How to Use Moon Phases to Grow Spiritually, Every Month

Posted on October 25, 2018
Updated on October 29, 2020

It’s no secret that the Moon has a lot of power in our lives and over our entire planet Earth. It uses its gravitational pull to impact the tides of every single ocean on this planet, twice a day for low tide and high tide. Farmers plan their harvests by the Moon, hunters plan events based on Moon phases, and even fishermen use the Moon to guide their daily activities. The Moon also guides fertility, the menstrual cycle, and all things related to femininity and Mother Earth. It would stand to good reason that covering this topic would be good for your spiritual health.

Today we are going to look at the Lunar phases to understand what they mean and how you can use them to grow. If you receive our Monthly Forecasts, you get some insight there on this already. Today we are going to look at this topic with some depth.

Lunar Phases and Moon Cycles

There are a total of 8 phases of the Moon during one month period, but they do not remain within a calendar month. So, for example, you may get a New Moon on the ninth of the calendar month, and that represents the beginning of that Moon cycle or lunar phase. Not all 8 are going to be turning points of your life, so, as we discuss in the Monthly Forecasts, we will look at the 4 main Moon events or lunar phases in one Moon cycle.

  • New Moon – where the Moon is just a sliver, representing the beginning of the Moon cycle. It also represents new beginnings in our lives.
  • First Quarter Moon – This looks like the brighter version of a half Moon, basically. The reason it is bright is that it is closer to the Sun to achieve its Full light.
  • Full Moon – This comes exactly two weeks after a New Moon and brings this cycle of new beginnings to completion or fulfillment. You’ll see endings and closures in your life around the Full Moon, but unless it is an eclipse or Super Moon, they aren’t likely to be major life changes.
  • Last Quarter Moon – This is, once again, a Moon that looks like a half shell, but it is darker than the First Quarter Moon. You are a week away from the darker New Moon, and this Last Quarter Moon is your warning bell. Time to begin wrapping up some business!

New Moons & New Moon Rituals

New Moons are all about new beginnings. You aren’t necessarily launching something completely here. You hear us say “plant the seeds” at this time of the month a lot. That’s the new beginning you are creating. You are just planting seeds.

In love, that looks like a little flirting. In work, that looks like a new project or some job applications. At home, you start thinking about a relocation or renovation. You get the picture. New Moons are about the ideas you want to blossom in your life.

New Moon rituals then need to center around this. I’ve heard of people writing themselves “abundance cheques” as a New Moon ritual. Write yourself a cheque for the amount of money you want in your bank account by the time the Full Moon arrives, two weeks from now. Sock it away.

And, be realistic. Writing your Self a seven-figure check when you work a minimum wage job will be disappointing for you in two weeks time. Plant the seeds of a new cycle here. Be realistic, AND, optimistic. Do the same in love.

Write a love letter, but don’t send it. You can do the same with negative people. Unleash your unholy wrath on paper. Get it all out. And then sock it away to burn when the Full Moon arrives.

It’s all about setting intentions. Decide what new beginnings you want, and then start developing that idea. Need more guidance? Check out What to Do Between the New Moon & Full Moon.

First Quarter Moon – Action Time

On New Moons, you plant the seeds of new beginnings. One week later, on the First Quarter Moon, it’s time for you to start working on this goal. The seeds you planted need to be nurtured with the light and water you would nurture an actual plant with. Start looking at those intentions you set when you made your New Moon wishes. Write down the answers to these questions:

  • What did you wish for?
  • What have you done to get closer to that wish?
  • What can you do today to get closer to that wish?
  • What does your actual wish look like, feel like, taste like, smell like?

Meditate on these answers and get a concrete visual in your mind of what you want that wish to look like. Then start doing things you need to do to reach that goal. Call contractors if you are renovating, get your flirt on in love, start pushing for that job interview. You get the picture.

Full Moon – Harvest Time

My son calls every Full Moon a Harvest Moon. It goes back to an old Neil Young song we love to sing together called “Harvest Moon.” You know the one. Even though the native populations have a specified month for an actual Harvest Moon, I always tell him he’s right to call it that. Many cultures call every Full Moon the Harvest Moon, and that’s because it’s harvest time on your wishes and goals.

Farmers of yore used to have their workers stay a little longer on their workday under a Full Moon, especially in the Autumn as the nights were longer and work days were shorter. Those Moons were used to guide the way to abundance. Many sailors plan their excursions on Full Moon days for the same reasons. So your Full Moon zone every month is just the exact same thing. It’s time to use this light to power your way to abundance.

We have more light from this Moon as well, and this is helpful in our lives. When the Moon is darker, we have more uncertainty about our goals. There are more secrets around us. But the Full Moon is an information generator. We can bring these things to fruition and completion, or, put some dead-end goals or toxic people behind us for good.

The best and most common Full Moon ritual involves being honest about your goals, and what isn’t working. What can you harvest now? What can you remove from your life that is standing in your way of big goals? It’s time to let those things go.

Write it all down on a piece of paper and burn that list. You can also burn the list of things you wrote down earlier in the month, and say goodbye to things that are not worth your time or effort. Invite your angels and guides to join you in this journey, and you will feel even more uplifted by your Full Moon wishes.

Last Quarter Moon – Shedding the Old

We are now one week away from the next New Moon. So it’s time to start wrapping things up for good and preparing for a new cycle. Whatever you didn’t shed under the Full Moon will make more sense now. Use it or lose it. Literally.

Try this Last Quarter Moon Tarot Spread.

The Last Quarter Moon is slightly darker as you inch closer to that dark stage of the New Moon. Consider it your warning bell before the New Moon phase. Time to get serious about wrapping things up, as things are going under wraps and into the dark once again. It’s a good time for thinking and reflecting, but emotions do run high under this Moon as people begin to freak out about not having everything accomplished. Consider this a shedding Moon. Don’t freak out. Just let go of those ideas, and prepare for another Moon cycle where you can start fresh again. You need to let them go or they will drag you down, just like toxic people.

Concluding Thoughts…

The lunar phases during each Moon cycle are emotional times, and that’s because the Moon is an emotional body. So expect these times to be emotional. Any time we are dealing with our life goals and plans we are emotional. But you can use these emotions to your advantage, and that’s how you grow spiritually and transform your life. Your intuition will be most powerful on these days. So be sure you are in tuned into your Daily Horoscope and Monthly Forecasts to mark those days down so you understand how best to prepare for them.

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