10 Healing Affirmations For Cancer Season

Posted on July 07, 2020

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We’re moving into Cancer season, which means we have about a month to celebrate this intuitive, creative, and deeply emotional sign. If your Sun sign is in Cancer, you may feel the effects of Cancer season more deeply than others, amplifying your emotional sensitivity and potential moodiness. If you’re already feeling the emotional waves creeping up on you, you may be hesitant to dive head-first into the depths of Cancer season.

Fortunately, there are many practices that you can partake in to help you find the balance and harmony you need to make it through Cancer season will a smile on your face, and love in your heart – and one of those practices are positive affirmations.

Affirmations are the thoughts and ideas that we choose intentionally, rather than those random notions that seem to pop up throughout the day.

Affirmations are an easy way to try to reinforce certain thoughts and ideas in your mind, and positive beliefs about yourself that bring joy and optimism. We’re going to explore the best affirmations to practice during Cancer season to lift your spirits and keep your vibrations balanced and loving.

What is Cancer Energy?

Cancers are a Water sign, which are deeply emotional, spiritual, creative, and intuitive. This sign is ruled by the Moon, the planet that connects to our emotional center. Cancers, therefore, are moved by their emotions rather than logic – they follow their heart in nearly all matters of life.

All of this emotional energy can sometimes become imbalanced, causing moodiness or sensitivity that may lead to conflict. That’s why it’s so important to try to maintain emotional, mental, and physical balance during Cancer season – if we let these emotions take over, we may become overwhelmed.

Some positive Cancer traits include:

  • Loyalty
  • Intuition
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Protection of those they love

However, like any sign in the zodiac, there are also negative traits associated with this sign, which include being overly sensitive, moody, and even vindictive.

Working with positive affirmations that specifically connect to Cancer healing energy will help you make the most of Cancer season, whether you are a Cancer or not.

Get up close and personal with the Cancer zodiac sign.

10 Healing Affirmations for Cancer Season

1. The World Benefits when I Am Part of It

Cancer energy can encourage us to stay at home and retreat into our own world. (Think about the crab and the safety of its shell.) When you remind yourself that the world needs you and your energy, it becomes easier to put yourself out there and share your ideas with others.

Repeat this affirmation on days when it feels hard to leave the safety of your nest.

2. My Emotions Make Me Stronger

Cancer season can feel overwhelming with emotions, especially if you happen to be an Earth or an Air sign – two elements that prefer logic and rational thought over intuition and feelings. By using this affirmation, you’ll begin to realize that your emotions are here to guide you, not hold you back.

Repeat this phrase to yourself when you feel sensitive or thrown off by overwhelming emotions.

3. I Follow My Intuition & Trust Where It Leads Me

One of the most beneficial aspects of Cancer season is the increase in intuition. However, many people are disconnected from their intuition, unsure of when to follow it.

If you begin using this affirmation each day, you will start to develop a deep sense of trust in yourself and your instincts.

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4. My Loving Nature Makes Me Who I Am

Feeling emotional or sensitive can cause discomfort, but being a compassionate individual is the key to opening many of life’s doors.

While it’s not always easy to share or express your love for others, this phrase will help you realize that being a loving individual is part of your core, your spirit – it’s what makes you who you are.

5. Compassion & Understanding Benefit Myself & Others

An overwhelming sense of compassion is likely while we’re in Cancer season, and for some, this may feel unsettling. But compassion makes the world go round, it fills our world with love and wonder.

Cultivating your compassion and understanding is one of the easiest ways to feel more aligned with both the Universe and those you care for.

6. My Loyalty Towards Others Spreads Love

Cancer season brings out our loyal side, and makes us feel more dedicated to our loved ones. Repeating this affirmation will remind you that this loyalty spreads love and compassion throughout the world.

This affirmation will also make you feel more loyal and honest towards your loved one.

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7. I Am Patient, Kind, & Empathetic

Let’s face it, Cancer season can cause emotions that lead to impatience or moodiness. It’s important to remind yourself that you are a patient, empathetic person. When you repeat this affirmation throughout the day, you’ll begin to actually feel more patient and understanding.

This affirmation can remind you to stay calm and collected, even in the face of frustration.

8. I Am Strong, Courageous, & Brave

Another aspect of Cancer season is that it opens our hearts, and makes us feel more vulnerable with our loved ones. This vulnerability can be uncomfortable, especially if you aren’t used to sharing yourself so deeply with others.

Repeating this affirmation will help you feel strong and confident, even in the face of emotional vulnerability.

9.Taking Care of My Body Keeps Me Healthy & Energized

When Cancer season rolls around, we feel more inclined to stay in our pajamas, and enjoy the comfort of our own home, complete with television and a tub of ice cream. It’s important to move and stretch the body, get some sunlight, and nourish yourself with healthy foods and beverages.

Repeating this affirmation will remind you to take care of your body and nourish yourself.

10. My Creativity Guides Me & Allows Me to Express Myself

Cancer is a very creative sign, and digging into this artistic energy will help you find a new release for your emotions. Grab your paints, markers, colored pencils, notebooks, glitter, glue, and any other medium that you enjoy.

Repeat this phrase to yourself to remind you to indulge your creative side and express your emotions.

Celebrating Cancer Season

Whether you’re a Cancer or not, this is a time to celebrate this sultry season of creativity and intuition! Working with affirmations will make it that much easier to settle into the groove of Cancer season!

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