The Best Exercise for Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Posted on July 27, 2020
Updated on August 18, 2020

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Ever wondered what exercise is best for you? How about what exercise is best for you based on your Chinese Zodiac sign? Well, now you can find out!

Maybe you’re a Tiger and find that upbeat, high-intensity workouts are best for you. Maybe you’re a Rabbit and need something a little more slow-paced to really feel the effects. Read on to discover which workout is best for you based on your Eastern astrology sign.

Make sure to find out your Chinese Zodiac sign if you don’t already know it!


As a Rat, the best workout for you is jogging or swimming. Rats are naturally adept to water, and swimming is one exercise that enables you to use your energy in the most productive manner.

You need something which isn’t too fast but isn’t too slow either. If you’re more of a land person, then jogging has the same effect.


As an Ox, you benefit the most from strength-training. Ox individuals are usually quite strong physically, and to maintain this, it is good to get a strength-training workout in your routine three or four times a week.

This is also good for you mentally. Dumbbells and resistance bands are highly recommended.


As a Tiger, HIIT workouts and lower body strength-training works best for you. You have a lot of energy, and this is fast-paced rather than slow-burning. Like a big cat that sprints in the wild, you have a tendency to burn out quickly, but when you are moving, you have a lot of energy and power.

A 10 minute HIIT workout is very effective for you. Lower-body strength training exercises keep Tigers strong well into old age.


As a Rabbit, you benefit the most from yoga or running on the treadmill. You are someone who prefers a slow and more relaxing method of exercise. High intensity workouts are not really your style.

Yoga is both beneficial and relaxing for you. You also have good stamina, so running on the treadmill for 45 minutes has a positive effect on your physical and mental well-being.


As a Dragon, stair-climbing and sports like tennis are good for you. Like all members of the First Trine, you have a competitive nature, so it is good for you to engage in sports that challenge your body, as well as your mind.

You are someone who strives to achieve, so stair-climbing is very apt, and also works your lower body, keeping it strong and fit. Both of these exercises bring you a sense of accomplishment, which is important to you.

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As a Snake, yard work and upper-body strength training are best for you. Yard work like raking and gardening lets you get in the great outdoors, which is important for your well-being.

You have great stamina, so you are able to work in the fields to your heart’s content. Snakes need to keep their upper bodies strong too, so arm and chest workouts are highly recommended.


Brisk walks and outdoor sports are the best types of exercise for you as a Horse. You don’t like being contained, and it’s good for you to be outdoors when you exercise, particularly on beaches or fields.

A brisk walk keeps your body pumping, while outdoor sports like tennis or soccer bring you a sense of fun. It’s important for you to have fun while you exercise as you get bored easily.


You aren’t into anything too strenuous, so yoga and light jogging are best for you, Goat. It is best for you to do a regular light exercise rather than heavy infrequent exercise. Too much mental strain while exercising can cause you to give up entirely, so it is best to pace yourself.

Yoga helps to align your mental, physical and emotional energies, bringing you inner stability, which is important for you as you are very sensitive.


As a Monkey, the best exercise for you is biking. This is beneficial for you in a number of ways. As a member of the First Trine, you also have good stamina and biking enables you to harness this energy, and bring you that all-important “First Trine sense of achievement.”

Biking also keeps your lower body strong, which is important for Monkeys. You can find this type of exercise very enjoyable, and see quicker results than most from doing it.


The best exercises for you are hiking and running. You exercise best when you are outdoors, and when you are able to cover vast areas of land.

As you have a competitive spirit, you also benefit from taking part in running competitions such as marathons. This enables you to embrace your desire to win, and your desire to keep fit as one. Being outdoors is also healing and therapeutic for you.

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Like your furry counterpart, you enjoy brisk walks and group exercise. As the Dog, you exercise best when you are doing it in a team.

Group exercise at the gym can be very motivational for you, and having a regular evening walk helps boost your mental energies, as well as keep your physical body strong and supple.


As a Pig, the best type of exercise for you is ever-changing. You are one who struggles to motivate yourself with exercise as you don’t like the strain it puts on you both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is essential that you regularly change your exercise regime.

You could have HIIT and lower-body strength training one week; then jogging and swimming the next week; then running and upper body strength-training the next; and so forth.

Planning out a weekly exercise regime for you keeps you motivated and interested, as you’ll always have something new to try.

Time to Start Your Exercise Regime!

So there you have it, the best exercise for you based on your Chinese Zodiac sign. Try and incorporate each one into your weekly exercise regime. Motivation can be tough, but the exercises included for your individual sign work naturally well with your energies, so it makes it just that little bit easier.

Above all, have fun while doing them!

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