Connecting to Yourself Through the Elements

Posted on October 14, 2018

As seekers and spiritual beings, we will come across many different roads we can take. There are so many different paths that we can choose to walk upon on our journey home to ourselves, and being open to playing and trying new ones that call out to us is a part of the fun! Since we all share the intention of enlightenment (a state of harmony and alignment with our highest selves), we can trust that the people and experiences that we meet along the way are Divinely provided to help us get where we are meant to be.

Walking along the path of connection with nature is one of the most effortless ways to reconnect with our truth. If we allow ourselves to surrender to the process of allowing ourselves to be fully present, let go of everything that is not in our true essence, and receive what nature has to say, great lessons will be revealed. We are miracles of molecules made up of the Earth and stardust, after all.

We are all extensions and creations of the elements. The more we can connect with all those parts within ourselves the more we can understand all of ourselves. By dancing in each the elements, there is a strengthening of our “go with the flow muscle” that is getting worked as we continuously navigate our way through this ever-changing and evolving experience we call life. By taking time to connect with the elements and feel them within yourself, the easier it becomes to be able to dance with the rhythms of life.

No matter what element your Sun sign may be, guiding yourself on a journey of connecting to each of the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, and Air) is simple, fun, and can help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself. Here are a few different practices to help unveil all the beautiful parts that make you, you.

1. Spend Time With Each Element.

Set some of your week aside for time in nature. Before going on a walk or hike, set the intention to observe and experience each of the elements throughout the experience.

Example: feeling the warm sunshine beating down on your face (fire), hearing the trees move from the wind blowing (air), etc.

This practice will help you to raise your awareness of the expression of all the elements occurring at all times and also connect with them!

2. Meditate With Each Element.

This may be a practice that you decide to do over a series of days, allocating a particular season for each of the days. As you settle in for a meditation, set the intention of which element you would like to connect with and explore today. Throughout your meditation practice, simple state the element to yourself to help bring your focus back to that space. Journal about your experience with each season after.

3. Make Art of Each Element.

Whether you identify as creative and/or an artist or not – tapping into your creative side will allow you to unveil more truths about yourself and your connection with the elements. Go ahead, when you think of fire, do you want to dance? Sing? Write? Paint? Any other form of creative expression that pops up? Go ahead and do it. Maybe you free flow dance exploring what each element would feel like or how your dancing shows up for you when you let yourself feel like water. Feeling weird about it? C’mon… dance like no one is watching.

Here are a couple of follow up questions you can use to further your self-discovery practice and integrate your experiences with the practices above:

  1. What element do I identify most with?
  2. What do I identify least with?
  3. What do I think of when I work with (insert element here)?
  4. What do I feel when I work with (insert element here)?

Life is a constant series of flow and change. In each moment of the ongoing changes, all of the elements can be found and embraced. And because our environment and world we are seeing on the outside is a reflection of what is going on in the inside, every moment we can tune in and discover all the elements in our being.

Igniting and embracing the elements is a fun path to self-discovery.


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