10 Crystals to Deal With Breakups

Posted on March 10, 2021
Updated on February 04, 2022

A woman holds a crystal in her hand while sitting in her bedroom healing from a breakup.

From career to spiritual growth and now to the most intimate matters of the heart, crystal companions are easily one of our favorite ways to seek natural assistance with all areas of life.

And yes, this includes utilizing crystals to help us move forward with some of the more painful aspects of human experience… even a breakup. And even though we all have different experiences, issues, and needs that arise from the painful situation that is a breakup, crystals accommodate various needs that might even go beyond what you initially thought you were looking for!

Let’s explore some of our favorite crystals that can easily help you through any kind of breakup.

10 Healing Crystals For Breakups

1. Rose Quartz

As the Universal stone of self-love and unconditional love rose, quartz has flown onto the spiritual scene as a beloved favorite.

No matter how varied and different our needs and breakup situations might be, we could always use a little Universal love from this gorgeous pink stone.

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Green aventurine sitting on a rock.

2. Green Aventurine

Strongly associated with the heart chakra, green aventurine has the power to help you heal, grow, and transform at an emotional level.

Not only can this stone help you heal from your current breakup, but it might also open you up a little more to the possibility of new love.

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3. Purple Amethyst

Generally known as a purification and a protection stone, amethyst might not always be first on your list for healing from a difficult matter of the heart.

In reality, its uses are varied and open-ended because of how prominent the purification and protection themes actually are in our lives.

So, whatever issues may have led to your breakup, or whatever issues may have arisen because of it — amethyst can help you work through them by creating a clean slate!

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A person holds an Obsidian crystal point in their hand.

4. Obsidian

Dark and mysterious, obsidian can easily get a bad rep from the outside eye if you’re unfamiliar with its real assistive properties.

With associations to the Root chakra, obsidian is a protective stone that works with our sense of structures, foundations, and support. Breakups can shake up our whole world and easily cause a sense of instability, but obsidian can help you find your footing again.

5. Garnet

Like obsidian, garnet has a strong connection to our root chakra, helping us connect to our home base and our sense of stability. However, it has a much more targeted connection to love and relationships.

Garnet works as both a cleanser of our chakras and as a strengthener of our survival instincts, making us open to love but still alert to any red flags that we might have otherwise missed.

So when you’re ready for love again, garnet is a great gateway stone to helping you feel both healed, protected, and prepared.

A pink Rhondonite stone on a white background.

6. Rhodonite

Need to forgive and forget?

Rhodonite sports a lovely pink color just like rose quartz and is thus connected to love and romance but has a more direct connection to themes like forgiveness and kindness.

Especially for those who feel called to be healers and helpers to others, rhodonite is a great companion in general as it opens your heart space to help. No matter how jaded or disillusioned from love you feel at the moment, rhodonite can help you reconnect to the loving energy you need to feel back in touch with others.

7. Morganite

Reconnect to the power of the divine and Universal love with morganite, a lovely peach-pink stone that looks as soft and innocent as it really feels!

Like many other of our favorite pink crystal companions, morganite has a connection to our Heart chakra, but what makes it unique is how it helps heal and cleanse us. Because of its focus on spiritual growth and compassion for the world around us, it acts as a healer in a more holistic way.

So if all else fails, you can think and feel a little bigger than just a breakup with morganite — heal yourself and the world around you too!

A tumbled blue lace agate crystal on a white background.

8. Blue Lace Agate

With the heart healed and ready to love again, the next step in your healing journey is a communicative stone!

Blue Lace Agate assists with our ability to share and express. With its connection to the Throat chakra, it can ensure that we are at our best to communicate effectively and compassionately.

With this stone, you can start all new connections you may want to start on the right foot!

9. Kyanite

Still feel the negative energy lingering even after calling in love with rose quartz or protecting your boundaries with obsidian?

Kyanite acts as a general negativity cleanser! Additionally, its energy is soft and compassionate, so if you didn’t appreciate the intensity of the darker stones, kyanite might be a helpful replacement companion.

Whatever the other stones may have missed in your healing journey from a rough breakup, kyanite can ensure that you hit all the final checkboxes.

A raw chunk of Lapis Lazuli on a grey background.

10. Lapis Lazuli

Finally, step into your confidence and inner power with lapis lazuli!

This powerful blue stone radiates wisdom, truth, and intuition and can help you feel more aligned and in tune with all the best qualities that already reside within you. With this lovely crystal companion, you can feel more like the best version of yourself and start attracting a new beginning on the best foot possible!

Which Crystal Will You Use?

Using crystals for breakups may not always be your first go-to instinct, but there is always power in turning to the natural elements if you approach with an open mind.

You may take some time before you find the crystal that works for you, your needs, and your unique situation, but the right one will call out to you when it’s the right time. So don’t stress if you don’t see an instant match!

And just remember: no matter how big an impact a breakup might have on you at the time, a crystal and your positive intent in using it is more powerful than any heartache!

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