Christmas Astrology: It’s Best to Rest

Posted on December 24, 2017

Christmas should be a quiet day with a void of course moon in watery Pisces with some very exciting momentum brewing beneath the surface from the other planetary influences. Christmas Day is like standing in the middle of the crossroads, before we begin an entirely new journey of consciousness with the new year.

The time of hibernation is coming to a close as the sprouts begin to pop through the ground and ideas spring up in our minds. As the planets’ paths cross, the resulting effects are sweeping away the cobwebs of our minds and hearts stimulating ideas.

Why is it valuable to know the emotional climate of the holidays? Astrology is an esoteric system in which the psyche can be understood based on predictable planetary movements and their effects recorded throughout history. In order to not be caught off guard by people’s behavior and our own emotions, we need to know what types of thoughts people will be reacting to.

This also helps us know how to most efficiently use our energy to do certain activities such as create, let go, reorganize or connect. The holidays are a momentous time in our year where we often have expectations that it will be special. Knowing what Christmas Day will be like can help you bring everyone together peacefully to set us up on a positive note.

Here are the main things you need to know about Christmas Day astrology.

A Void of Course Moon

When the Moon is void of course, it is between signs. It is best to take a break when this happens because it can feel a lot like being lost. It can create a feeling as if you’re detached from reality in someway so people are encouraged to do something relaxing or catch up on some of the more brainless activities that we need to get done at some point.

We may not feel our brightest or have the most ingenious ideas under this influence.

Winter Solstice Has Just Passed

We just passed Winter Solstice on Thursday, December 21st. This day represents a rebirth of our spirit. This time always puts us in a reflective state but also a time of joyfulness. We have a renewed energy fueling our visions and dreams. Because of the short days and longer nights, we are resting and dreaming more but we can now start to feel hopeful about the future.

It is a turning point in our internal psychological landscape. This intuitive time allows us to hear the voice of our soul and finally get some resolution on our direction. It’s a sigh of relief after crawling through the darkness and anticipation is building for the coming life changes. We have been in the natural process of hibernation that is necessary in all of nature for growth.

Mercury Has Just Stationed Direct

Mercury retrograde began December 3rd. Mercury has just stationed direct on the 22nd and we are still in it’s shadow. If you felt like you weren’t moving forward and didn’t have clarity, this Mercury retrograde during the holidays was exacerbating the stillness of the winter season where consciousness is exploring the dark side of ourselves and less extroverted in the physical world.

We have been revisiting our past experiences, simmering in our unconscious that needed to be released so we can now prepare ourselves for the next cycle of creation in our lives.

Our communication may have been difficult over the past three weeks and creating tension but the valve pressure is releasing as we move through the shadow of Mercury retrograde and we can start to see things working a little smoother in our interactions. Phew, things are getting easier now and people will understand what we are saying to we can work more efficiently.

Travel plans can begin to go back to normal and even electronics will begin to function better. Those misplaced items will start to be discovered as well.

The Sun is In Capricorn

The Sun has just moved into grounded and practical Capricorn (as well as Saturn, Mercury and Venus). Capricorn is an earth sign that is the hardest working in the zodiac, so we are now paying attention to matters such as finances, organization and responsibility in practical matters. The grounded practical energy can help us focus and tackle big tasks.

We can get a little anxious under this influence when we don’t feel productive but don’t stress over relaxing for this holiday, there’s plenty of Capricorn energy that will be there for you in the coming months.

The Moon is Moving Toward Full

The Moon is moving towards full in five days at New Year’s Eve and into New Year’s Day, so there is a building energy on Christmas Day. We will be pushing towards our goals in our interactions and seeking out solutions to our goals. Those seeds are still not quite ready to be picked that we started at the New Moon on December 18th.

The first quarter Moon happens the day after Christmas which is essentially a mini-crisis where we come up against the first obstacle in our manifesting, so just be prepared to be calm and work through it. The Full Moon often allows our dreams to materialize.

The Moon is In Pisces

The Moon, which affects our emotions most directly because it’s the planet closest to the Earth, is in the water sign Pisces. Pisces has intuition, lots of emotions and a loving energy. There is an escapist tendency with this creative sign, so just be mindful not to be overindulgent in anyway at those celebrations.

We are abstract in our thinking in this sign and able to think about ideas in a new light. Take time to notice your emotional state but be mindful not to become reactive because it’s easy to confuse emotions with reality.

If you feel like you must do something more for society right now, you’re not the only one. If you’re beating yourself up about possible laziness or irresponsibility, don’t be too hard on yourself, just use that energy to create some structure in your daily routine. It’s a good time to plan out your new commitments.

Saturn Has Moved Into Capricorn

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, maturity and order in our lives. Depending on where the planet is, it will influence us to move forward in this area of our life and be successful. Saturn stays in a sign for two and a half years and December 20th it moved into Capricorn, helping us see our own strengths and how we can be successful in our careers.

Essentially we will crave more responsibility and maturity in our lives with this new influence from both ourselves and others. If people start acting like grown ups overnight and you’re even dressing more like an adult, you know why.

Mercury Has Moved Into Capricorn

Mercury controls communication and when it’s in the business minded sign of Capricorn, it means we want more concrete interactions. We will see people focused on subjects like reliability, investing, building, fixing and structuring. It’s fun to hear people’s conversation knowing that the very core of their being is going through these layers of astrological metamorphosis.

It’s also a great time to start talking business with people. Be sure to keep your word because the Capricorn energy values trust and punctuality.

Venus Moves Into Capricorn Today

Romantic planet Venus moves into serious Capricorn today but it doesn’t mean that all romance is dead, it means we now have the energy to push through obstacles and work through difficulties. We really appreciate actions that show love under this influence and our artistic goals can be pushed forward because of the stick-to-it-ness of Capricorn.

Venus will be in Capricorn which also allows us to partner with people who will support our artistic endeavors and structure those creative pursuits!


We are restructuring our foundation with the planetary influences right now, but it doesn’t have to happen overnight and we don’t have to figure it all out today. Just rest and reflect with a journal close by to capture any revelations this Christmas as you cozy up in the tail end of the hibernation period.

The strongest influence today that is most in our face is undoubtedly the void of course Moon which gives us a free pass to relax, watch a movie or read a book, enjoy our favorite food and put our feet up. If you feel a little funky, not quite yourself, and can’t put your finger on it, don’t stress, it’s that void of course moon.

Luckily all holidays seem to have a special charge to them that rides us through the more difficult cosmic influences; as they say that all saints had star energy we can bask in on their days of birth. Even if the exact date isn’t correct, when our consciousness points toward the energy of that person’s consciousness, it can bless them and energize them.

Esoteric masters - call them saints, sages, etc. who had evolved consciousnesses have something special to offer us on these days of heightened energy, celebrating how they birthed a new consciousness through their life.

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