Changing Careers? A Numerology Calculator Can Help You Ace the Shift

Posted on August 13, 2018

Ready to finally make that leap and go after the job you want? Starting your own business and need some guidance? A numerology calculator can help you understand what the Universe may have in store for you!

Let’s take a look first at what the system of numerology is so you can understand how to use it to shift your career in the most intelligent direction for you. In numerology, there is a mystical connection between numbers and events, and it places values on letters in names. The traits linked to certain numbers based on someone’s date of birth reveal a personality imprint based on these numeric values. In short, you can learn a lot about yourself (and the people in your life) just by using a free numerology calculator online.

Today we will take you on a step by step journey to discover, understand, and use your natural abilities using a very simple birthday numerology calculator. If you’ve been wanting to change careers but don’t know if it’s wise to follow your heart, this is going to be your compass. Change can be confusing and scary when we don’t have a map. Numerology will help you connect the dots.

Have you been pushing aside the feeling that something’s not quite right in your life? Perhaps a career change is calling you. As humans, we are hardwired to live with purpose and yet so many people don’t realize they are given special gifts they can use to align their life to help the greater good while enjoying their work and feeling both at ease and excited.

Our goal is to help you crack open your dreams and live from your heart so you can become successful and proud of your contribution to society.

First Thing’s First, What is a Numerology Calculator?

A numerology calculator can reveal a lot of in-depth information about your natural talents. It will also help you understand challenges within your psyche so that you can become mindful of them and transition into the most balanced and well-rounded version of yourself. Most people start using numerology by looking up their life path number, also known as the birth path number.

There are many more in-depth ways to use astrology beyond just the life path number, such as the heart’s desire, past life, personality, hidden passion and personal year numbers. Think of the life path number as the Sun sign in astrology, it reveals the core personality. A Vedic numerology calculator, which is an Indian numerology calculator, calls the life path number the number of destiny.

The First Step is to Know Which Life Path You Are

Life path numbers span 1 through 9 as well as the master numbers 11, 22, and in some systems, 33. Each number has strengths that will naturally guide your mind towards certain roles or industries that involve your personal strengths. This system helps us understand why certain people enjoy the expressive of painting while others prefer the logic and formulas of financial planning.

Once you know what makes you tick, you’ll have a much easier time filtering which jobs are going to be best suited for you and which ones won’t allow you to use and grow your talents. You can also calculate the life path numbers of family members and friends if you know their birthdates to see just how on point numerology is for each person. Helping someone unlock their personal power is an incredible gift to offer them.

Life Path? What’s That?

Very simply, your life path number reveals the themes of your life and spells out how those themes fit you into the world. When you realize the traits and abilities you’ve been carrying with you your whole life, you’ll realize why you’re drawn to certain things but can’t grasp others. The life path number is basically the sum of the numbers of your date of birth, but there is a special way this sum is calculated, which we’ll go into later. The number you have has a vibration that can reveal the challenges you face, lessons you must learn, and the natural talents you can hone.

Below is a very basic breakdown of what each life path number means.

Life Path 1

You’re a leader and need to have the independence to do what you want. You are an inventive person that often starts new trends in your areas of interest. You’d rather be your own boss than work for someone else. Life path 1’s like to create things from scratch and can come up with new solutions for social issues.If you don’t use your rebelliousness for the greater good, it could manifest through power struggles.

Life Path 2

This is a peaceful person that would rather work with others than by themselves. They enjoy being a part of a team, making things run smoothly, and derive satisfaction from supporting others. They are good at interpersonal relationships and don’t have a problem working for others. They would be dissatisfied if they were isolated from a community of coworkers. They usually prefer not to be in the spotlight.

Life Path 3

These creative thinkers often become artists, writers, and designers. They can see patterns in society and weave their ideas into them to help make a more beautiful world. They often go against the grain in society because it’s all they know. If life path 3’d try to “fit the mold” in their lives, they will resent their work and find they are discontent because they are not living in their true nature.

Life Path 4

This is someone that is very intelligent and sees the value of hard work. They are great communicators and value clear directions. Life path 4’s are able to produce high-quality work that requires lots planning or revisions. They are comfortable when they have a stable routine that they can grow within. They have tremendous patience and always follow through.

Life Path 5

Life path 5 is outgoing and creative with a sense of adventure. They love to travel and learn about new cultures and ideas. They despise predictability and want to constantly push the boundaries in their own lives to develop their minds. They care about humanity and are focused on the big picture - sometimes to the point of forgetting about day to day matters, which can make them seem cold or inattentive.

Life Path 6

This number has a healer vibration and is not money-motivated. Life path 6’s want to care for others and take care of their emotions. They are centred around their family and prioritize creating an environment where people feel safe and loved. They themselves will feel deprived in an environment where they can’t talk about their feelings or aren’t appreciated for their kindness.

Life Path 7

This number could be a natural philosopher or scientist- someone who wants to explore the deepest regions of the Universe and the mind. They tend towards careers that solve issues that are beneath the surface. They can handle heavy subject matter but need to be challenged intellectually or they will feel dead emotionally; it’s as if they have a love affair with their work and must alleviate the issues they find in it with all of their efforts.

Life Path 8

These people are humanitarians with practical minds. They take on responsibility with ease and can be leaders without feeling stressed. They are able to run large organizations because of their impeccable organization and heart that drives them to work hard. They can keep huge systems running as long as they see how it helps the greater good.

Life Path 9

Life path 9’s have a very compassionate character and will go to great lengths to alleviate the suffering of others, though they often struggle to value themselves. They will give all their energy to help others and think nothing of it. They are happiest when they have a sense of purpose in what they do and would feel emotionally dead doing any job they felt was not helping others.

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

The best life path calculator is a good old fashioned pen and paper. First, add the numbers of your day of birth. Separately, add the numbers of your month of birth. Again separately, add the numbers of the year of your birth. If you get a two digit number, 36 for instance, reduce it to 9 by adding 3 and 6. Once you’ve reduced your day, month, and year to one number, add those three numbers and again reduce them down again to a single number.

That means if you get 87, you’ll add 8 and 7 to get 15. You would then add 1 and 5 to equal 6. The only numbers that don’t reduce to a single digit are 11, 22 and 33. These are the master numbers, said to have the greatest potential for success, but the greatest challenges to overcome in their lifetimes. They have great pressure in their minds to do big things for society.

Why Life Paths are Important for Your Career Change

When you know your natural state of being and accept it in order to live authentically, it’s much easier to listen to the voice in your heart. After you calculate your life path number and read about it in depth, you’ll see why you’ve always had an attraction to certain types of work regardless of what your family or friends may have told you to do.

When you stop taking advice from others about what you should do based on how they see life and start listening to what’s been inside of you all along, you can finally find both fulfillment and success because you’ll be able to work with the energy you have been given and not against it. It’s like eating food that is nutritionally good for you instead of food that tastes good, but gives you indigestion.

Once I Discover My Life Path, Do I Have to Stick Strictly To It?

This life path is only a gateway to understanding why you’ve encountered certain challenges and been drawn to certain things in your life. You can use your strengths in any path you feel drawn towards in your heart. That said, don’t ever look at your life path as limiting because you can always focus and on a trait that doesn’t come naturally to you and work to develop it using the abilities you do have.

Once you know yourself, you can continue to align to higher vibrations and unlock more abilities. Once you find your own strength by owning your emotions and applying your skills to learn new ones, you’ll be able to expand indefinitely. Use numerology to launch the life of your dreams and step into any vision you truly desire.

You Can Channel Energy From Any Life Path Number

Once you see you are complexly connected to the Universe, you’ll start to live with passion and purpose, raising your vibration so you can tap into more creativity and expand your consciousness. Doing this makes room for more ideas and skills that you didn’t know you could develop when you were in a lower vibrational state.

Most people live in a low vibration state unknowingly because they have no connection to their purpose; they do not see how their soul’s energy is connected to the greater good. You can do something for a few years while learning a new skill that can allow you to constantly grow.

If you’d like to develop a strength of another life path number, use one of the higher laws of the Universe that states energy flows where attention goes. Focus on the things that challenge you rather than avoiding them and you’ll find yourself stumbling less and less over time.

Which Life Path is the Best for Career Success and Confidence?

Here’s a secret: every life path number is the best for career success and confidence, because when you are aligned with your gifts, you feel confident! When you know yourself and work with your unique energy, you are going to awaken dormant talents and enthusiasm about what you do so you will naturally become successful.

No number is a curse and no number lacks the potential for great success. As you start to enter a reality based on what is in your heart and not based on what you feel obligated to do, your energy will radiate and attract new opportunities to you. Accept that your life can be blessed when you choose to pursue the greater good. Know you have support from the Universe and unlimited access to an emotional state that will attract more positive experiences to your reality.

To Get Into the Energy of One Specific Life Path, You Can:

To grow a trait you feel is not something that comes naturally to you, immerse yourself in the information that will create habits of thinking that can support that type of mindset.

For example, if you’re not naturally intuitive, study mediation. If you lack organization, make an effort to stay extra organized. You can do anything you set your mind to with sustained efforts over time. Research people with your life path number and study their work. If they have a book about their life, read it!


Use numerology for your foundation of success. When you know yourself, you can start to grow taller than you ever thought possible. You’ll always be aware of areas to work on and skills to highlight as your personal gifts. When you can talk about yourself in a more positive light and understand your values are just as valid as someone else’s, you can start to love yourself and others with more mutual understanding.

The self-respect and depth of wisdom you gain from understanding life path numbers allows you to see inside of people’s hearts and minds so you can live a deeper, more enriched life.

Learn your life path number with a numerology calculator!

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