Can Tarot Better Prepare You For Big Changes?

Posted on February 02, 2018

Facing new challenges and changes can be daunting, no matter how adaptable you are as an individual. Sometimes it’s simply difficult to keep your cool under what seems like insurmountable pressure and unusual transformations.

We can’t see into the future to understand the reasons we are presented with certain struggles and lessons, yet these experiences prepare us for future successful endeavors. Understanding life’s development requires a balanced center and a propensity for meditative practices, some use astrology to guide transitions and changes.

There are many techniques and activities that bring our focus to love and light, and tarot is one of these beneficial tools. Reading your cards is a lot like meditating, soothing your energy and drawing your attention inward to uncover the answers that live within you.

The world around us often places a veil over our eyes, one that allows us to see negative consequences and outcomes, while turning a blind eye to the positive layers of life. Tarot can reveal the reasons for certain events, as well as emotional and spiritual actions we can take to open our hearts to the helpful energies that surround and protect us.

Tarot spreads are absolutely beneficial when seeking answers to unsolved questions that reside in your heart, however, meditating on one specific card at a time can bring us grounding, inner peace and the ability to cope with fast-paced or unexpected transitions in life.

Sitting in a comfortable position and focusing your energy and attention on one card for five to fifteen minutes will not interrupt your day significantly, yet this embrace of the advice that each card bestows will loosen your energy, making the acceptance of big changes come more naturally.

Let’s take a look at the best cards to meditate on in times of new developments that will help us accept our path and trust in the universe.

The Empress

This is a card whose nature is loving and nurturing, urging you to take care of yourself emotionally and physically while you prepare for the changes ahead. What matters most is your mental, emotional and spiritual health right now, and taking care of your needs. Focus on this card to remind you to treat yourself with loving compassion and care.

The Hermit

This is a transformative card that achieves its enlightenment through isolation. This card reminds us that there are times in our lives where we simply need to be alone, and focus on the internal sensations accompanied by reclusion. Being alone is not a bad thing, and is certainly not an indicator of being lonely.

We have to learn to accept and enjoy the presence of our own company, especially when our worlds are metamorphosing around us.


This card is the eighth card of the Major Arcana, and varies depending on the type of deck used—but the idea of strength from within is always present. During times of change, it is important to remain strong and grounded within ourselves. Developing and harnessing your power from within will allow you to confront the many directions your path may take.


Many people seem to fear this card, however, its meaning is one of a major shift in your world—one that can lead to many great things. While this experience may be jarring at the time, these changes will make you into the person you’re meant to become, so meditate on this card and learn to appreciate its presence in your readings.

Tarot is an excellent tool for handling most of life’s obstacles with grace, ease and a willingness to trust the universe around you. Use the energies of the cards to focus your own energies into those of gratitude, appreciation and love.

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