Summer Solstice Checklist: How to Launch Summer Right

Posted on June 20, 2019
Updated on October 29, 2020

A man holds his hands up to make it look like he is holding the setting sun.

The Summer Solstice is now officially upon us, and it’s go-time for all of those big ideas and infused positive energy vibes.

Hours of planning go into gardening, travel plans, family schedules, reunions, weddings, and then the major plans of just vegging on those lazy and hazy days. And, with the Summer Solstice comes an energy of excitement, inspiration, and hope!

We want to ensure that we enjoy ourselves this Summer to the best of our abilities, and we want to use up this exciting energy in a productive way. Did you know that you can do this without just wishing and hoping that it happens? Put this Summer Solstice checklist to memory, and you are one step closer to another amazing Summer.

What is the Summer Solstice?

The Summer Solstice occurs when the Cardinal sign of the Water signs, Cancer, launches the Summer season when the Sun enters Cancer. This is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Dawn will begin to arrive earlier every day, and after June 21, the days will get a little bit shorter by a few minutes. That will mean less Sunlight in the day than we have right now as we inch closer to Fall and Winter once again.

The word “solstice” itself comes from the Latin and literally means ‘the Sun stands still.’

It is a moment marked by the statues we call Stonehenge. During this moment when the Sun appears to stand still, we see the Sun rising dead center between the Heel Stone and Altar Stone of Stonehenge. There is such a thing as a Manhattan Solstice as well, where the Sun appears to stand directly still at the end of Wall Street.

Simply put, the Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, or the day where we get the most light from the Sun. It also marks a time of new beginnings, as Cardinal sign Cancer gets some love. It’s time to start taking spiritual stock of our lives and decide what new beginnings that we want.

The Summer Solstice & Cardinal Cancer

When the Sun enters a Cardinal sign, it is crossing an invisible line on the Earth we call the Tropics. For Winter, the Sun is crossing the Tropic of Capricorn for example. In the Summer, the Sun is directly above the Tropic of Cancer, and this point of the year is the highest the Sun ever gets. Hence, Summer.

This isn’t the hottest day of the year, as that usually doesn’t arrive for a month or two. The reason for that is because the water that the Sun is heating takes some time to heat up in Summer, and cool down in Winter. Because of climate change, we experience more heat in Summer and more frigid temperatures in Winter.

The temperature in your daily weather gets warmer and warmer as the oceans, which make up most of the surface of the Earth, get warmer as well. When they retain that heat, it feels muggy, and in some climates, you can feel that damp muggy energy in the air. It takes about six weeks for the Earth’s water to warm up to a point that it can start releasing that temperature in the form of rain, or even snow several months later when the oceans cool down.

This science lesson on the Summer Solstice helps us to understand how this time in our year can be an exciting time of new beginnings.

What do you want to warm up to in your life as this season kicks off? Cross off everything on your bucket list this Summer with this Summer Solstice checklist.

Summer Solstice Checklist

There are a lot of emotions floating around when the Summer Solstice kicks off. This is because the Summer begins when the Sun enters the emotional Cardinal sign of the Water signs, Cancer. And Cancer is ruled by the Moon, another emotional watery body like the Earth. So emotions are swirling, and Cardinal sign leadership energy is kicking in.

We want to make change and we mean it. But sometimes those emotions get us carried away, and we overreact or under-react in situations and it all blows up in our faces. It won’t this year, as long as you are using this Summer Solstice checklist.

1. Connect with nature.

There is no better way to feel at peace as the Summer Solstice arrives. In many guided meditations you are inspired to go to your “happy place.” Make an actual happy place for yourself this Summer.

It might be a bench at the park in front of a water fountain, a cozy spot on a private beach, or just a haven in your backyard that you can escape to while dinner is cooking and nobody will bother you.

As the old Natasha Bedingfield song ‘Unwritten’ goes, “live your life with arms wide open.” Feel the wind on your face. Smell the actual roses. Close your eyes in your nature spot and connect with the energies that are arriving. Don’t think of anything but relaxing, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Just enjoy the world and the sensations that are coming to you.

Do this 15 minutes a day this summer and it will be the best Summer Solstice ritual you’ve ever made, that keeps giving all season long.

2. Know your goals, write them down.

If you want to be successful, you need to have a plan. Just wishing for it isn’t enough. But you will have more inspiration in the summer months to reach those goals. So when you are inspired this season, and we know you will be, write those goals down.

Cancer is a very creative soul and uses feelings to create. Water signs are typically emotional, but also intuitive. If you aren’t sure of what your goals are, spend some time near water and just think about it. Write down whatever comes to you.

That Water element can be anything from an actual beach to enjoy, or simply putting a diffuser in your bedroom and contemplating on life for a few minutes as you enjoy that relaxing sensation of water bubbling and giving back into the world.

Know your goals, write them down, or they will never happen. Period.

3. Family matters matter.

It is no coincidence that we see more of our families during the Summer months. Everybody is going on vacation and connecting with people they only see a few times a year. Family might be coming to you, or you may be going to family this year.

There is of course also the obligatory gaggle of family events in the Summer – church picnics, weddings, bridal showers, graduations, Stag and Does, and a multitude of other such awkward encounters with family members you barely know.

Attend these things with a different spirit this year. Go into these things feeling grateful for the family you have to visit and connect with, and open your heart to them. You will be amazed at the results. Don’t be awkward, it’s family.

As the fourth zodiac sign, Cancer rules the fourth house of roots and foundations, which is your family and home house. It is no coincidence that the Universe is sending you family things to deal with. Embrace them. Follow your true Self. Be authentic.

These folks may not be for you. Sometimes family just isn’t. But you have to give it the old college try first. Then you make your decisions, and sometimes you make cuts.

That’s okay, as long as you are following your authentic self. Remember that everything you experience this year is happening for a reason.

4. Use Fire rituals to spark your inner flame.

Because there is so much Sun in the world now, and the Sun is a fiery star in the sky, many Summer solstice rituals include Fire rituals. Try this yourself. Use Fire to light your inner inspiration.

This is not only an ancient ritual, but one still celebrated today in certain Eastern parts of Europe. Light a Fire and invite friends to join you to dance around it or just enjoy yourselves as you usher in the longest day of light. In some of these rituals, they use Tarot cards, even play drums and literally dance to the beat of their own drummer.

It’s time to discover that inner child. As one of the four elements of the zodiac, Fire has a way of tapping into that side of you. Get in that vibration and just dance to celebrate the Summer Solstice. You may find a wave of enlightenment or creativity along the way.

Follow that.

5. Create a Yin/Yang plan.

The Sun and the Moon are luminary components of the solar system and in our daily lives, astrologically speaking. We use these components first when forming your Daily and Weekly Horoscopes. The Sun and the Moon balance each other.

In Chinese Astrology, that balance is known as Yin/Yang, and is a balance of feminine and masculine energies in our lives. The Sun is in compassionate and emotional Cancer now. Use this energy to create an action plan about where you can be more feminine in your life, whether you are male or female.

Ask yourself – In what situation or life experience can I be more gentle? More intuitive and empathic? More kind? This is the Yang of life.

Then ask yourself the same question about masculine energy, which is the Yin of life.

Where can you bring more aggressive energy in your life? Do you have a dream but just aren’t pursuing it? Maybe it’s time to bring warrior energy to something in your life. What is that? It may not even be warrior energy, but you may want to ask yourself where you can bring more rational or pragmatic energy into your life.

What area of your life needs to be nurtured into growth and progress as a Mama Bear does to her cubs? Where can you bring more Mama Bear into your life? That is your Yang.

Your Yin is where you can bring actionable energy that is decisive and thorough. What area of your life needs to make a big decision without an emotional attachment? Lead with your head but take your heart with you.

When you have that plan, you are ready to launch Summer before it even arrives. Wanting to have a great Summer is, well, great. But knowing exactly how great you want it to be is even better.

Concluding Thoughts…

The Summer Solstice has arrived at last! It is the longest day of the year which means it’s the day we have the most Sun all year long. When the Sun enters Cardinal Water sign Cancer, it is a time to celebrate.

Dance around a fire and rejoice in how far you have come, regardless of what work you have yet to do. But find the time to connect with nature, and develop a Yin and Yang plan.

Share your dreams and even your sorrows with your family, or just connect with your roots and your legacy in a way that fulfills your soul to its core. Let that inner child free once in a while. It’s a healthy dose of self-care all in itself.

Shine, baby, shine. How are you celebrating the Summer Solstice?

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