Chinese New Year of the Pig Brings Luck to Your Career

Posted on February 03, 2019
Updated on November 03, 2020

We have some really great news for you hailing from the ancient Chinese Zodiac! February 5th kicks off the success-laden year of the Earth Pig!

If you’re new to Chinese astrology, let us help you understand it a little more so you can prepare for the abundance this year is expected to usher in. In Chinese astrology, each year begins on the New Moon that falls between January 21st and February 20th. This system is based on the lunar calendar rather than the more common Gregorian calendar.

The qualities of the animal that corresponds to each year affect everyone, not just people born under that same animal year in the past. Each year, you can predict certain themes based on the characteristics the animal is known to have according to the Chinese Zodiac. Additionally, each year is tied to one of the five elements of the Chinese Zodiac. The qualities of the element also shape the theme of the year and what people can expect to happen.

This coming year happens to be one of luck and fortune for all of the zodiac signs. The Pig is the last of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac, and brings winds of ease and abundance.

Pig Qualities Infused Into the Year

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Pig represents luck and fortune. Its fat cheeks represent the abundance of wealth. The Pig has been a symbol often placed around homes and businesses to bring good luck. The Pig is the ultimate symbol of wealth and we are about to be swimming in it.

A big part of the Chinese zodiac is the yin and yang aspect, which also can determine if it’s going to be a fortunate year or a year of hard work and obstacles. The Pig is considered a yin animal; yin is a feminine and receptive energy that allows things to be attracted to it instead of forcing and exerting energy.

Pigs are known to be indulgent and practical. It is said that if you keep track of your finances this year, you will continue to do well and your money will grow. Because of the Pig’s positive, generous nature, there are a lot of opportunities that will appear when you are good spirited and just enjoying life. Pigs are naturally hardworking, so you may find your motivation to do things is much more readily available.

Success comes during the year of the Pig because the motivations are ignited to provide stability in your life and for your family. Because a Pig likes to enjoy a lavish life and wants to provide the same for their loved ones, they can easily see the path to take to get there. That means we may be thinking a little bit differently this year, and the wealth that may not have come from other passion projects may suddenly appear this year.

The Earth Element’s Effects

In addition to the animal of the year, each year follows another 5-year cycle and is affected by one of the five elements as we mentioned. The element of Earth is the very symbol you’d want most to usher in a year of success. Because Earth is about what you can see and touch with your hands, it means you’re able to hold onto your money and acquire what you need and want. The Earth element is grounded and very much in the physical world, not out in the spiritual realms. This means that our focus will be more on the here and now so that we can learn more about how to work well with our mind, body, and environment.

The Earth element is tied to money, organization, and details. If you’ve felt scatterbrained and unable to see your plan to move forward, expect some clear ideas to come and a heightened attention to detail as well.

Concluding Thoughts…

Each year you will start to notice how the different personalities of the animals really do accurately predict the energy available to us. The year of the Dragon and the Snake, for example, are very different from the year of the Pig and bring with them their own unique themes. Last year, the year of the Earth Dog, we learned more about justice, tolerance, integrity and values. Notice how the themes in the global arena highlighted these subjects in our own minds as individuals. We are coming out of a yang year and moving into yin, which brings a greater sense of ease and celebration.

We hope you’re excited for the year of the Earth Pig and the success that is coming for your career! It’s time to finally see our hard work pay off. Make sure you allow yourself to enjoy the year and take time to be present. Let yourself experience life as it unfolds because you never know what hidden passions you may uncover when you let your true desires come to the surface with the help of the Earth Pig’s energy.

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