Capricorn Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

Posted on January 08, 2021
Updated on January 12, 2021

A professional looking Capricorn woman poses for a photo.

The Capricorn woman is born December 22nd - January 20th, so she shares her birthday with the craziness of the holidays but also the excitement of the turning of a new year when we set our sights high and are reinvigorated to pursue our goals.

The Capricorn sign is goal-oriented all year round, though.

They are practical, hardworking women who always have a long term plan and work diligently to feel safe in life.

Capricorn woman traits are easy to spot because they aren’t the wild ones at the party but the ones with close long-term friends, and she carefully chooses her words. The Capricorn female may seem unemotional, but she is just careful with her emotions, keeping them in check to make sure she is being logical. She doesn’t get into situations she can’t predict or control. The true indicator of a Capricorn woman’s characteristics is evident in her loyalty to work and love.

As an Earth sign, she is honest and doesn’t play games.

Ruled by the planet Saturn, she keeps herself on a schedule and builds her life around routines. She likes to live with financial security so that she can feel stable at all times. Her analytical mind can make her seem a bit stern, but she only acts as a disciplinarian to help people learn responsibility. She is dependent on the deep bonds she creates with people she trusts, and although she might not say it outright, everything she does, she does for those few that she holds dear.

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Personality Characteristics of the Capricorn Woman

The ultimate description of a Capricorn woman is someone composed, stoic, and family-oriented.

The Capricorn woman personality doesn’t have many vices besides working a lot. However, she can be a bit materialistic or attach her identity to her worldly possessions to create a sense of security. She’s the one that would get really upset if she lost an expensive pair of sunglasses or broke a designer watch.

Her sensible nature makes her a reliable friend who keeps her word and is slow to open up to new people.

She is also slow to make decisions because she wants to weigh the pros and cons to make intelligent choices. This means she will study and debate for a while over each purchase like a cat stalking prey!

These women are actually a romantic at heart and look for a life-long partner, so don’t expect them to be someone interested in casual dating if you’re not open to one day get serious.

That being said, don’t rush a Capricorn woman because she has to feel comfortable and see your virtues before she will let you into her life. She appreciates gestures but will not ask for them because she wears her practicality and simple needs like a badge of honor that borders on martyrdom. She likes to see consistency in the people she has in her life but will not abandon someone to go through a rough patch.

Capricorns women practically live in a world of their own, they are the rocks we all need to lean on sometimes, but they have trouble opening up.

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The Capricorn Woman in Love


A Capricorn woman in love expresses her affection through actions, whether it’s intimate affection or making the house an exceptional home. She will spend money on nicer things to make her partner feel valued as well.

She doesn’t jump from relationship to relationship but seeks out those who want to plan a life together. Don’t be surprised if she’d rather save for retirement than go away to romantic destinations on a whim. One major thing to keep in mind when dating a Capricorn woman is that she doesn’t often forgive if you break her trust.

Make sure you can keep your word when dating a Capricorn woman.

If you’re wondering how to make a Capricorn woman fall in love, show her your ten-year plan, and talk about your business plans. While this may be a turn off for a Water sign, this Earth sign likes to see someone who can be just as goal-driven as her. Quality romantic gifts go a long way with a Capricorn woman as well.

One thing people may not know about what a Capricorn woman is like in a relationship is how little she speaks about how she feels. If you need constant validation of her love, she may not show it by saying it, but she’ll stay with you if she is truly committed, and she’ll have eyes for no one else.

If you don’t know if she has feelings for you, you’ll have to ask her because she can be hard to read. You also will have to be clear that you like her too. Otherwise, she may not notice your interest because she’s too busy being a boss.

You can get cosmic insights into the highly guarded heart of a Capricorn by reading the Capricorn love horoscope & by reading 8 Ways to Show Your Capricorn Partner the Love.

Capricorn Compatibility & Communication

A Capricorn woman communicates without being extravagant or overly emotional. She is direct and often a woman of few words when it comes to things outside of work. She will like to discuss history, and if you’re looking for a conversation starter, she certainly appreciates things that are well crafted or people who have reached tremendous success.

If you’re going to communicate with a Capricorn woman, she may tire of hearing about your feelings and life philosophies quicker than most because she prefers to focus on what is in front of her or tangible, realistic things.

Capricorn woman compatibility is usually based on Sun sign compatibility, but Capricorn compatibility could show up in different areas of the birth chart. The best matches for Capricorn woman are Taurus and Virgo (the other Earth signs) and Scorpio and Pisces. Capricorn is not going to get along as easily with Cancer, Libra, Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

To really get along with a Capricorn, whether that is a family member, someone you work with, or a lover, you’ll also want to understand your own sign so you can find things you both enjoy. A Capricorn may seem cold at first, but give them time, and they often will warm up when they get to know you better.

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Learn More About the Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is strong and protective. She is a force to be reckoned with and often the strong one we go to when we need solid advice.

While they may have trouble going along with last-minute plans, they are never going to forget the way you treat them, and once they are your friend, you’ll usually have a friend for life. The dependability of a Capricorn woman and the patience helps our society in many ways, whether it has the fortitude to lead, the ingenuity to initiate new types of business, or the longevity to make companies that provide us jobs.

The Capricorn woman is a rare bird too, so if you find one and she likes you, know that you’ve found a treasure who will treat you like gold for years to come.

To keep learning about the intricacies of the Capricorn mind, symbol, and personal strengths and weaknesses, check out the other articles and pages we have that spell it all out. The stars hold so much ancient wisdom that is incredibly valuable for explaining the differences between us modern humans!

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