decisions in love when you are feeling scattered. With lover Venus in Gemini until June 9, that may hinder the kind of soulmate love experiences you want to attract. Don’t let the one that could get away, become the one that got away.

So we are going to give you a DO’s and DON’Ts list for how to make the most romantic decisions of your Summer, even when you aren’t really feeling like yourself.

Freshen up your living space for Gemini season!

Do’s & Don’ts for Soulmate Loving

Gemini energy is airy energy that isn’t heart-centered, so this is going to make the first half of June a little scattered in love. On June 21, energy from the Cardinal sign of the Water signs arrives when the planets begin to collect in Cancer. That is a slower and more loving energy that will support your Summer romance. But until then, the answer, my friends, is blowing in the winds of Gemini.

A soul mate is an everlasting love. So although Gemini is not really known for that, being noted by the Twins amplifies the soul mate potential. So our Summer soul mate checklist for Gemini decision-making is not really catering to the kind of Summer fling that is fleeting. You want this Summer love to last beyond. You’re picturing them at your Christmas dinner table.

Making the wrong decision now could set a tone for the rest of the Summer and even the rest of the year as we hit the halfway mark of the year. So, put this list up everywhere you need to see it to make good love decisions right now.

Here is what you should and should not do when looking for soul mate signs during Gemini season:

1. DO be flexible.

Gemini is a Mutable Sign and can roll with the flow. Sometimes too fast. They are as flexible as they come. So this is what you need to be. If you want to go somewhere with your honey, or your bestie to look for honey, be flexible. Don’t be rigid in what you want to do. Don’t think. Just do. Decide to roll with it, and you’ll worry about fewer decisions. Fixed signs Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo, you need to write this one down!

2. DON’T be shy.

Gemini is a little social butterfly. This is not the time to sit around and wait for your Prince Charming to knock on your door. Nobody is going to come knocking, sweetie. Unless of course you are charmed by the UPS guy. It happens. But mostly, it doesn’t. So you have to put yourself out there. You have to make the decision to put yourself out there, and all other decisions fall into place. Follow your heart if you are a shy one (Virgo, we are talking to you - and Pisces too).

Spend some time in meditation and ask your angels to send your soul mate signals on what to do to put yourself out there.

3. DO bring out that smart sense of yours, and your witty sense of humor.

Geminis love sarcasm and wit, and higher-level thinking. So bring this into your love matches. Just lead with your Einstein level, whether you have Gemini in your natal chart mix or not. Even if you don’t’ know or meet any Geminis, use Gemini energy of witty thinking in your love game.

Decide to show off that awesome brain of yours. You may not think you are a smart person, but everybody has it. Whatever it is that you are good at, and love to do, you are gifted in. Show that off. Whoever laughs the loudest at your wit is the one that is dying to be with you. They will just “get you.” They may not even know it. If there is someone that wants to be up all night with you exploring every cranny of your brain, that is a soul mate sign. It’s hard, but putting yourself out there and showing off those fancy gifts will send signals to that soulmate who is as eager to meet you as you are them.

4. DON’T be impulsive.

And don’t let others force you to be impulsive. Gemini can be a little too flexible sometimes. That makes them impulsive. They say and do things they can’t take back. So be smart, be a social butterfly, be flexible and roll with it, but don’t rush with it. It’s okay to think things through even when things are moving fast, as things can do in the Summer.

Say you need to put a pin on it, think it through, or get back to someone. You don’t need to rush in, and if someone is pressuring you to, then you need to think that one through too. Gemini can be tricky in their impulsivity, and not always on the good side of life kind of tricky. If something feels ick in love, move on until you’ve thought it through. Stay in the light, and you stay in the love the Universe wants you to have when you are praying for soulmates.

5. DO be dependable.

Soul mate love is everlasting love. So you really need to commit to this. One thing that Gemini is known for is flitting from one thing to the next. They go from one job to the next sometimes, one love to the next, one whatever to the next. This doesn’t always work in a long-term romance unless that is what you want. Be there in love. Scattered Gemini energy can attempt to sway you from being there when you need to be. Don’t feed that. And don’t put up with excuses from someone that is not so dependable.

Be real in your expectations in love. They may not match someone else’s. That is not your problem. Don’t adjust what you want and deserve because of someone else’s demands. Be dependable to YOU too! You are allowed to want what you want. Stick to it. The Mutable signs, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces, need to pay attention to this one. Be there for you, and be there for who you need to be there for.

Concluding Thoughts…

That is it my friends! Everything you need to do to make soulmate love matter right before the Summer Solstice on June 21 when the Sun leaves airy Gemini and moves into sweet loving Cancer. Gemini season doesn’t need to be scary. You just need to know how to roll with it. When you do, by the time that Summer Solstice arrives, you’ll already have made a host of amazing decisions.

Keep those Daily Horoscopes bookmarked so you know how to roll with it during the day by day of June. Happy love hunting! What love decisions do you have to make this month? What do you consider to be a soul mate sign? How do you know it’s a soul mate thing when it happens?

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