Best Matches for the Pisces Horoscope, Based on the New Moon

Posted on February 25, 2019

It’s New Moon time, friends! New Moons are always about fresh and exciting new beginnings. The New Moon appears in the sky like just a sliver of silver, and this sliver represents the seeds of new chapters being planted.

With the New Moon in the Mutable sign of the Water signs, Pisces, this month, we have themes of compassion, romance, kindness, and unconditional love coming into the picture. It’s time to tap into these themes of unconditional love and watch that love multiply.

Of course, this can mean nothing but good things for your love life! Let’s have a look at your best match and what lies ahead for your New Moon in Pisces horoscope.

Pisces Horoscope for the New Moon

For those with a Pisces horoscope, this New Moon is all about new beginnings related to your sense of self. Sometimes in love, we have a tendency to lose who we are. We work so hard to please our partners and our loves, that we lose sight of our own needs. Whether you are single or attached, Pisces, this New Moon is giving you permission to put yourself first. Do so in small ways and you set off an interesting chain reaction of chemistry. Get your hair done, splurge on a mani and pedi, get a new dress or new outfit for a hot date.

It’s time to put your best face forward. Steer away from anyone that does not honor this part of you, but at the same time flexibility is key for both parties. Anyone that is being too rigid with you won’t cut it. At the same time, you need to be open to all perspectives to increase your love matches right now. Love is everywhere if you are open to new experiences right now.

Love Compatibility for the Pisces Horoscope

As the Mutable sign of the Water signs, Pisces is flexible and romantic at the same time. Your waters run deep, Pisces, and you gravitate for like-minded folks. You lead with your heart and expect those in love to do the same.

Under the New Moon in your sign, you need to be open-minded, Pisces. You have a tendency to flit away from one partner to the next, but if you are looking for true love, you need to stay in one place this time. Fixed signs are good for you for that reason, and so are fellow Water signs.

Don’t stop leading with your heart though, and your New Moon in Pisces horoscope suggests that act alone will plant some exciting new seeds of love for you.


Water signs and Fire signs aren’t always the most compatible, but when you merge Fire with Water you can still get some nice steamy things going. The Cardinal Fire sign Aries may be a little too bossy-bossy for Pisces, but sometimes Pisces needs this.

For Pisces to make the best match with Aries, you have to both be willing to give and take. This will be easier for the Mutable sign Pisces, but it will be very easy to get steamrolled by Cardinal Aries. Just don’t allow that. This New Moon is yours, Pisces. Take the lead, and lead with love.


Water and Earth signs get along very well with each other. Water nurtures Earth, and Earth soaks up Water like a sponge. As a Fixed sign, Taurus likes loyalty and commitment, and this can sometimes be a problem for Pisces.

Mixed signals are not okay in love, and so both parties need to keep an eye on this one. Pisces will have the hardest time with this because sometimes Pisces romance is romantic, but not always for keeps. The best Pisces love horoscope with Taurus is a match that will stand the test of time, if Pisces keeps it real.


At face value, Pisces and Gemini are very compatible because they are both Mutable signs. They are both flexible and ready to mingle, being both very sociable signs. But both signs are not always playing for keeps.

The Twins is a good match for the Fish if Pisces wants a little joy ride or something just for fun. To make this one work though, you both need to be clear and honest with your intentions. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun. Just be honest about it from the beginning. This one can still go the distance with that real factor added in.


With both Pisces and Cancer being Water signs, this is a very compatible match. This New Moon is touching Cancer’s ninth house of foreign affairs and big picture visions. Cancer is looking long into the future and thinking of some big dreams. Pisces is too! Pisces is always dreaming.

This match works because Cancer as a Cardinal sign is leading the way in love, and Pisces needs this. Let Cancer lead here, Pisces, and don’t be afraid to play for keeps this time. Dream a little dream together and magic happens.


Here we have another Fire and Ice combination with Fixed Fire sign Leo matching with Mutable Water sign Pisces. This can get pretty steamy! Both of you like to flirt, and the New Moon in Pisces is touching Leo’s eighth house of saucy things and all things taboo.

Secrets and transformations are in the air under this New Moon for this match. Get some pillow talk rolling! When you both bond over secrets and deep and meaningful conversations, you will both undergo a powerful transformation and this one will be for keeps.


The New Moon in Pisces is an exciting transit for both Pisces and Virgo. Both are Mutable signs and very flexible when it comes to romance. Virgo brings the real and true Earthy element to the table, and watery Pisces nurtures the Virgo love.

This New Moon is touching Virgo’s seventh house of love, and this means that both Pisces and Virgo are playing for keeps. This could be the hottest and most compatible love match under the New Moon in Pisces horoscopes for this reason. Time to break the mould and really go for it, as this new beginning could last… forever.


Air signs and Water signs typically aren’t the best combination for love, but any love match can work when both parties are willing to do the work. Libra is a relationship-oriented sign and expects commitment, and some Pisces may struggle with this.

This New Moon in Pisces horoscope for Libra is working the sixth house of details, and so if Libra can pay attention to those little small things in life and love, they can make this last. Do the dishes for your Pisces match, write a little love poem, follow the energy of harmony and balance you are known best for, Libra. When you do, Pisces responds in very romantic ways. It’s all about the little things now.


The New Moon in Pisces horoscope is hot, hot, hot for Scorpio. Pisces energy works Scorpio’s fifth house of pleasures, and this is also Scorpio’s house of true love. The Scorpio and Pisces love compatibility is legendary for this reason. There’s nothing wrong about this combination, unless either party isn’t willing to be clear.

As Water signs, both Pisces and Scorpio have a tendency to feel first and think later, and this can be a problem in love. Have your fun with this one, Scorpio, and don’t be afraid to ask for your commitment from Pisces. Sparks are flying for you now and this kind of romance is the stuff blockbuster movies are built on. For both of you!


Home is where the heart is for Sagittarius under this New Moon in Pisces which is touching your fourth house of foundations. This is a good match to bring your Pisces lover home to meet the family! That could be an outstanding new beginning in love on its own.

As Sagittarius and Pisces are both Mutable signs, you both will get along with each other very well. You both have this “roll with it” mentality that is needed in love. Stay flexible, and expect more nights in with each other under this New Moon in Pisces. Water and Fire are making steam at home right now! The good kind!


Pisces and Capricorn are compatible because Water and Earth are a very nurturing combination. Capricorn can be a little on the bossy side, but also plays for keeps in love. If Pisces is okay with this leadership, this is the kind of match under which “power couple” phrases are born.

This New Moon in Pisces is touching Capricorn’s third house of communication, and it’s all about the feelings words. Reach out and touch your lover with sweet words of feelings, and both signs will love where this one goes.


Aquarius and Pisces are an unusual combination because we have an Air and Water match going on. But that doesn’t mean it can’t work. Aquarius thinks first and feels later, and Pisces is the opposite. But if both parties can roll with this, then this can be a sizzling case of opposites attracting.

This New Moon in Pisces is touching your second house of creative gifts and talents, and so Aquarius needs to bring their creativity to the table for this match to work. When you are in that flow, Aquarius, you feel the love, even if you are thinking about before you are feeling it. And Pisces needs to do the same!


It’s all about the new beginnings for you, Pisces, under your New Moon in Pisces love horoscope. This New Moon is touching your first house of self right now, and pairing with another Pisces is going to be an exciting love match for you.

Does the word soul mate mean anything? Pisces as a Mutable Water sign fills the shape of whatever vessel they are in. That’s what this love match will bring to the table. You both will be very eager to please each other, and some very romantic seeds can be planted now. This is a match that can last in deep love for a very long time!

The Best Match for Pisces Horoscope

The best matches for the Pisces jprpscp[e under this New Moon is Scorpio first, and Cancer second.

But a Pisces and Pisces horoscope match is also just as legendary. These Water signs “get” Pisces in a way that nobody else does or will.

At the same time, as the most romantic sign of the zodiac, and a flexible Mutable sign, Pisces woos and gets along with almost anybody. What Pisces needs to work on in any love match is being real with all parties. No mixed signals! You don’t always have to play for keeps, but if you are just playing to play, be clear. You’ll be more respected for it, and your love match will hit the roof when you do.


Still waters run deep with the Pisces horoscope, and as such, any love match with them is going to be complex and emotionally intense. But for every deep emotion felt you are also experiencing the tides of romantic love that only Pisces can give. Any love match with Pisces is going to be one for the books, for anybody. You just need to remember to keep your mind open and your intentions real in any love match you are pursuing.

To find out more about how this New Moon in Pisces will touch your life, be sure you are keeping up with your daily Pisces Horoscope under this powerful New Moon period. To new beginnings in love!

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