Beneficial Thought: Use Rune Stones To Help You Close 2018 & Welcome 2019

Posted on December 06, 2018

When it is time to finish a year and open up a new one, we look to a variety of tools to help us on that mission. We want to know, did we accomplish everything we wanted to this year? What were the turning points of the year that either held us back or pushed us forward? Or, what were the turning points, period? Is it okay if we didn’t accomplish our goals? The answer to that question is always yes. But sometimes we live in our heads a little too much, compare ourselves to others too much, and we wind up finishing the year a little more frustrated than really is necessary.

How many times have you found yourself saying you are SO ready to put this year behind you? That’s a healthy mentality, but you want to be saying that with joy as you close out a year and look forward to the refreshing energy of a new one. Bad things happen, yes. Some goals aren’t met, this is true. But learning from these experiences is where we find the biggest miracles in life. In addition to your Daily Horoscope, one tool we use to learn these lessons is the divination tool of the Runes.

What are the Runes?

The Runes are very much like the Tarot, but slightly more abstract and less symbolic in detail. But that is not to diminish their symbolism. They just don’t have actual pictures on them like Tarot.

Runes are a series of stones with symbols on them that look like hieroglyphics. They were first used hundreds of years ago by Eastern Gothics, and then began appearing in Scandinavia and England. The word “rune” is literally translated to mean “secret.” There are many different kinds of stones, but in most sets, the symbols are all very similar.

Runes come in a little bag or pouch, and they are drawn for divination purposes. Ask a question, draw a rune. This is why they are so useful for year-end spiritual work. They aren’t used as predictions per se, but are to be used as guidance. You don’t want to ask, “Will I have a good day” from a rune. Instead, you would ask for help by rewording the question, “What can I do to have a good day today?”

The same applies to year-end situations.

Before you use your runes, cleanse them and charge them like you would any other divination tool. We’ve covered this before, but if you need help with that, just let us know. Then, have a little prayer or meditation to ask Spirit to help you get the answers you need. Not, the answers you want. If you go into your rune readings with the right intentions, the answers you need WILL be the answers you want.

So let’s look at how to use them for the year-end.

New Year’s Runes Readings

You can use these readings at the end of the year, the beginning of 2019, or both! You may even find you have different answers for each reading. That’s okay. There are an infinite number of messages from the runes to learn.

1. Single stone question.

You may have just one question as you finish this year and look ahead. Will I find love? Will I change jobs? Will I relocate? Will I be happy?

Before you do this reading, clear your mind from every distraction. Focus on this one question. Hold the bag of runes in your hand and mix up the stones. Ask your question however your heart is urging you to do so.

Then, draw the stone. Use the interpretative guide that came with your runes to find out what the symbol means.

You may still be confused about your answer. Draw another stone. We call this a clarification stone. If you are still confused, it’s time to put the runes away.

Now you can create an action plan either way, based on what you learned about this one goal.

2. Topic question.

Maybe you aren’t sure what to ask the runes. Maybe you just want to know if life will be better. Before you pull a rune, think about this issue. Clear your head from all distractions and just focus on this one thing.

Now you can shake up the bag to mix them a little bit. Then pull your rune. You will get an answer that should provide clarity on this issue or topic.

Another way to pick a rune is to empty the bag and face them all downwards so that you don’t see the symbol. Move your hands over the runes while you are meditating or thinking on this topic until one “speaks” to you. Draw that stone and use your guide to interpret it.

This is a great method to use as you are wrapping up a year. Questions like, “Where was I most successful this year” or “What successes from this year can I repeat next year” are great questions to ask for a year-end wrap up reading.

3. Four stone reading.

Now you can begin to get into your answers in a little more complexity and detail. Try a 4 stone reading as you open up the new year. This is similar to a Past/Present/Future Tarot reading, but with one additional stone, and that one is the stone that will tell you your action plan.

So you are going to draw 4 stones in this reading, using the same method to begin. Cleanse, charge, meditation or clear your head before you begin. Then draw 4 stones, and before each one ask the rune to come to you.

  • Stone 1—what are the past influences from this year going into next year.
  • Stone 2 – what are the present influences carrying into 2019?
  • Stone 3 – what is the most important energy of 2019 I need to pay attention to?
  • Stone 4 – what actions do I need to take to manifest success in 2019?

That will give you everything you need to know in one reading, to wrap up one year, take care of the present, and bring successful energy into 2019.

Concluding Thoughts…

And there you have it. Everything you need to know in order to win with the runes as you say farewell to 2018 and hello to 2019. When you do, remember to have a clear head, some private time, and pure intentions. And never forget, this is only one tool in your toolbox.

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