5 Ways to Channel Your Inner Fire this Aries Season

Posted on March 09, 2020

Two people put their sparklers together to create a bigger fire. The are silhouetted by a red and blue sunset in front of them.

Aries season is upon us beginning March 21st when the Sun moves into the sign of the ram. Each time the Sun spends a month in a sign, we get to experience some of the qualities of that sign, like trying on a hat that sort of transforms our personality. It’s subtle but when you’re following these cycles, you’ll certainly notice it in yourself and others. Aries season lasts until April 19th when the Sun will then move into Taurus and we will get a new energetic theme.

Aries is a Fire sign which means that we will all feel a bit more energy. If we channel the Fire energy positively when it’s Aries season, it can be expressed as passion, productivity, sociability, creativity, and confidence. If we just get hit by the energy without directing it, it can turn into reactiveness, anger, impatience, and impulsivity. Of course, we want to always know how to best use the energy available to us so we have some ideas that will help you channel this energy to make this a really fun and productive month.

Fuel Your Inner Fire this Aries Season: A Checklist

1. Write About Your Feelings

This may sound really Disney channel teen show but the reason television shows depict teens writing about their feelings is because they have so many of them. We too will be experiencing heightened emotions, so instead of ignoring them or bottling up, write down how you feel to give the energy an outlet and allow yourself to be free of the pressure you can feel when you haven’t dealt with them. You will find you feel less stressed and more in touch with what you need to stay positive.

2. Ramp Up Your Exercise Routine

Focus on detoxing your body from the winter and use the extra energy to jazz up your gym routine. Maybe double your time on the treadmill, take an extra fitness class each week, or just simply add a power-walk to your day to blow off some steam in a productive way that will help you improve your well being.

3. Create Art

Expressing your energy through different art forms like video, paint, sculpture, dance routines, or whatever you resonate with can help you create more beauty and positive emotions in your life and for others. Art allows the energy to have an outlet and using our imagination can help us start to see other parts of our lives in more positive ways. Art has a way of freeing the mind of stress and helping us elevate our spirits.

4. Start Spring Cleaning

When you’re feeling like you need to be doing something with all the energy you seem to suddenly have, get organized, make a donation pile, do a deep clean, and really make your space something that inspires you. Channel that fire into something that will help you feel uplifted which is having a space that feels magical instead of messy.

5. Focus on Your Career

Use this energy to get clear on your big goals and then start pursuing them. You’ll have the confidence to really make some moves now so why not take some risks, set up a plan, and execute? You can accomplish more with the Sun in Aries so this is a great time to make that wall post-it flow chart of the next five years and create some serious momentum. Making a vision board can help you clearly see how to harness all this energy into something you’ll be proud of instead of yelling at your dog or spouse because you’re feeling agitated with the extra energy.

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Other Important Planetary Events To Make Note Of

You always want to know what else is going on astrologically at any given moment and not just focus on one single element.

  • A date to make special note of is March 24, which is a New Moon in Aries.

This means both the Sun and Moon will be in Aries on this day so people could be extra amped and animated. But this is a great day to spend some time getting clear on what your goals are being that we start things on the New Moon.

  • On March 30, Mars, the planet of passion and god of war, will enter the Air sign of Aquarius.

This means that all that Aries fire energy is going to be further amplified and we really need to channel our creative energy on this day or we are likely to blow an emotional gasket so to speak. You will have ideas that you want to act on so instead of getting impatient with people who don’t want to support your ideas, find people who do, or do things on your own.

  • Then we have the Full Moon arriving soon after on April 8 in Libra.

That combo of the Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra can spell out luck in love friends so if love is something you’re wanting to manifest, put some energy into dating.

  • On April 11, Mercury, the planet that rules our communication, moves into Aries.

We now want to get straight to the point in our communication which can lead to brash or insensitive words that are said without thinking. When you feel like yelling, write it down and then read over it to see how much your emotions may be making you extra touchy or overly dramatic.

Closing Thoughts…

Just think, most of the world doesn’t wake up wondering, when is Aries season? They just get hit with the energy and hopefully do not get into tiffs with their peers. You will have the upper-hand knowing the energy that’s coming and how to channel it.

Remember, everyone will be affected by this Aries energy so that means that lots of people may be more argumentative, emotional, unconsciously flirtatious, and temperamental. If you really want to stay in a positive space, you’ll keep this in mind, and do not take other people’s emotional outbursts personally.

You can stay up to speed on the daily planetary energy with our desktop and mobile astrology calendar downloads and daily horoscopes.

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