New Moon in Pisces Unlocks Your Psychic Portal

Posted on March 15, 2018

It′s that time again, folks! New moon time! Well this time we are taking our moon in a NEW direction. At just over the half-point of March is the arrival of the glorious new moon in Pisces. It’s always a great idea to stay on top of your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes with any new moon, but this one offers something a little extra.

The new moon in Pisces is a very psychic moon. Today we are going to look at how you can have that extra little advantage into the psychic portal to help guide you along the way when making your new moon wishes. We all need a little extra guidance. That’s why we are here, but this new moon helps you tap into that guidance from within.

What the New Moon REALLY Means for You

Remember, where full moons are about endings, new moons are about beginnings. The moon rules our emotional center, and it is through our open emotions that we feel and see deeper into the psychic portal. When the new moon is in the psychic mutable water sign of Pisces, we ALL have a little bit of a sliver open into the psychic portal.

You can open that sliver wide, or just take a peek. It’s all up to you. Looking at the new moon will remind you just what that symbolism means.

The moon is almost EMPTY when you look at it literally. When it’s a full moon it is just that. Full. Full moons are all about bringing a matter to completion. These aren’t often huge matters. For example, when we had the full moon in Virgo, my Daily Horoscopes said that it was working my eleventh house of friendships, and a friendship or social matter would come to fulfillment.

That’s exactly what happened. A situation with a friend was brought full circle, like the full moon, literally on the same day as our full moon in Virgo. That’s what we mean when we say full moons are about fulfillment.

New moons are about just the opposite – starting things. Planting the seeds of new beginnings. This sliver of a moon is just waiting and beckoning for YOU to fill up your life with blessings! Start fresh in whatever area of life you need to, this is your turning point. Set intentions. Moving forward.

What new direction do you want to take? Take it! The energy will be highest between March 15 and March 19, peaking on March 17. The calendar dates will be one date ahead for the Southern Hemisphere.

How is the New Moon in Pisces a Psychic one?

This new moon is the psychic one, or one of the psychic ones, because it is happening in Pisces. Pisces is the mutable sign of the water signs, so you have both the mutable side of this sign as well as the watery side of it. The mutable side asks you to be flexible during this period, opening your heart to EVERY possibility.

The water side asks you to use your heart over your head. What are you feeling? What instincts are urging you? Pisces would follow them, and now so should you no matter which of the zodiac signs you are.

Water signs are all about feelings. You probably know some Scorpios, Cancers, or Pisces, and know people who wear their hearts on their sleeve. That’s because they can read you, even if they don’t know they can. So this new moon is giving you the chance to be a water sign for a few days.

Let′s explore this psychic Pisces theme a little bit more, as this energy combined with new moon psychic energy has the potential to give clarity on your wildest dreams. What is the big picture for you? You aren′t going to find it “out there” during this period, you are going to find it within.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and this means dream content that occurs during this period will be particularly powerful as well. Anything that gives you a peek into the other side or the divine is raised in potential during this new moon period. Let’s look at practical ways you can honor that and open up that portal yourself.

Your Checklist for the New Moon in Psychic Pisces

• Create. Pisces is the most creative, artistic zodiac sign of all. Anything that allows you to channel your inner artist or creative side will be favored, especially if you’re trying a new beginning somewhere. Instead of emailing your crush, send them something handmade to tell them how much you care. Whether it’s a mixed CD or a handmade card, the thought will be well appreciated.

• Visualize. Trying to jump start your work or financial life? Create a vision board and get as artistic and creative as you want. Put on your favorite music that really beckons and inspires you, and get to work. Cut out pictures from magazines, people that have jobs that you want, things you want to manifest in your life and get crafty.

Spend the day with your wildest dreams, and put a visual on them. Every inspiration you have right now when visualizing is psychic information.

• Cave time, aka, self-care. If healing is necessary in your life, spend the day in retreat. Go to a spa by yourself, or spend the day in meditation. Focus on the areas of your body, your mind, or your soul that are wounded. Heal them with time and respect away from the every day.

Expect out of body experiences, vivid dreams, and extreme altered states to occur when you do. You’ve just entered the psychic portal. There is information there you can use. You will know it when you see it.

• Be mutable. Change. Any new moon period is a time for you to start a new development in your life. Big changes don′t happen overnight, they are the result of small changes. Make a practice or a schedule of putting one new small change in your life every day from here until the next new moon.

Change where you purchase coffee in the morning, your drive home every night, change one small thing and look at the world a new way for just a moment every day this month. You will put yourself in the right energy for using small changes to create big changes. Pisces is mutable and wants you to explore the world, so do it in one small way every day.

• Be a little impulsive today. Instincts and urges no matter what sign you are will tempt you to do something spontaneous. Do it! Your mission is to act accordingly to your soul′s desires. Trust it! Take that risk.

• Say yes. Wants will take precedence over needs during this period. If it is safe to do so, proceed! Be open to any and all invitations that look like exactly what you want. They are being sent to you for a reason.

• Love. Pisces is also an incurable romantic, and with this new moon you can and you should use romance to every possible advantage, in work and in play! In work, express this energy by being kind and harmonious with everyone that crosses your path, bless even the ones that curse you as they walk away, and the new moon energy will reward you.

In love, do something surprising for someone that they aren′t expecting. It will inject a saucy little energy into your new moon day that the both of you will immensely enjoy.

• Forgive. Because they are so artistic, you can often find a little bit of drama with Pisces. They are also the most compassionate and forgiving people you will ever meet, because they literally feel you. During this period you can expect some dramatic outbursts or people being a little over the top.

You don′t have to be that person if it comes your way during this period if you don′t want to. Take control of your emotional fortitude and be the bigger person. Always, always, be positive and kind under Pisces energy.

• Temperance. Pisces is a bit of a tortured soul, and easily influenced by anxiety, depression, and substances. Ruled by Neptune, which rules matters pertaining to substance abuse, Pisces is easily susceptible. You can have a glass of wine, or even a few, if you are bordering on the sad side of things during this new moon period.

Just exercise control, because this is a very psychic sign, going too far overboard can have the potential to take you to a very deep and dark place that will feel hard to crawl out of. If you are opening some vino, invite a friend over to join you. Enjoy life, and moderation.

Be compassionate, and yes, to yourself as well. One of the reasons Pisces gets so depressed and full of anxiety is the empathy they experience in their water sign nature. They literally soak everybody′s stuff in, that′s why they need to retreat so often, and why they often use substances to heal.

You may feel a little more empathetic than usual, or find yourself feeling everyone′s “junk” during this period, you can release that by simply being open and sharing these feelings with those in your inner circle during this new moon. Those are signs you have crossed the threshold of the psychic portal.

Listen to those intuitions and feelings, but don’t live in any bad ones. Don’t react to anyone unless it’s from a place of love. Let go of these uncomfortable feelings by practicing the opposite ones, compassion, kindness, harmony, and of course, love.

There you have it folks! Your checklist for the abundance of psychic gifts astrology has in store with the new moon in Pisces that occurs March 17. Stock up on dream journals now, charge up a new meditation routine, get in the driver′s seat and take control of your psychic life!

Stay tuned to your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes to make sure you are on top of your game day by day. What are your New Moon in Pisces wishes?

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