This is Why Your Tarot Reading Made No Sense

Posted on November 21, 2020

A person looking at their Tarot cards frustrated.

There are few things more frustrating than turning to Tarot for answers… only to come out of the reading with more questions. Or maybe you haven’t received more questions, but your line of thinking is turning up empty. Or maybe you’re just straight-up confused at what your cards are trying to communicate to you.

Either way, you aren’t alone in experiencing something like this!

Just like life, Tarot isn’t always easy — so neither is uncovering all of the mysteries of the Universe in one sitting. However, just because we aren’t always meant to hold all the answers doesn’t mean that we have to give up when we get stumped on a tricky Tarot reading.

In fact, there are a few very common reasons why your Tarot reading may appear to make no sense on your first go. If you find yourself confused or drawing a complete blank in front of the cards, you may just find what you’re looking for below!

5 Reasons Your Tarot Reading Made No Sense

1. The Spread is a Mismatch

Many factors go into creating an effective, helpful, and powerful Tarot reading, and one of the most obvious yet underrated pieces of this is the Tarot spread. The spread creates the foundation and bones of a reading and can significantly shape where you ultimately take it.

As a result, with a spread that doesn’t really work for your topic or question, you may be limiting your scope or reaching too far, depending on your objective.


Consider more Tarot spread research.

At times, a creative or far-reaching Tarot spread may be what you need for the topic at hand. At other times, it may be a very simple 3-card spread that does the trick. Maybe a spread is complicating the situation altogether, and you can stick to just pulling one card!

If your Tarot reading is failing to make sense, ponder a little further the faults or weak spots of your current spread and perhaps dig a little deeper to find a more appropriate one if you’re finding that there is, in fact, a mismatch.

2. It Does Make Sense… Later

At times, Tarot communicates to us in mysterious and seemingly incomprehensible ways.

It is possible that you aren’t experiencing a disconnect between you and your cards, but rather a disconnect in when the message is for. It’s true! Your Tarot reading may be trying to advise future you, rather than present-day you.


Practice patience, and step away from the cards.

The simple solution here is to record or write down the details of your reading as objectively as possible and come back to it at a later time.

Just know that even if the messages seem irrelevant or useless to you in the present, your Tarot reading may actually be a diamond in the rough and your saving grace a little later down the line.

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3. You’re Stuck in Traditional Boxes

When you learn the Tarot, in the beginning, it’s natural to try to memorize key symbols, keywords, phrases, or images that help you remember the meaning of each card. However, as you continue with your Tarot journey, it helps to let loose a little and let your intuition run more of the show rather than rattle off something by memory.

At the end of the day, you are more likely to want more specific, detailed, and personal interpretations than something you learned in a book or online, so a set of keywords may be eventually tying you down if you’ve been on the Tarot reading road for a while.


Creative writing, research, and meditation.

It’s time to get creative with your Tarot study and think outside of the box.

Expanding upon your arsenal of what each Tarot card means here is key, and it’s helpful to branch out and try new things. Consider creatively writing or creating art for each card, researching new sources, or even just a simple meditation.

4. The Question is Confusing

Much like a Tarot spread, the question that you pose to the cards and how you phrase it can be an easily overlooked, but extremely essential, key to the success of your reading.

It’s possible that your intention is in the right place, but the framing of your question is muddled, leaves room for multiple interpretations, or is guiding the reading in a direction that you ultimately don’t want.


Rethink the question.

You may have to completely rework or reconsider your question. While there are ways to workshop your question — like writing it out and tweaking pieces of the wording, for example — understanding the key to asking an effective Tarot question is all the more important.

At the end of the day, it may be a simple fix! (Or it may be time to do some research on how to frame an effective question for the Tarot).

5. You Aren’t Meant to Know the Answers

Sometimes, the reason what we don’t understand our Tarot readings is the simplest one — we just aren’t meant to.

Maybe the question isn’t meant to be known by anyone at all, or maybe it’s just better off left to our imaginations. But whatever the reason that your Tarot deck has decided that you’re not meant to see its secrets, at these times it is best to trust its judgment.


Reflection and meditation.

This revelation can be a little frustrating and disappointing… even if it is probably for the best.

We can always consider with some honest self-reflection why we may not be ready to receive an answer to our particular curiosity, and this may open up a window to some important insights on its own. With some increased self-awareness under your belt, you perhaps may find that you won’t need to consult the cards in the end at all!

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If You’re Ever Still Stumped…

Remember that ultimately Tarot isn’t the only tool out there to help you out with your curiosities, problems, or life dilemmas. Equipped with your intuition and an abundance of different divination tools gifted from the Universe at your disposal, not even a confusing Tarot spread can stand in your way.

So deep breaths!

Being stumped and stuck in your tracks with questions and no answers is not the end of the world. Inhale, exhale, and trust that your intuition knows just where to guide you next.


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