How Will the Year of the Rat Affect Your Love Life?

Posted on February 01, 2020
Updated on March 10, 2021

A year of the rat representation with bright colors. The background is pink and there are red and gold accents all around.

The Year of the Metal Rat, which began on January 25th 2020, heralds exciting changes for the world, both on an individual and global level. A time of upheaval, it marks the start of a new twelve-year cycle and many people will experience changes in their lives. Some of this change may come in the form of challenges, others may be in the form of enlightenment and wisdom.

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In the romance department, each sign of the zodiac will experience a similar theme on one level or another. For some, it is a time of new romances and opportunities; for others, it may be a case of working on oneself to lead them to the romance they seek; and for others, there may be specific challenges they meet in their love life, but it will be important to remember that the challenges that present themselves are opportunities for growth or signs that something in this area requires attention and change.

Read on below to find how the Year of the Rat will affect your love life!

The Year of the Rat & Your Love Life:


For the Rat in the Year of the Rat, the romance department may be relatively uneventful for single Rats; however, it is a good idea to expand their social network as this can increase the chances of finding someone. For committed Rats, it’s good to be mindful of keeping the romance burning bright. The relationship may be becoming dull and stagnant, so thinking of little surprises, such as a romantic weekend getaway to surprise your partner with, is a great idea!


For the single Ox, there is potential for blossoming romance this year so it’s all about using the Rat’s energy to expand your social circles and keeping an eye out for the one you click with. This can lead to something long-term and stable so it’s good to be mindful of those you connect with, particularly on an intellectual level. For Ox people in relationships, there may be some conflicts or arguments so civil discussions are important, as is each person listening to the other’s concerns and side of the story.


Much of 2020 for the Tiger will be focusing on their internal world and maintaining positive energy. For single Tigers, this positive energy may naturally lead them towards finding a partner who is on the same vibrational level as them, which can lead to wonderful romance further on down the line. Tigers who are in relationships may go through transformational periods which could either lead to break-ups or a stronger relationship.


The Rabbit is on a path of spiritual development this year. Single Rabbits may encounter several opportunities for love which will brighten their spirits, but they may need to take a more proactive role in finding love rather than waiting for it to come to them. Rabbits who are already in relationships can look forward to a deeper relationship as they and their partner grow together.


Dragons who are already in relationships have the potential for a greater progressive love life this year which could result in engagements or even marriage! Single Dragons also look fortunate in 2020 with regard to their love life; the main point is for them to approach the object of their desires as they may find the outcome in their favour.


This is a positive year for romance for the Snake. Both single and committed Snakes look set to experience stronger and deeper relationships with others. However, it is also important to be aware of your emotions this year. You may feel more quick to anger and it is helpful for you to embrace appreciation for your partner, as this will help ward off any potential conflicts.


Horses are in for an interesting time romantically this year as much of the year will focus on their personal, spiritual development. A relationship that is toxic may be removed or ended so you can move forward; otherwise, if both people make conscious efforts to improve aspects of the relationship that create discord, the relationship will strengthen and grow. Single Horses have the opportunity for love by expanding their social circles and meeting new people that can stimulate them on a variety of levels.


This looks set to be a romantic year for the romantic Goat! There may be courtships on the table and single Goats are encouraged to muster the courage to ask the object of their affections out on a date or show their affection. Committed Goats have the opportunity to grow their relationships so they become stronger; above all, Goats may be focused on their own personal development so they find the type of relationship that is best for them.


This is a sociable year for the Monkey and increasing your social circle can lead to romantic prospects for the single Monkey. For committed Monkeys, there may be a deepening of relationships on an emotional level; this may present its own challenges along the way, but if the emotional connections are forged and deepened, it can make the relationship stronger.


This is set to be a lucky year for Roosters in the romance department. Single Roosters may enjoy a spree of dating, though it may be a case of kissing many frogs to find their prince or princess. Roosters who are committed would benefit from expressing appreciation to their partner and talking through any conflicts or disagreements in a calm, methodical manner to prevent any outbursts from occurring.


This may be a challenging time for Dogs who are committed – relationships may experience storms of different kinds, so to keep the relationship strong it is important for them to remain open and honest with their partners, especially in regard to their own feelings. Single Dogs may experience chance encounters which could lead to potential romance further down the line.


This is a year of growth for the Pig, including breaking free of restrictions holding them back. Pigs who are experiencing toxic relationships are likely to find themselves breaking free or the relationship strengthening if both sides are willing to work on their flaws. Single Pigs are encouraged not to rush headlong into new relationships, but instead to take their time and get to know someone on a friend basis first before taking things further.

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