Spring Equinox Horoscopes by the Zodiac Sign

Posted on March 21, 2019

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Happy Spring, beloveds! It’s a bit of an intense period of endings and beginnings this year. That’s not uncommon for this time of year or under any seasonal change. This week we have the Sun entering the Cardinal sign of the Fire sign Aries on March 20, launching the beginning of Spring. With that, the Moon works Aries opposite sign, the Cardinal sign of the Air signs, and the Full Moon in Libra on March 21 wraps up the season of Winter, and many other areas of our life. It’s a lot of endings and beginnings! And it’s a lot of emotions too.

The Spring Equinox is always a wonderful time of year. It’s the same time as the Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, with the planets still doing the exact same thing. The Sun will still be in Aries, and the Full Moon will still be in Libra. All zodiac signs from both hemispheres will be impacted.

But not all zodiac signs embrace change. That’s okay though. That’s what we are here for. To guide you through this seasonal change, the Full Moon in Libra, and the gorgeous Spring Equinox when the Sun enters Aries.

Polar opposites, literally, merging together in the same space-time continuum to help every Earthling reach their success potential. It’s exciting. And scary. Embracing any change is. Just remember, it’s not brave if you aren’t a little bit afraid.

We are at a turning point. This is game-changing energy. Take the Spring Equinox challenge and get excited, and maybe a little bit nervous, about the changes ahead. We will tell you how, today, and every day with your Daily Horoscopes.

Are you ready?

Your Spring Equinox Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign:

Aries – Patience is Your Virtue

Aries, you have changes happening both in your sense of self with the Sun shining on you right now. You also have big changes on the relationship front. Mercury retrograde is still in the picture. Patience gets you everywhere through this. Smile until your face hurts, and this could be a very lucky month. There are changes ahead at every level, exciting new beginnings, and some intense emotional endings. You’ll get where you need to get and want to get when your karma potential is in good shape. If you aren’t feeling great, you aren’t quite there yet. If you are, you are on the right path, keep going.

Taurus – Candle in the Wind

It’s all about flexibility for you right now, Taurus, and when you handle that, you are making some game-changing moves right now. As a Fixed sign, change isn’t exactly your forte. But you need to tap into that side of you that is okay with it now. You are in a more intense period of endings and beginnings, as the Sun will be working your twelfth house of endings for a few weeks, until it’s your birthday! So you need to get into the habit of blowing like a candle in the wind. Whichever way the wind is blowing, is the way you need to as well. Flexibility is your winning strategy right now.

Gemini – Show Them the Money Honey

Your money house is really seeing some light as Spring comes alive Gemini, and you need to pay attention to this. Expect some money surprises. The easiest way to handle them? Pay the lady. Or whoever it is that is tolling that bell for you. You may be tempted to find some shortcuts here. Don’t. When you go into this situation with the right intention, to take care of your responsibilities, the money has a way of finding you in return. Karma is pretty important right now, especially when it comes to romance and children under the Full Moon in Libra. Close the chapters on your own free will and on your terms before karma makes those choices for you.

Cancer – Show Them Your Voice

The Full Moon in Libra is closing a family chapter or an issue at home, and the Spring Equinox is bending your ear a little bit when it comes to work. Sing, baby, sing. It’s time to show your voice, no matter where you are. This is not the time of year to wait for love and life to come to you. Go out and get it! If a family matter hasn’t move forward in a while, just don’t beat the dead horse and ease off on the demanding nature you can tend to have in a crisis. Speak softly, but show them that voice all the same. When you do that, with the right karmic intention, your Spring is explosive.

Leo – Dream Big, Baby

When the Sun enters Aries and the Spring Equinox arrives, your ninth house of Big Picture visions expands. You are excited and liberated by this. The Full Moon in Libra is cuddling your communication sector as well, and you are reaching a new plateau in love and in a primary partnership. Your heart and soul are singing right now. Stay in this flow, Leo. Of course there are problems and wrinkles on the way. It’s called life and it’s called being human. The blessings are too. It feels amazing if your karmic intent is in the right position. It’s not all in your head. Dream big, baby, because some of them are about to come true.

Virgo – Transformation Awaits

The Spring Equinox is touching your eighth house of transformations, Virgo, and so you are inclined to create a radical change right now. It will be the kind you can’t look back from. Like, shaving your head or dying it permanent purple. You won’t mind the change once you make it, so follow your heart. Karma is everything. Money matters are going to come to the surface as well, but you will be closing a big chapter here. Follow your intuition and not your fears. It’s very important for you to believe in you. Your transformation awaits. Step outside the box right now and watch some amazing things happen in your life.

Libra – Every New Beginning

Libra, you are channelling the Green Day song that extols, “every new beginning is the start of some other beginning’s end.” With the Full Moon in your sign, that’s what it’s all about, baby. You are closing chapters and launching new ones, and may not know where to start with any of these. Karma is key under this Spring change this year. Don’t be afraid to take your ambition to exceptional heights. Pursue that job or client you thought was unattainable. Same in love. Spring is blessing your love life. No goal or dream is too big. Every new beginning is an opportunity, and so is every ending now.

Scorpio – Love is in the Air

Pisces action is still blessing your love life as Spring arrives, Scorpio, so you are feeling a little bit woozy and romantic about life in general. This is not new with Spring, but Spring’s arrival is going to send you into romance fever. You are closing some big chapters and bringing some big matters to a conclusion, at least on your end, under the Full Moon as well. It’s emotional, but so fulfilling. Dreams can come true when this much love is in the air, Scorpio, and love is coming in from a variety of sources. Your ruler Mars is helping you in love, and Saturn has your back in work as well. You are rocking it in every way. Follow that instinct. It’s still right.

Sagittarius – Home is Where the Heart Is

You don’t usually feel like settling down, Sagittarius, but this Spring, your heartstrings are really feeling pulled. You may be tired of always being on the go, and looking for a more committed tone in both work and love. There is lots of passionate love on the table. At the same time, you have a lot of energy to pursue things. But you won’t feel like wandering all over the world to do it this time. Sun is entering Aries and working your house of children and romance. That’s almost all you want to think about. Stick around home a bit more this Spring and watch some blossoms cropping up in the most unexpected places.

Capricorn – Luck is Your Lady

Capricorn is in for a particularly lucky time under the Spring Equinox, particularly at home. The Sun is entering your house of foundations, and the people and things that meant the most to you will be paramount. You have good luck in real estate and renovation matters as well. You are excited about adding some refreshing change to the things that are most important in your life. By April, some exciting productivity arrives with Saturn in your sign. The Full Moon is bringing your career to exceptional gains as well if your karma and intentions are in the right place. Prosperity is around every corner this Spring. Use it wisely, friend!

Aquarius – Use Feeling Words

You are seeing a lot of communication come back and forth in your daily matters this Spring, Aquarius. Expect to be very busy. The Sun will be working your communication house, and this makes your communication sector very lit up over the next few months. At the same time, the Full Moon in Libra closes a chapter on the foreign front. It does so with some relief to you. You are excited to see an issue get put behind you. Don’t get caught in a way of misunderstandings this Spring. And you won’t with your communication sector in this good shape. Use your feelings words, and the potential for those miracles multiplies.

Pisces – Random Kindness Matters

You still have a few planets in your sign as Spring arrives, Pisces, so the Spring Equinox is a little bit about endings and beginnings. You can take control of these changes by keeping your karma intact. If you can do this, then you have the potential to have luck at every turn. Good things are on the way in both love and work, and you have every reason to be excited. They will be even better changes when you pour on that good karma. Amp that up now by following your life mantra anyway, and that is about practicing random acts of kindness. Yes. It’s that easy to create some exponential luck right now.

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