Mental Expansion: The Crystals You Need for Sagittarius Season

Posted on December 16, 2019
Updated on April 21, 2021

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Scorpio season is gone. As the Northern hemisphere slowly dances into a crystalline winter, we all approach the expansive Sagittarius season - a time of curiosity, wonder, and a glowing fire in the snow.

Each sign has its own strengths, and they all affect our lives differently. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of benevolence and expansion, which urges us to open our hearts and our minds. This energy is bold and brash, as Sagittarians are typically known for their honest, frank nature.

Sagittarian energy encourages travel, adventure, experience, the seeking of knowledge, and the acquisition of wisdom. And there are certain measures you can take to make sure that you’re soaking up every bit of celestial goodness that this Sag season has to offer, such as working with Sagittarius-friendly crystals.

While every crystal works with each zodiac sign, there are specific crystals that are connected to the sign of Sagittarius, and they help encourage that buoyant, optimistic energy to flow.

If you want to know which crystals will help you expand your mind and manifest your dreams, this guide is all you need for the adventurous Sag season.

The Crystals You Need This Sagittarius Season:


Turquoise is considered the star stone for Sagittarius.

As a Fire sign, Sagittarius can be a bit hotheaded - the energy is passionate, to be sure, but can be volatile at times. Turquoise is the perfect stone to keep that fire under control yet burning bright. Turquoise dispels negative energy and acts as a mood stabilizer. It can balance any mood swings that might occur, releasing an internal sense of calm and peace. This crystal is also known for its protective properties, especially during travel: it protects the traveler from theft, accidents, attacks, and can even provide protection over pets. You’ll probably feel the urge to get out and experience a new part of the world under the Sagittarian influence, making this stone a must-have this season.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is the traditional birthstone for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius energy concerns itself greatly with expansion - the Sagittarius motto could easily be “More is more.” This sign wants to experience, wisdom, knowledge; it wants to conquer the intellectual and spiritual world. Blue topaz is the perfect stone to enhance spirituality, increase wisdom, and encourage pragmatic rational thought. This stone heightens all matters of mental activity, leaving those who work with it feeling a sense of clarity and lucidity.

Sagittarius energy is blunt, almost to a fault. While blue topaz supports open, honest communication, it also strengthens self-control, helping you share your feelings with tact and compassion.

And in keeping with the spirit of Jupiter, this crystal attracts abundance and good fortune.

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Lapis Lazuli

One wave of energy you may notice distinctly during the Sag season is an increased interest in spiritual matters. The sign of Sagittarius is like the curious question mark of the zodiac, longing to understand the meaning and reason for our existence on the planet. While this may seem like a heavy train of thought at first, Jupiter provides an optimism that sprinkles spiritual curiosity with a sense of joy and light.

Lapis lazuli is the ideal stone to encourage the sense of spiritual play that Sagittarius energy so enjoys. In fact, this crystal is also known as The Wisdom Keeper. Lapis lazuli encourages spiritual transformation and a journey deep within the self. This stone is associated with the Third Eye chakra, the very center of our spiritual understanding, and it was believed by the Egyptians to provide a connection between the spiritual and physical realms.

This stone is especially useful in conjunction with metaphysical work, such as meditation, yoga, journaling, or tarot.


Sagittarius season signals the end of the current calendar year and the beginning of a new year - a time that feels synonymous with change and transformation. As we prepare our resolutions and our plans for the year to come, we often ponder on the changes we’ve made along the way.

Labradorite is a stone that encourages peaceful transformation; it provides support and protection during times of change. This beautiful crystal reduces fear and insecurity, allowing you to smoothly transition into the next phase of your life: a new year. The protective properties of labradorite encourage safe self-exploration, increasing consciousness allowing an awakening of your intuitive or psychic abilities.

Because of its connection to the ethereal realm, labradorite is another excellent stone for spiritual work of all kinds.

Tiger’s Eye

Sagittarius is represented by the centaur archer, who aims his arrow on his far-reaching goals. The expansive, optimistic energy of this sign sometimes encourages more goals and dreams than action and follow-through.

Tiger’s eye is the best stone for providing the motivation and willpower needed to accomplish your goals this season. This stone brings a sense of mental focus and concentration that can be hard to find amidst the excitement of Jupiter’s presence. Tiger’s eye also encourages a connection to one’s sense of purpose, reassuring you that you’re on the right path. The mental clarity provided by working with this stone helps us find solutions to problems that may have seemed insurmountable. This stone will help you confront any challenges you may face this Sagittarius season.

Expand Your Crystal Collection & Your Mind

Whether you’re new to crystal healing or your home is overflowing with these sparkling treasures, each and every crystal brings its own essence and energy into your sphere. Even if you don’t have the time for specific crystal work each day, their presence in your space can be felt, and their healing properties never stop working for you.

If you’re not sure where to get started, check out this amazing Crystal Healing Collection, which comes with genuine healing crystals and a fabulous carrying bag!

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