Creativity: Astrological Edition

Posted on September 16, 2017

Expressing yourself creatively has many benefits; doing something creative can relieve stress, assist brain function, improve mood and calm the mind. For some of us, creativity comes naturally, and it seems to flow. For others, it can be more difficult to express ourselves creatively.

If you’re feeling stuck and yearning for an inventive endeavor, this article will give you a few ideas to get you started, with an emphasis on specific, astrologically inclined activities.


As a fire sign, Aries are passionate and confident; their artistic nature is one that is individual and unique in nature. Aries are drawn to modern, unique ideas such as mixed-media, or new, experimental art forms.

Your vision is as original as your personality is, and you should follow the beat of your own drum when expressing yourself. You would probably prefer that your creative endeavors lead to success and recognition, but remember to create for you and not for the sake of success.


Taurus is an earth sign, and you are drawn to the finer things in life; you prefer quality over quantity. Your exquisite tastes are reflected in your creativity. When you invent, you put your all into it. You prefer a calm and quiet space to create in, with ambient surroundings.

Your earthy nature pushes you to experiment with new mediums and materials. To find your creative style, make sure you’re in a well-lit, but pleasing environment, with your favorite music and, perhaps, a candle or two. Don’t deny your fine tastes when it comes to your artistic vision.


The twin sign, Gemini, is ruled by air. You have many brilliant ideas, sometimes too many. It can be hard to manifest all of your ideas, specifically if your center is out of balance. Because you have many levels to your personality, it essential to maintain your center for your creativity to unfold.

You’re quite sharp-witted and clever, and you’re probably proficient in prose. Writing, regardless of the form or the subject matter, might be a great creative outlet for someone so bright as yourself.


This water sign is deeply in touch with their emotions; your emotions will play a large part in your creativity, Cancer. Creative expression can act as a healing agent, so allow your emotions to becomes an important aspect of your creativity. Your strong intuition gives you a sense of your personal, artistic style.

You may be drawn to painting or music. Your self-expression has the potential to greatly affect and inspire people, emotionally. Whatever medium you choose, make sure to be true to yourself, and you’ll find your niche.


Leo is ruled by fire, and your fiesty, energetic creativity reflects this. You love to shine in the spotlight, and you are particularly talented in the area of the performing arts. You might try to write a stand-up set for the local open mic/comedy nights in your area, or join community theatre.

The response of the audience will energize you emotionally. Your sizzling spirit is a joy for others to experience and they will appreciate your bright nature.


This earth sign is complex internally and has many modes of expression; it can be difficult for you to find this self-expression, however. You, Virgo, are confident, but your nature is not typically overly boastful.

You are not entirely comfortable with taking credit for your work, but you must remember when people are moved by art or creative expression, they simply want to show appreciation to the artist. You are intelligent and thoughtful enough to utilize many art forms and media, however you may find that you are drawn to very hands-on methods, such as stage acting or writing.


This air sign is ruled by Venus, and in turn, love to be surrounded by beauty. You love all things aesthetically pleasing, Libra. Your artistic style is likely to involve bright, beautiful colors or mellifluous music.

Your tendencies toward balance and fairness makes you a great team player, and as such, collaborative efforts are likely to be successful. You are practically filled to the brim with great ideas, and you’re adept at expressing them with others.


Scorpios are ruled by the element of water, and are deeply emotional, albeit not overly expressive with those emotions. You likely prefer to work in solitude, and explore the depths of your feelings. You aren’t in love with criticism, and you may keep your work primarily to yourself as a result.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Resist the urge to bottle yourself up, and allow your feelings to move and heal through your work. People will appreciate your self-expression more than you realize.


This fire sign appreciates attention like their cousins, Aries and Leo, but you can sometimes be in too many places at once, mentally. Your instincts are strong, but your mind has a tendency to race. Your creativity is best expressed through energetic mediums that keep you entertained and focused.

You can be quite productive, when you put your mind to something. The most important aspect for Sagittarius’ creative endeavors is that you find a medium that keeps your interests, and that you find engaging and therapeutic.


Capricorns are ruled by earth, and are typically traditional and grounded, which may shine through your artistic expression. You enjoy the approval of others, but your creativity is best expressed when you ignore these tendencies.

You are likely to find your voice after you’ve found the balance in your interest in affirmation from those around you. Art forms such as watercolor or writing may be something that allow you to truly express your inner voice.


Ruled by air, Aquarians are intelligent and innovative. You have many unique ideas, and your creative expression may be quite inventive. You are not afraid to try new avenues of expression, and your voice is likely to be as modern as your art.

As a social butterfly, you work well with others; a collaborative, artistic effort would likely be successful.


Pisces are ruled by water, intuitive, emotional and deeply moved by art. Your work has the potential to move the masses. Your depth of emotion creates moving pieces that affect the senses. While you work well with others, you tend to isolate yourself and daydream.

Try to bring your dreams out into reality to find your most ideal medium. Don’t be afraid of rejection or criticism, the expression of your inner desires and feelings should be of utmost importance.

Everyone has the potential to create. The only thing standing between yourself and your creative expression is fear. Use this fear during the artistic process, and you’ll discover more talent than you knew you had. Your experiences and viewpoint deserve to be shared and expanded upon.

Open your heart to the possibilities that your artistic creations may bring.

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